Parliament rejects SDS proposal for VAT cut

Parliament voted down on Thursday what was already the third attempt by the opposition Democrats (SDS) to bring VAT to pre-crisis levels.

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Work starts on Maribor-Šentilj railway upgrade

Work on the Maribor-Šentilj railway upgrade will begin in earnest on Friday as the rail link between Maribor and the border with Austria in the north-east is closed.

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Vraničar Erman will be remembered for surplus

Mateja Vraničar Erman, a former finance minister who is now a Finance Ministry state secretary whom the government will dismiss today, will be remembered for Slovenia recording a general government surplus in 2017 for the first time since independence, Delo says in Thursday's front-page commentary as it looks at her term in office.

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Public sector unions and government far apart in starting proposals

The public sector trade unions are a proposal that was presented to them by the government negotiating team in the negotiations. As one problematic issue, they pointed out that, unlike the one from March, the government proposal does not foresee an increase in the wages of the worst paid, ie those of the 26th grade. Negotiations continue on Friday.

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Analysts happy NLB privatisation okayed, waiting for price range

Analysts are yesterday's move by the Supervisory Board of SDH, which lit the green light for NLB sale by confirming the price range for the share, the STA welcomed. The range remains confidential until the announcement of the prospectus for the sale of shares, but they think that the signals from the market are good, although the current situation is not the most favorable.

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Slovenia confirms receiving Brussels budget letter

Yesterday, Slovenia responded to a letter from the European Commission regarding the budget plan for 2019. According to the Ministry of Finance, they replied in a reply that they will send a new draft budget plan for the next year after they will forward the supplementary budget for 2019 to the National Assembly and the fiscal world.

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Oversight sought of spending by religious communities

The Culture Ministry is proposing a legislative amendment that will allow it to check how religious communities spend the money they receive to pay social contributions for religious officials or priests.

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Šarec and Macron talk EU project, countering populism

Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Šarec met French President Emmanuel Macron for about half-an-hour long bilateral meeting in Brussels on Thursday which focused on cooperation at the EU level and the fight against populism.

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Dozen projects promoting regional development win EUR 480m

Addressing the 2018 Slovenian Regional Days, a two-day event hosted by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek said in Podčetrtek on Thursday that EUR 480m had been secured for a dozen projects promoting regional development.

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Finance unhappy with fiscal consolidation as new crisis looms

Bloomberg talks about a new "crisis of confidence", the Economist, about the crisis around the corner - no one can predict how long this corner is. Some economists predict a new crisis in 2020, others are concerned with what the crisis will cause and what signs to be watched. It will hit, sooner or later, by Peter Sovdat in Finance.

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Slovenia observes anti-trafficking day with projects aimed at prevention

The European Anti-Trafficking Day, 18 October, highlights the importance of raising awareness of trafficking in human beings. In Slovenia, the dominant form is the exploitation of prostitution. And those in charge want to raise awareness of other forms, especially about forced labor. The Workers' Advisory Council calls on the government to place the fight against all forms among the priorities.

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Public sector unions launch preparations for 4 Dec strike

The body coordinating the strike committees of public sector trade unions has decided to launch preparations for a 4 December nationwide strike and rally, as the new government has not yet relaunched pay talks after they were suspended when the previous government resigned in March.

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Boss of Slovenian telco regulator on the chopping block

The governing council of the Agency for Communications Networks and Services, the national telecoms regulator, has proposed the dismissal of director Tanja Muha due to the controversial awarding of spectrum for experimental next-generation wireless services to the shopping mall operator BTC.

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