Spain: Police Called on Brothers Playing Soccer in Their Own Back Yard

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Summit News
(Photo by Instagram) (Photo by Instagram)

Police were called after a neighbor spotted two brothers playing soccer in their own back yard in another example of how the country’s lockdown is being ruthlessly patrolled.

Philipp Bagus of the The Mises Institute writes about a case of “When two brothers were seen playing soccer in the garden of an acquaintance’s apartment block, the police were called.”

“People denounce playing children, who are regarded as harmful to public health, and put up posters saying “Quédate en casa” (stay at home),”

he adds. “This is a block warden mentality. The most worrying thing is the high number of willing state collaborators. The parallels with the past are unnoticed. No one seems to care, and it is not even discussed.”

Spain has enacted similar draconian lockdown measures to Italy and France in an effort to fight the spread of coronavirus, with people banned from being outside in apartment block gardens even if only one family at a time uses them.




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