Radical left calls for violence at protests in Ljubljana!

Friday's protests against the government in Ljubljana were dominated by horrific inflammatory inscriptions. (Photo: STA) Friday's protests against the government in Ljubljana were dominated by horrific inflammatory inscriptions. (Photo: STA)

About 4.000 cyclists and pedestrians gathered in the centre of Ljubljana on Friday, the Ljubljana Police Administration announced. Police closed several adjacent streets for security reasons. Police officers performed on-site tasks to protect the National Assembly, maintain public order and peace, ensure traffic safety and control compliance with the decree on a temporary general ban on gathering people in public places. Participants were reminded to follow the measures, set out in the Decree on the Prevention and Spread of Infectious Diseases.


Police officers found several violations of public order and peace, violations of the ID card and the law on public gatherings and also violations of the decree on the temporary general ban on the movement and gathering of people in public places. A few protesters also wrote with chalk on the floor. Among the well-known faces were Ivan Gale, musician Zlatan Čordić-Zlatko, poet Boris A. Novak, left-wing MP Miha Kordiš, "versatile culturist" Andrej Rozman Roza, actor Jurij Zrnec, "digital artist" Vuk Ćosić and quasi-director and one of the main organizers of these protests, Jaša Jenulla.

For the seventh week in a row, the protesters shouted slogans against the government and demanded the resignation of Janez Janša's government. After the initial "cycling", they gathered at the Republic Square in Ljubljana, where the infamous banners prevailed, with the inscription: “Death to Janissary! Freedom to all!” In his speech in “Kočevski Rog” on Saturday, Prime Minister Janez Janša responded to this, saying in his excellent conciliatory speech: “Those who, in the streets and squares of Ljubljana, publicly threaten to die, must therefore to be said clearly: We will not allow you to plunge the Slovenes into fratricidal savagery again. Too much misery has already caused this blind hatred and we will do everything necessary to prevent you from succeeding.” Undoubtedly, it is possible to agree with Janša, as the current left-wing incitement to murder, is reminiscent of times past. This is what the National Socialists and Communists were up to, before World War II. We know it all ended tragically. Law enforcement should therefore punish unacceptable incitement to murder.

Written by M. B.

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