Janez Janša on the Marrakesh Declaration: “Illegal Migrants Will be Able to Break Apart Family and Nation More Easily, this is Why this Document is Harmful”

The President of the SDS Party, Janez Janša, reacted to the Marrakesh Declaration: “The Marrakesh Declaration is a point of division at this moment. On one side are those who are aware of the reality of the moment, of the demographics in the Mediterranean basin and in general, and we are aware of the fact that this problem can only be solved at its source, especially in our case in Africa, where population growth rises annually. On the other side are those who see the import of as many migrants as possible from a foreign environment as a continuation of the project from the communist manifesto, where it is written that some sort of socialist non-class society can only be created after the breakdown of family, nation, religion, private property and private education. They changed their priorities a little now, but the degradation of family and nation remains on their agenda. They go by a different name now, but this is still a policy of cultural Marxism and to them the illegal immigrants are potential new voters and, having no roots, the illegal migrants will be able to break apart family and nation more easily, this is why this Document is harmful. ”

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The Speaker of the National Assembly Židan Receives New Assessment by the National Assembly’s Legal Service that Levica is Not an Opposition Party – Levica is a Cross-Party Coalition Party!

In response to the request for the list of speakers for the parliamentary questions, the Legal Service of the National Assembly confirmed that the extreme left Levica Party is not an opposition party. Nor is it a coalition party. What is Levica’s status in the Slovenian Parliament? The role of Levica is so unorthodox and outside of all the frameworks of legal imagination that we can only call it a cross-party coalition party, since they had to change the rules to accommodate its position.

Manipulative Surveys by Dnevnik and Večer Newspapers are Created by Ninamedia, with which Janković’s Public Companies Signed Contracts for Enormous Amounts!

The newspapers Dnevnik and Večer published yesterday – just a week before the local elections – a survey by Ninamedia, which is supposed to measure the public pulse in the capital of Slovenia.

This survey supposedly measured a great advantage of the current mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, ahead of the investigator Dr Anže Logar, and predicts his victory in the first round. According to the publicly available data, the municipal public companies controlled by Janković are doing business with Ninamedia. Among the biggest sponsors are the Municipality of Ljubljana (MOL), the Ljubljana Public Holding, the Energetika Ljubljana, the Pharmacy Ljubljana, Žale (Ljubljana’s cemetary), Sport Ljubljana, Vodovod-Kanalizacija (Ljubljana’s water supply and sewage system), and others. The value of the business exceeds one million euros from a total of EUR 2,765,618.55 that the other survey agency, Mediana, has made with the state!

The Ninamedia agency, known for its creation of, not the measurement of, public opinion, prepared a poll for newspaper Dnevnik one week ago, in which Zoran Janković is the winner of the local elections in the first round. This is a first-rate manipulation with which they want to lull the electorate of the most serious counter-candidate Dr Anže Logar and to prevent the fiasco of the current mayor, whose support has been steadily falling since the first elections he took part of, in 2006. In comparison to his first election, he has lost almost 50% of the electorate by the last elections.

Ninamedia published a poll two weeks ago that we found out was done unprofessionally, on a sample of only 369 respondents. This time, after reviewing publicly available data, we came to the conclusion why the agency so fervently favors Zoran Janković. Erar’s data reveal transactions with the state and taxpayer money, which show that public companies and institutions founded by the City of Ljubljana are financing Ninamedia. In total, with about 1,200,000 euros, representing as much as 30% of the total revenue of the agency. This information was presented by Janković’s challenger Anže Logar two days ago within his campaign.

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63 Prominent Ljubljana Citizens Sign Letter of Support for Dr Anže Logar for His Mayor Candidacy!

“There are moments in life when it does not matter whether you speak up or not. There are times when it is smarter to keep quiet. But there are also moments when you simply have to speak up. These moments are right now, before the mayoral elections in Ljubljana,” the 63 famous citizens of Ljubljana wrote in the letter. Among them are prominent academics and representatives of civil society. They wish to communicate that the work of the current mayor Zoran Janković is unacceptable to their value system and that there is an alternative, represented by Dr Anže Logar. “We have a candidate who has already proven, in his previous work, that he is not afraid of the challenges, of fulfilling what he has set for himself, and above all, that he has high moral integrity and is able to search for the common denominator among the people with different political beliefs.”

The 63 prominent Slovenians, with the first-signed economist and researcher of archives Rado Pezdir, sent a letter of support to Dr Anže Logar for his candidacy for mayor of Ljubljana. They wrote that there are moments in life when there is a need to speak up and be heard and that these moments are right now, before the mayoral elections in Ljubljana. They also believe that more often than not, we surrender to the ‘comfort’ of the generally held belief that everything is already decided in advance in Slovenia. “These catchwords are repeated by those who benefit from them. Therefore, such thinking enables them to maintain the status quo,” they wrote.

Dr Logar’s supporters, among which are renowned names from politics, the legal system, diplomacy, culture and other disciplines, believe that if you do not do anything, you probably cannot expect a good result. They therefore emphasize that this time they will not choose the option of doing nothing, but they will speak up. Among the signatures is even the grandmother of the best Slovenian basketball player Luka Dončić, Milena Poterbin.

It is Not True that There is No Alternative and Everything is Already Decided – there is A Candidate with High Moral Integrity
The signatories of the letter of support are admonishing the citizens of Ljubljana that at these local elections they have the opportunity to vote this candidate and to send “the message that it is not all decided in advance. It is not true that there is no alternative. There is not a destined one who will continue to force onto the majority of the city his method of work, imposing that which is unacceptable to our value system. The many controversial acts tell the people of Ljubljana that we can no longer look the other way. “

“We have a candidate who has already proven, in his previous work, that he is not afraid of the challenges, of fulfilling what he has set for himself, and above all, that he has high moral integrity and that he is able to search for the common denominator among the people with different political beliefs. This is very important for Ljubljana at the moment. “

They emphasize, at the same time, the saying that we should not regret the things that we have done, but those that we did not, which will prevail in these elections. “The signatories of this letter therefore will not regret our appeal to the public. We will not regret not having spoken and we will not regret that we did not vote for this or that reason,” they wrote, adding that they will happily cast their vote for Dr Anže Logar.

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The Secretary of the Islamic Community Nevzet Porić Runs for City Council, Even After Threatening the Opponents of ‘Mosque Street’

After holding the position for 12 years, the current Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković has decided to return to the hunt for a new mandate despite the final indictment in the Stožice case, the Pharmacist’s affair, the city’s debts, and the list could go on. He has an obvious “talent” for choosing the right people as well; on the list of Zoran Janković we find, as in the previous local elections, the secretary general of the Islamic Community in Slovenia, Nevzet Porić. When it came to the case of renaming the street, where a mosque is being built, into Džamijska ulica (eng. Mosque street), Porić used threats saying he would remember all who were against this name as well as the construction of the mosque. One could ask, what kind of co-workers will he choose in case of re-election?

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Slovenia to get first woman army general

Brigadier Alenka Ermenc, deputy chief of the general staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF), will be promoted to the rank of major general as the first ever woman so high up the army hierarchy.

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Slovenian fishermen face mounting fines as court battle looms

Croatian authorities continue to issue fines to Slovenian fishermen who are catching fish in waters that Slovenia considers its territory under a border arbitration agreement that Croatia refuses to accept.

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Doctor Radan acquitted of all charges

Ivan Radan, a neurologist charged with killing four terminally ill patients, was acquitted as a trial that lasted almost three years concluded at the Ljubljana District Court on Tuesday.

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Logar’s announcement to fight Janković (face of corruption) for the position of mayor has triggered a wave of enthusiasm

The announcement on Facebook that Dr Anže Logar would run for mayor of Ljubljana has triggered a very positive response from the public as Zoran Janković has held the position since 17 November 2006. Janković is far from being a moral authority given the final indictment in the Stožice matter, the affair with the pharmacist, the indebtedness of Ljubljana, and many other things, so it is not surprising that people long for a change that would contribute to a normalisation of Ljubljana.

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Persecutor of entrepreneurs Luka Mesec enjoys high-class resort in five-star hotel

Last Friday, the persecutor of entrepreneurs Luka Mesec was seen in Opatija in the luxurious Wagner café of the five-star Milenij hotel. It is becoming increasingly evident that Mesec’s Left party only espouses socialism when it comes to electoral votes. Otherwise, they drive Mercedes-Benzes and spend their summers in bourgeois environments.

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Pahor convinced arbitration decision will be implemented

President Borut Pahor, who signed the border arbitration agreement exactly nine years ago as prime minister with his Croatian counterpart Jadranka Kosor, expressed the belief at the anniversary that the border arbitration decision, announced in June 2017, will be implemented sooner or later despite Croatia's rejection.

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Finance wants individual consumption in Slovenia to increase

Noting that the actual individual consumption in Slovenia was at 77 % of the EU average last year, the newspaper Finance asks in Monday's commentary how Slovenians could secure more disposable income, adding that higher net wages could be secured by lowering taxes and various charges.

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Slovenia down three spots to 40th in Doing Business report

Slovenia has placed 40th, down three spots from the year before, in the World Bank's Doing Business rankings for 2019, which indicate the ease of doing business in individual countries. Among the ten fields observed, Slovenia fared the best in trading across borders, where it shared first place with several other countries.

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Senior officials lay wreaths at monuments for All Saints' Day

President Borut Pahor laid a wreath at the memorial to all victims of war and war-related violence in the centre of Ljubljana on the All Saints' Day holiday on Thursday, accompanied by parliamentary Speaker Dejan Židan and Prime Minister Marjan Šarec.

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Father of US First Lady, Viktor Knavs, Outside Slovenian Court: "This is Even Worse Than in the White House!"

Father of the US First Lady, Viktor Knavs, sued journalist Bojan Požar for his article "Documents, Tax Evasion: Viktor Knavs, Melania Trump’s Father Went to Jail?!" Knavs is blaming Požar of violating Article 160 of the Penal Code, since the charge against him was allegedly offensive.

In October 2016, Požar in his article reported that Knavs was imprisoned for tax evasion and illicit trafficking. The Reporter magazine wrote that Požar was referring to the documents known as udba.net and to the central alphabetical record of the Interior Ministry from the time of the communist regime.

Knavs argues that he did not evade taxes nor deal with illicit trafficking and that he has never been convicted or imprisoned. Knavs claims that the udba.net documents are incomplete and inaccurate.

Knavs did not want to give any statements to the journalists outside the court. According to the Slovenske novice newspaper, Knavs had to routinely empty his pockets before entering the court and he had to remove his watch. "This is even worse than in the White House," said the most famous Slovenian father-in-law in the world. Knavs wandered around the capital of Ljubljana without security guards.

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