Katarina Johnson-Thompson on Jodie Comer, sacrifices, and the south of France

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:BBC
(Photo by Instagram) (Photo by Instagram)

Once the oompah band pack away the brass, the beer taps stop flowing and hordes of excited schoolchildren head to bed, a tent appears on the Mosle Stadium infield in Austria.

A banquet is laid out inside and, in front of empty stands and the looming Alps beyond, the world's best multi-eventers celebrate the end of the fabled Hypo-Meeting in Gotzis after completing two days of competition.

"There is a big dinner with music and food and you can watch the sun setting on the track," Katarina Johnson-Thompson tells BBC Sport.

In May, the Briton won the heptathlon, racking up her best-ever score and finishing well clear of a field that included world silver medallist Carolin Schafer.

But there was little time for Johnson-Thompson to sip sundowners and shoot the breeze.





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