Sweden: Gang forces man to withdraw cash from ATM while holding a knife to his throat

Last week, a man was subjected to a brutal robbery in Gothenburg, Sweden when two men held a knife to his throat while another used his bank card to withdraw money from an ATM Machine, Fria Tider reports.

Gothenburg, like Sweden’s capital city Stockholm, has recently seen a surge in violent crime, drugs, and armed robberies.

Swedish police have suggested that residents stay sober and head home earlier in the night to avoid any unwanted problems.

The attack took place at 11:30 p.m. on Friday.

A police spokesperson said, “Two of the perpetrators then threatened the victim with a knife to the neck. Meanwhile, the third perpetrator went on an electric bicycle and withdrew money from an ATM.”




Angry Los Angeles Residents Demand Action Over City’s Growing Homeless Problem

LA residents fed up with officials, demand change after homeless crisis spirals in city

It’s the stale stench of liquor and human waste that hits you first.

Then it’s visual — row after row of dirty tarp tents crammed together on the sidewalk next to piles of rotting trash and broken appliances.

There are half-dressed, drugged-out shells of people wandering aimlessly in the middle of the street. Some curse at cars. Others just stare.

There are fights, prostitution and rodent burrows.




Germany: Two stabbed to death at train station in North Rhine-Westphalia

Police cordoned off a train station in the city of Iserlohn in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia after a man and woman were brutally attacked by an assailant with a knife. Dozens of people witnessed the assault take place, including about 20 people attending a wedding party.

Following the deadly stabbing which saw a 32-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man murdered, a 43-year-old suspect was detained by German police.

According to the German news agency DPA, a police spokesman said that the attacker was detained on the spot without incident, Welt reports.

“Our investigation suggests so far that there is no other cause than that the reason for it lies in their personal relationship,” the police spokesman said.

At the scene of the crime, police investigators also found a two-month-old baby. According to a police spokesman, thee murdered 32-year-old was the mother of the baby girl. The baby survived and wasn’t injured.




Hong Kong Demonstration Draws Crowd Of More Than 1.7 Million Against Government Orders

Hong Kong protest organizer Civil Human Rights Front estimates more than 1.7 million people gathered in the rain Sunday for the city’s 11th consecutive week of demonstrations.

Government officials told protesters to stay in Victoria Park, but the large, pro-democracy crowd eventually took to the streets to protest an extradition bill that would allow suspected criminals in Hong Kong to be tried in China, the South China Morning Post reported. 

“The most important thing currently is to restore social order as soon as possible,” a government spokesman said, according to SCMP. “When everything is calm, the government will conduct a sincere dialogue with the public to repair strains and rebuild social harmony.”

Protesters were also responding to reports of police brutality during demonstrations that took place last week at a subway station and Hong Kong International Airport.




Austria: Muslim Taxi Drivers Refuse to Transport Guide Dogs For the Blind

Muslim taxi drivers in Austria are refusing to transport blind people with guide dogs because dogs are seen as being unclean in Islamic culture.

Tiroler Tageszeitung reports on how a former board member of the Association for the Blind, who is totally blind herself, ordered a taxi to drop her off at Innsbruck airport.

However, when the taxi arrived, the driver refused to take her dog.

Taxi operators Anton Eberl and Harald Flecker apologized for the incident but stressed that they only mediate calls and do not own the taxis.

“We try to make it clear to the drivers again and again that this is not the case for us and that these trips have to be carried out exactly like any other job.




Italy’s Matteo Salvini Denies Conflict with Pope

ROME — Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has denied that there is opposition between himself and Pope Francis, saying that meeting the pope would be a “great honor.”

“Beyond some excessive polemics that I don’t share, I believe the occasions in which we collaborate [with the Vatican] are far more numerous” than cases of conflict, Salvini statedin an interview with the Italian magazine Oggi.

“Millions of Italians voted for me — for the most part, I believe, Catholics,” Mr. Salvini said. “I’ll defend the borders and suppress the traffic in human beings.”

“My duty is to make decisions, sometimes painful and difficult, but necessary to establish rules that benefit everyone,” said the interior minister, who ran for office on a platform of reining in rampant illegal immigration in the country.

While Mr. Salvini denied animosity toward the pope on his part, there has been plenty of hostility toward him from the Italian Catholic hierarchy, something Salvini has said he finds “bewildering.”





Beijing Refuses American Warships Entry To Hong Kong Ports

Mere hours after President Trump tweeted that US intelligence had confirmed the buildup of Chinese troops on the border with Hong Kong,

US defense officials warned that Beijing had refused two US Navy ships permission to make port stops in Hong Kong in the coming weeks,

a sign that President Xi is none too pleased with how the US has handled itself during the anti-extradition bill protests that have swept Hong Kong over the past ten weeks.

Beijing has repeatedly warned the US to stop interfering with Taiwan and Hong Kong, or else face consequences, including the implicit threat of force.







China Releases Video Of Army Preparing For Hong Kong Invasion

The Hong Kong/China feud is going from bad to worse on Monday, when as reported earlier, the Hong Kong airport authority advised all passengers to leave the terminal buildings as soon as possible in an unprecedented disruption after thousands of anti-government protesters occupied the airport terminal building.

However, what confirmed that as Beijing has been warning for the past week, Hong Kong’s insubordination will no longer be tolerated by Beijing, was a video – complete with dramatic World War III style music – published by the state-owned tabloid Global Times, which showed “The People’s Armed Police have been assembling in Shenzhen, a city bordering Hong Kong, in advance of apparent large-scale exercises.”

Global Times’ prolific – and trolling – Editor in Chief, Hu Xijin naturally chimed in on Twitter, pointing out that Hong Kong Airport canceled all remaining flights Mon afternoon due to illegal assembly and noting that while the “Central government still exercises restraints, and respects HK’s high degree of autonomy under one country, two systems.

But I have an intuition riots won’t be allowed to keep on like this.”





Trump retweets post implying Bill Clinton behind Jeffrey Epstein’s death

President Trump added fuel to the conspiracy theories surrounding multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide on Saturday when he retweeted a post that implied former President Bill Clinton was linked to Epstein's death.

The tweet came from self-described comedian Terrence K. Williams who echoed many on social media in suggesting a connection between the Clintons and Epstein, who previously was an acquaintance of the former president. 

"Died of SUICIDE on 24/7 SUICIDE WATCH ? Yeah right! How does that happen," the tweet read, alongside a photo of Epstein and one of the Clintons. "#JefferyEpstein had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s dead I see #TrumpBodyCount trending but we know who did this! RT if you’re not Surprised."

Trump's tweet came shortly after Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., pushed back on the "immediate rush to spread conspiracy theories about someone" in another political party.




French farmers dump a mountain of manure outside pro-Emmanuel Macron MP’s office

Overburdened French farmers protesting against a ‘free trade’ agreement with Canada dumped heaps of manure outside the office of Monique Iborra, a lawmaker from President Macron’s globalist party La Republique En Marche (LREM).

The act of protest comes in response to the approval of a controversial free trade agreement with Canada that would see the removal of tariffs on nearly all goods and services traveling between Canada and the EU.

French farmers fear that the decision will bring unjust competition to French farmers who are already struggling economically.

In response to the event, Iborra tweeted, “Two tonnes of manure outside a building where there are also doctors, dentists and other professions which receive members of the public – it’s irresponsible as well as futile.”

The FDSEA farmers’ trade union has claimed responsibility for the action on their Facebook page. The union had invited then deputies of the Haute-Garonne region to discuss the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), but none of the deputies responded.




Dutch officials, police won't enforce new “burqa ban” law

The Netherlands have just banned the burqa, but enforcement is already an issue.

Maybe you believe someone should be able to wear as much clothing or as little clothing as possible, and to heck with what the state has to say.

But for the Dutch, faces must be uncovered in government buildings and on public transportation, and the ban includes ski masks and full-face helmets as well as the burqa and niqab.

Even though the law is now the law, officials are refusing to enforce the ban.

Staff on public transportation aren't being compelled to deny entry to people with their faces covered, and the police say that enforcement is not a priority.




Politician Tells Germans to 'Follow Rules' to Avoid Being Pushed Onto Tracks

A German politician has recommended train riders 'follow the rules' and obey caution signs and markings in order to avoid being pushed into the path of incoming trains amid multiple such incidents.

Valerie Wilms, a representative of the Green party in the Bundestag until 2017, posted a statement she issued to Bild newspaper in response to the suspected killing of a young boy by an African migrant at Frankfurt main station last week.

“As in road traffic, the necessary care must be taken when using railway facilities. This also includes not entering the track area,” Wilms said. “This usually works, because we learned from an early age how to deal with the dangers of traffic.”

“In order to make the danger area of the tracks visible to everyone, including people with disabilities, the danger areas on the platforms today are clearly marked with markings. This marking is also clearly perceptible for visually impaired persons. If everyone follows the rules, these measures are sufficient for safe use of the platforms."




For the first time in history, Spain is no longer a majority Catholic country

For the first time in its history, Spain now has more atheists, agnostics, and non-believers than it does practicing Catholics, according to a new report by the Research Center of Spanish Sociology (CIS).

While a third of Spaniards reported being Catholic, only 22.7 percent of them said that they attend mass and go to confession regularly.

In Catalonia, just 10.9 percent of believers reported regularly attending mass and going to confession, while in Rojia, south of Basque country, about 40 percent of people are still practicing Catholics, FranceInfo reports.

The secularization of Spanish society has been substantially more pronounced in industrialized areas where cultures mix more often like Madrid, Catalonia, and the Basque Country. 

In response to these figures, the Spanish newspaper El Diario wrote: “These figures, 80 years later, finally give reason to Manuel Azana: Spain has ceased to be Catholic.”




French Police Monitor Potential Release of Extremist Antifa Leader

French police say they are monitoring the possible prison release of Antifa extremist Antonin Bernanos, fearing he could lead violent protests at the G7 in August.

Mr Bernanos was sentenced to five years in prison in September of 2017 for attacking a police car in Paris in 2016, although two years were suspended. 

Police say they are monitoring his release, claiming that he is one of the few people able to organise and motivate large numbers of Antifa extremists in the far-left scene in Paris, Europe1 reports.

Intelligence services add that some in the Antifa black bloc in Paris have become disinterested in opposing globalism, with many believing the train tickets to the G7 in Biarritz later this month to be too expensive and the 465-mile car ride too far.

An observer of the scene told Europe1 that most Antifa members have spent the summer training for clashes with right-wingers, saying “they are not very focused on substantive topics.”




Hungarian Government Will Give $33,000 Bonus to Married Couples Who Have Three Children

The Hungarian government has announced measures to offer up to 10 million forints (€30,590 or £27,000) to married couples who have three children under its new pro-family budget.

The government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will offer the $33,000 payment in the form of a loan to the eligible couples upon their marriage which would have to be repaid until the couple has three children and then the debt would be forgiven, Le Figaro reports. 

Around 2,400 families have already signed up and applied for the loan this month which is paid back in small payments each month.

Should the couple have a child within a five-year period, the interest on the loan is suspended along with repayments suspended for three years.

The eligibility for the programme has several criteria including that the marriage must be the first for at least one of those involved, the woman must be 18 to 40 years old, and one of the couples must have paid 180 days’ worth of tax contributions to the state.




Tourists among the three killed in a gang shooting in southern France

Two tourists were among those shot in a popular coastal town in southern France on Sunday evening, one of them fatally, as gunmen exchanged fire in a shootout which is believed to have been drug-related.

According to the local newspaper Var-Matin, the shooting occurred late Sunday night close to a petrol station in the small town of Ollioules, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Several individuals were shot as they were caught in the crossfire between local criminals.  Three people were killed.

Among the dead was a 57-year-old French female tourist who was enjoying a holiday with her husband in the sunny coastal town. Her husband, who was also caught in the crossfire, was wounded but ended up surviving. 

Police sources say that the other individuals killed or injured were two males – aged 29 and 30 – who were known to local authorities for their previous criminal behavior and involvement in the drug trade.




Austria's Kurz says open to new government coalition with far right

VIENNA (Reuters) - A new government coalition between his conservatives and the far-right Freedom Party (FPO) could be an option after snap elections in September, former Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz said in interviews on Tuesday.

Kurz’s coalition with the Freedom Party, launched in December 2017, imploded in May after FPO leader Heinz-Christian Strache was caught in a video sting apparently offering to fix state contracts at a meeting with a woman posing as a Russian oligarch’s niece.

Kurz tried to stay on as head of what was effectively a minority government but parliament dismissed him and his cabinet, saying he must share some of the blame for the scandal, since he brought the far-right back into power.

Since then, Austria has been led by a provisional government of civil servants ahead of a parliamentary election scheduled for September 29.

“Basically I do not rule out any coalition option,” Kurz told public broadcaster ORF.




Germany: Police Say Man Of “African Descent” Killed 8-Year-Old Boy After Pushing Him In Front Of Train

An 8-year-old boy was killed after being hit by a high speed train when a man of “African descent” pushed him and his mother onto the tracks this morning at Frankfurt’s main station.

The mother was able to save her own life by rolling into the gap between the tracks, but lost hold of her son who was killed by the InterCity Express (ICE) train, which can travel at speeds up to 186mph.

A 40-year-old man was arrested after the incident. Police say there is no connection between the alleged perpetrator and the victims.

“The mother was barely able to save herself. Passersby watched the attack and ran after the fleeing man, of African descent. He was arrested in the station,” police told BILD. Other reports confimed the man was Eritrean.

Witnesses say the man attempted to push another person onto the tracks and that the station was “full of children.”




Romanian police chief is fired over claims force is protecting a serial killer after thousands take to streets saying 'corrupt' cops turned a blind eye to emergency phone calls pleading for help from 'murdered' 15-year-old girl

Are Romanian Police ignoring Serial Killer?

Romania's chief of police has been fired over the abduction of a Romanian schoolgirl who is feared dead sparked furious protests after officers took 19 hours to respond to her cry for help.

Alexandra Macesanu, 15, rang European emergency number 112 to say she had been snatched by a man while hitchhiking to her home village from the nearby southern town of Caracal.

After authorities finally located the premises where the girl had been dragged to, they found what appeared to be human remains and traces of her jewellery.

The painfully slow response time has whipped up locals into disgust and yesterday saw 2,000 Romanians demonstrate on the streets of Bucharest.




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