The government continues to ignore the five year old Constitutional Court ruling

  • Written by  Peter T.
Marjan Šarec, Slovenian PM. (Photo: Demokracija) Marjan Šarec, Slovenian PM. (Photo: Demokracija)

Every left-wing government since 2014, when the Constitutional court ruled that the current education law is discriminatory against publicly valid programs in private primary schools because they’re not being fully funded by the state, has been trying to find ways how to not implement the court ruling. Slovenian Democratic Party on the other hand has already submitted five versions of its draft law, which would fully comply with the ruling, just to be rejected by the left-wing parliamentary majority every time.

Left-wing governments have even tried to change the Constitution in order not to implement the ruling. Such change of the Constitution would in practice deepen the discrimination and further increase segregation of children due to ideological prejudice against private education and tendency to maintain state monopoly over education.

Šarec’s government continues with the practice of ignoring the rule of law and thus denying parents and children of equal opportunity of choice of schools and denying non-discriminatory financing of publicly validated programs in private primary schools.

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