Czech politicians want to ban Islam completely as it ‘colonises society’

Political leaders in Czech Republic have previously condemned Islam in strong terms. Now, politicians in the Czech Parliament are discussing the complete ban of the religion.

If someone calls for the killing of infidels and Jews, then it is not a religion of peace, saysMP Jiri Kobza.

He and his party Freedom and Direct Democracy, which is one of the larger in parliament, believe Islam is not just a religion but also a violent ideology that should be banned.

We have suggested that all ideologies that promote hatred and violence should be banned. One of the ideologies is Islam. And then we have fascism and Nazism, he says.

He points out that Muslims neither want nor will integrate into non-Muslim societies. It is not migration – it is colonisation.

A strong mistrust of Islam exists throughout the political spectrum in the Czech Republic, where only 0.5 percent of the population are Muslim.



Shooting at a Christmas Market in France in latest terror attack – 4 dead, 11 injured

French police are saying at least four have been shot dead with at least 11 others injured by a gunman in Strasbourg tonight at the city’s Christmas market.

According to witnesses the shots began around 8pm near the Christmas market.

“There were gunshots and people running everywhere,” a shopkeeper told BFMTV. “It lasted about 10 minutes.” It has been reported that several of the injured are in a critical condition.

One waiter in a nearby restaurant told BFMTV that staff and customers tried to save the life of one diner who had stepped outside and was shot, saying they used napkins to try to stem the blood. The man later died.

The incident has been declared an act of terrorism and an enquiry has been opened. France’s Interior Minister, Christophe Castaner, told reporters that the gunman “has been identified” and was known to police.


EPP Group: Strasbourg attack makes our actions more urgent

What happened last night in Strasbourg, in one of the busiest Christmas Markets in Europe, makes it more urgent for us, as policy-makers, to act, and to act fast. Today’s Report voted on by the European Parliament is just one step to defend people’s security. We now expect the European Commission and Member States to act swiftly to make sure that terrorists are blocked from carrying out their intentions, whilst at the same time, people feel safe everywhere on our continent.

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EPP Group: Oleg Sentsov deserves Sakharov Prize for his fight for political prisoners

The Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov has become the first European Sakharov Prize Laureate in ten years, since Memorial in 2009, and the first Laureate from Ukraine. The EPP Group nominated him for his peaceful protest against the Russian occupation of Crimea and his quest to release all Ukrainian political prisoners held illegally in Russia.

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EU Court Confirms Britain Has Sovereign Right… to Stay in the EU

The highest court in the European Union has ruled that the United Kingdom remains sovereign in one key aspect — in its ability to unilaterally choose to remain in the European Union.

The ruling came after a group of concerned pro-Brussels UK politicians petitioned the European Court of Justice to discover whether the United Kingdom could cancel the Brexit process, or whether it would have to ask other European nations for permission to do so.

In a boost for those wishing to hold the UK inside the EU, the ruling stated: “The United Kingdom is free to revoke unilaterally the notification of its intention to withdraw from the EU.”

The irony of asking an EU institution for permission to keep Britain in the EU without having to get the permission of other EU nations, where it would be subject to the ongoing control of those same EU nations, was apparently lost on the petitioners who won their case Monday. The ruling opens the door for politicians to ignore the Brexit referendum and return the UK to the pre-2016 status quo.

Wire service the Associated Press reported the decision had the effect of “boosting the hopes of people who want to stay in the EU”, and the remarkably well-timed ruling was made just one day before UK lawmakers were due to vote on whether to adopt Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit agreement with the European Union. May has portrayed her deal as the only one available to Members of Parliament and the public.



Democratic Countries Should Back out of the UN Global Compact

The EU has been paying particularly North African governments for years to keep migrants away from the European continent. The effort seems to have yielded few results in terms of stopping migration to Europe.

The UN Global Compact stipulates that, "media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants" should not receive "public funding or material support."

Already, it is clear what this stipulation means in practice. The UN recently banned the Canadian outlet Rebel Media from attending the Conference for the Adoption of the UN Global Migration Compact. When Rebel Media asked for an explanation, they were told that the UN, "reserves the right to deny or withdraw accreditation of journalists from media organizations whose activities run counter to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, or who abuse the privileges so extended or put the accreditation to improper use or act in a way not consistent with the principles of the Organization. The decisions are final".

This form of totalitarian behavior on the part of the UN should encourage more states that still value democracy, immediately to back out of the Compact.



Hungary is increasing its involvement in Afghanistan and Kosovo

“Hungary has confirmed its previous promise to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, according to which it will be offering the majority of the capacity that will soon become available when the UN mission to Cyprus expires to NATO towards its involvement in Afghanistan and Kosovo”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto announced in Brussels on Wednesday in a statement to reporters.

At his press conference following the two-day meeting of NATO member state foreign ministers, Szijjarto declared that Hungary is ready to play a further role in improving Kosovan stability. There are currently 398 Hungarian soldiers serving in the Balkan country, and Hungary wishes to increase its military contingent in the region by at least 60 before next summer. The minister highlighted the fact that following the expiry of the mandate of the current Italian command in mid-2019, Hungary will be applying for the position of commander of the international peacekeeping force (KFOR) operating in Kosovo under NATO leadership.

Szijjarto told reporters NATO had decided that Bosnia-Hercegovina may submit its first-year national programme within the framework of the Membership Action Plan. “Amongst others, it is important to Hungary for there to be stability in the country in view of its proximity. This is why it supported calls for the country to be able to submit its national programme, which is the first step towards accession”, he stated.



END OF MERKEL: Friedrich Merz CDU victory THIS WEEKEND could spark IMMINENT exit

THE German Christian Democratic Union party (CDU) is due to vote on a replacement for Angela Merkel on Friday. But will the right-leaning likely successor and his election opponent spell the end of Merkel’s Chancellorship and become German leader themselves?

Angela Merkel faced a crushing defeat after the CDU voted for her to step down as leader in September, after 13 years of leading Germany’s top conservative political party. Mrs Merkel’s authority was called into question over her handling of Germany’s “open migration” policy, when she allowed 1.1 million refugees passage into Germany at the height of the European migrant crisis. It resulted in the German leader announcing she would not stand for CDU leadership at the party convention this month and as Chancellor in 2021.

But will two opponents for the next CDU leadership term – the victor of which will be announced on December 10 - spell the end of Mrs Merkel’s chancellorship before the federal elections in 2021?

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is the continuity candidate, and Angela Merkel's preferred successor, Friedrich Merz, wants to take the party back towards the right.

Analysts at the Economist Intelligence Unit believe Mr Merz will shift the left-leaning party to the right, echoing a rise in nationalist sentiment among voters and support for the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

 It would potentially cause a gap between the party's policies and Mrs Merkel's own politics.



Students Join Anti-Macron Disorder, Set Fires, Block over 100 High Schools

Over one hundred high schools across France have been blocked or otherwise disrupted, with a fire seriously damaging one school in Toulouse, as students protest education reforms.

Student protests continued Tuesday following action that broke out nationwide at 188 schools on Monday in solidarity with the Yellow Vest movement against Macron’s fuel carbon tax and other reforms.

Students and high school unions have called for the abandonment of changes to the French high school qualification, the baccalaureate, and other measures introduced for entry to university.

“We have our own reasons for striking, but the anger comes from the same source as the Yellow Vests. The government has made destructive reforms. It is worth mobilising with them, ” Louis Boyard, head of the UNL high school union, told Agence

France-Presse(AFP), and called to block “all high schools” Friday.



Macron in deep trouble: Now even now even the ambulance service joins the protests

Anti-Macron protests in France are gaining speed. Yesterday we saw firefighters turn their backs on elected officials, police removing their helmets in a show of solidarity with the protesters and Monday morning, more than one hundred ambulance drivers protested in Paris.

At 5:30am the paramedics blocked the Place de la Concorde in downtown Paris, blaring sirens and holding banners criticising the government-mandated reforms in how ambulances are paid for their services, according to France Info.

The protests began on 17 November in response to the tax on diesel rising 23 per cent in just 12 months. The protesters taking to the streets wearing the high visibility yellow vests which are compulsory in all vehicles in France.

The protests have seen even school students in solidarity with the yellow vest movement calling for Macron to resign over education reforms.

The ambulance services joining the fire and police services in a country of civil unrest against a globalist President who, despite his plummeting approval ratings, has flirted with the idea of calling for a state of emergency.

He has dug his heels in stating he will not back down from his climate change agenda and that fuel duty will rise again in the new year.



EPP Group: Cooperation in migration as a condition for EU visas

Visas to enter the EU will not be a carte blanche for all anymore. New harmonised and coordinated rules will ensure that it will be easier for legitimate travellers to enter while stricter security checks will make sure those who do enter do not pose a security risk. With these new rules, we will better protect the citizens’ security and fight the huge migration challenges that our continent is facing.

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Allahu Akbar shouting man waving hatchet threatens people at German Christmas market

A 38-year-old man has been arrested on Saturday after threatening people at a Christmas market in Witzenhausen, Germany.

Around 8:30 pm the police received several phone calls about a man with a hatchet walking along the pavement in the direction of the local Christmas market.

After arriving, the man brandished the hatchet and repeatedly shouted “Allahu Akbar”. Numerous people left the Christmas market having been threatened by the aggressive man.

According to police the man is a 38-year-old foreign citizen from Bornhagen, who was heavily intoxicated. Fortunately, he didn’t injure anyone.

After brandishing the hatchet, the man left the grounds of the Christmas market and climbed onto a bicycle.

The aggressive perpetrator was later arrested in the pedestrian zone. The public prosecutor from Kassel is involved in the investigation into the incident at the Christmas market.



George H.W. Bush, 41st president, dies at 94

George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st president of the United States, whose long life in the public sphere was defined by service to his country, has died.  He was 94. 

His wife of 73 years, Barbara Bush, died in April and Mr. Bush was hospitalizedthe day after the funeral to be treated for an infection in his bloodstream. He suffered a number of health issues in his later years, including vascular parkinsonism, a condition similar to Parkinson's disease, and used a wheelchair to get around.

His son, former President George W. Bush, issued a statement calling his father "a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could ask for. The entire Bush family is deeply grateful for 41's life and love, for the compassion of those who have cared and prayed for Dad, and for the condolences of our friends and fellow citizens."

On June 12, 2018, Mr. Bush celebrated his 94th birthday with family members in Kennebunkport, Maine, becoming the first U.S. president in history to reach that age. "I see history as a book with many pages, and each day we fill a page with acts of hopefulness and meaning," he said in his 1989 inauguration speech.



Brussels Beware: ‘Street Fighter’ Orbán Teams Up with Action Man Chuck Norris in Hungary

Chuck Norris and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spent a day bonding in Budapest, where the legendary martial arts hero likened the European leader to U.S. President Donald Trump.

In a video posted to Orbán’s Facebook page, the pair were seen discussing family, politics, and critics in the left-wing media as the Way of the Dragon star and his wife Gena were treated to a personal tour of the Hungarian capital.

Invited to the central European state by Hungarian Baptist Aid, one of the nation’s top five charities, Norris told the populist-right firebrand, “I’ve read so much about you that I feel we’ve already met.”



EPP Group: Socialists’ electioneering puts Schengen at risk

Internal border controls in the Schengen area have been taken hostage for a Socialist campaign before the European elections next year. Their unrealistic and burdensome conditions for imposing temporary border controls will have two outcomes: havoc of unilateral national decisions to close borders, and less security in the EU.

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Author Explains Paris Protests: Deplorables Reacting Against ‘Davocracy’ Elite

Prolific French writer Renaud Camus, who coined the theory of the “Great Replacement,” told Breitbart London that the recent “Yellow Vest” protests are a grassroots reaction against the Davos elite who view working people as worthless “human Nutella.”

Mr Camus said that he believed there to be more substance to the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) movement, which is supported by 77 per cent of French, than just an outcry over a rise in fuel taxes, saying it was really about a “lack of respect, general exchangeability, being treated by managerial politics like an object, a simple product.



Berlin Police Recruits’ Language Skills So Poor They Must Take German Lessons

Berlin’s police academy has seen failing levels of German language competence due to the high number of migrant-background recruits.

The head of Berlin’s Police Academy, Tanja Knapp, told the Berlin Senate Monday that recruits should drop English tutorials after it found that recruits had “fundamental difficulties when it comes to [German]… including correct spelling, punctuation and producing written texts,” according to Deutsche Welle.

“Of course, it makes sense to be able to speak English to the capital’s many tourists,” Ms Knapp said. “But if the basic required level of German is too low, then the focus should be on German.”



MEP Romana Tomc Warns: One Year After the Hearing in Brussels, Still No Epilogue to NLB Crime Story!

Today is marking one year since one of the largest financial scandals in the history of Slovenia had its epilogue at the European Parliament. On 28 November 2017, at the initiative of MEP Romana Tomc, the PANA Committee discussed the case of Iranian money laundering in the NLB bank. In connection with the NLB case, the members of the committee heard Anže Logar, SDS Party member and President of the parliamentary commission investigating political responsibility for the recovery of the banking system at the end of 2013, as well as Mladina magazine journalist Borut Mekina.

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Anybody Looking At What’s Happening To Europe?

While we watch a third world invasion from Central America knocking on our southern border with Mexico, is anybody watching what’s happening to Europe? Canada? Australia?

Immigrants overrun each of those Western entities by the millions.

What’s most interesting: their leaders invite the invasions of their countries against their countrymen and women. Worse, against their successful cultures!

European cultures face extinction or bastardization from incompatible religions, cultures and world views of the immigrants.  Those immigrants fundamentally ransack the parliamentary laws of Europeans.

No less than 90 “no go zones” inhabit dozens of towns and regions of France, Germany, UK, Holland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Italy and Spain.  The immigrants created separate societies within those countries. Separate languages, cultures and ways

of life.



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