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One of The Most Innovative Slovenian Entrepreneurs, Ivo Boscarol Announced his Departure from The Country Due to The Threat of The Socialist Government to Nationalize Property

The head of the company Pipistrel, Ivo Boscarol announced his departure on Pop TV news. His decision was supposedly prompted by the coalition agreement and the attitude of the extreme left Party Levica towards entrepreneurs.

“After recent events, when members of parliament were sending us out of Slovenia, by characterizing the payment of profit as tax evasion, and even called for the nationalization of my property … I decided it is time to put a bullet, once and for all, through the heart of this country. I’m leaving because I don’t want to wait for a time when I’ll need to hide in the woods, while someone chases me down with a Tito cap on his head and a rifle”, Boscarol told the authors of the Pop TV show Preverjeno.

The Pipistrel, d.o.o, Ajdovščina is a Slovenian light aircraft manufacturer company, established in 1989 by Ivo Boscarol. Its facilities are located in Ajdovščina, Slovenia and near the town of Gorizia, Italy. By June 2017, Pipistrel had produced more than 1500 aircraft. Pipistrel won many awards, among which are the NASA Centennial Personal Air Vehicle Challenge award, the 2010 UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) Award for Innovation, and the 2011 CAFE/NASA/Google Challenge for energy-efficient aircraft.  Pipistrel also set world-breaking records, by, for example, accomplishing a flight around the world, the first ever on an ultralight aircraft.


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