Alpinist, vacuum researcher, friend Jože Gasperič

We describe the work and merits of Jože Gasperič in the field of vacuum techniques and in organizing DVTS in international connections. Dušan Lasič was a great Alpinist and passed his passion to his IEVT collaborators including Jože Gasperič.

Tide turning on the Slovenian government as massive rally against corruption calls for the resignation of PM Šarec

This past Thursday, protestors packed every corner of the Peršeren square - the main square in the Slovenian capital. They demanded an end to unequal treatment of citizens, the end of corruption and resignation of PM Marjan Šarec. “Slovenia needs a Prime Minister that respects every Slovenian, not only the privileged ones”, said Franc Kangler, a former mayor of Maribor. "Enough is enough," he said, adding "it smells like spring" in a reference to the start of Slovenian independence efforts dubbed as the Slovenian spring.

The leader of the opposition and the president of the Slovenian Democratic Party, Janez Janša also addressed the protestors, saying the rally was about ending double standards and the deep state. "This is the beginning of the end of the anti-Slovenian comedy... After today, nothing will be as it used to be." He called for debt write-offs to "first-class" citizens to be audited, that privileges for some be weeded out of the pension system, a complete block on the Slovenian border for illegal crossings and lustration of corrupt judges. Janša also demanded responsibility of those who stole from the state-owned banks twice, laundered terrorist money in them and shamed Slovenia around the world.

While the government coalition support is plummeting and the anger of Slovenia’s citizens grows, the opposition parties, especially those from the centre-right are gaining momentum and support in the public polls. The protestors announced that they will continue the protests in other Slovenian cities until the real change comes to the country.

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The government continues to ignore the five year old Constitutional Court ruling

Every left-wing government since 2014, when the Constitutional court ruled that the current education law is discriminatory against publicly valid programs in private primary schools because they’re not being fully funded by the state, has been trying to find ways how to not implement the court ruling. Slovenian Democratic Party on the other hand has already submitted five versions of its draft law, which would fully comply with the ruling, just to be rejected by the left-wing parliamentary majority every time.

Left-wing governments have even tried to change the Constitution in order not to implement the ruling. Such change of the Constitution would in practice deepen the discrimination and further increase segregation of children due to ideological prejudice against private education and tendency to maintain state monopoly over education.

Šarec’s government continues with the practice of ignoring the rule of law and thus denying parents and children of equal opportunity of choice of schools and denying non-discriminatory financing of publicly validated programs in private primary schools.

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Is political party Nova Slovenija under Matej Tonin turning into a party of left-wing capital networks that lobby against foreign investments?

The unusual moves of Nova Slovenija do not seem to end. In the past, we have been accustomed to the fact that the General Secretary of Nova Slovenia Robert Ilc is emerging as the main connecting link between the party and some key representatives of Slovenian business networks. In recent days, the president of the party, Matej Tonin, has also appeared in the role of representing interests of business networks. The exposure of Matej Tonin in the latest attack on Serbian businessman Miodrag Kostić, who has already invested over 200m euros in Slovenia, is not surprising to some experts. Perhaps surprising is the fact that in his role as a lobbyist, he appears not only as party chairman, but as a senior political chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for the Supervision of Intelligence and Security Services.

After the establishment, Nova Slovenija was a distinctly anti-communist and therefore a staunch opponent of the Slovene Communist elite, gathered around the former President of Slovenia and the last President of the Slovenian Union of Communists, Milan Kučan. It has historically emerged as a party of Slovenian Christian Democrats, that is, those groups of Slovenian citizens who were among the most persecuted because of their strong Christian faith and values ​​under the former regime. However, since the change of party leadership and the resignation of the first president of N.Si, Andrei Bajuk from politics, it's clear that tectonic changes are happening in N.Si. The new generation of politicians who rose to the top of the party gradually transformed Nova Slovenija despite its modest election result, into an active supporter of certain capitalistic circles. Those circles, known as the "deep state", which, through their financial and personal connections, control the flow of money from state-owned enterprises and from state-funded investments. It is precisely against such networks that Nova Slovenija, as a Christian party of the “Slovenian spring”, is expected to actively fight. What is really happening in Nova Slovenija and whose party has it become?

Moving to the middle or to donations?

The transition to positions of the Slovenian capitalistic elite, which during the transition period was enriched by the exhaustion of state-owned companies and transactions with the state, did not happen overnight. The party has strongly fought to do everything in its power to lose the image of the right-wing party in the eyes of the public, as if it were something inappropriate, illegitimate, and as if being left-wing were a great value. Under Ljudmila Novak, the party already began to flounder against the left, which was also evident in the growing media sympathy and praise of both Novak and Tonin for their "constructive" opposition stance (or in other words: acting in accordance with the interests of the ruling elite). It was Matej Tonin who had granted the former president and the first Communist the right to a presidential pension allowance, which is now estimated at over 3,000 euros a month. The deputies of Nova Slovenija also supported the government's proposal for a law on access to archives, which made it impossible to investigate the past history and the functioning of UDBA. Such ideologically controversial decisions have been named by the N.Si as a "move to the middle". At the same time as "moving to the middle", controversial donations were started flowing in for various organisations registered by prominent members of the N.Si; grants for their operations were coming from state-owned companies. Particularly striking is the fact that the requests for donations were sent to state-owned companies directly by prominent members of Nova Slovenija.

Lobbying and exploiting N.Si for the interests of the deep state

In Slovenia, there is a clash happening for key positions that will decide on the strength of economic networks or will strengthen them even more. These include the announced sale of one of the last largest packages of debt from Slovenian companies, including the sale of a Slovenian subsidiary of the Austrian Heta, which is a bad bank of the former Hypo Bank. There are 551 million euros of debt of which 386 million euros are bad claims and 166 million euros are recoverable claims. They also own 110 million euros worth of real estate. Several interested parties are seeking to buy Heta, including the Czech APS Fund and Serbian businessman Miodrag Kostić. According to unofficial information, Kostić is expected to submit the highest bid: around 300 million euros. In Slovenia. through MK Group, Kostić already owns Gorenjska banka, Kempinski Palace Hotel in Portorož and Portorož Airport. Kostić is also mentioned as the most serious buyer of Heta, for which he must obtain the consent of the regulatory bodies in Slovenia.

APS purchased a bunch of bad claims from NLB customers in the Balkans several years ago, and together with Apollo (the NKBM owner) also purchased a larger portion of Heta in Serbia. It is important to note, that the notorious Borut Jamnik, one of the most influential people in Slovenia, who also built his network on Slovenian state assets and supervisory boards, sits on the NKBM's Supervisory Board. Jamnik's "octopus," as some call his business network, is rooted in politics and state-owned enterprises, and controls money flows from state-owned companies through media agencies and even political parties.

Jamnik was also very active at the time of the sale of Gorenjska Banka, or more precisely during an attempt to prevent the bank from being sold to the Serbian AIK Bank owned by Kostić's MK Group. When it became clear to the "network" that they could not stop Kostić and that the sales process at the end, he put Matej Tonin into the game. As part of the work of the Parliamentary Commission for the Supervision of Intelligence and Security Services, he noted that there was a "security risk" for Kostić's arrival in Slovenia, and even pointed out that the supervision of the competent authorities was ineffective. The interference of the high politician into the intended foreign investments is anything but normal, even if we know that the capital that controls NKMB, for which the already mentioned Borut Jamnik works in Slovenia, obviously fell out of the game when buying Heta. In the case of Heta, we can watch how a capital network uses a parliamentary party and its president to deal with a rival. Why Matej Tonin used his political function to exert direct media and political pressure on the regulatory bodies during one of the biggest packages of claims against Slovenian companies and what kind of payment is expected from this will soon be revealed.

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Stakeholders to continue debate on wolf management

Prime Minister Marjan Šarec hosted a meeting at which stakeholders discussed measures against wolf attacks on farm animals, agreeing that another meeting will be held in September to talk about the necessary changes in the system of management of large carnivores in Slovenia.

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Ignorant MEP Fajon Did Not Want to Wish a Merry Christmas to Catholics, While Having No Problem with Orthodox Christians! She Even Expressed the Greetings in the Serbian Language!

"I wish you warm, peaceful holidays and good luck"! Were the greetings the European Social Democrat MP Tanja Fajon sent to fellow citizens via Twitter on the holy evening of December 24th. This is how she greeted the Orthodox Christians on January 7th: "A peaceful and merry Christmas to all Orthodox people who are celebrating today in Slovenia and to many Balkan friends. Srećan Božić"! Notice the difference?

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The LPP Would Allow a Pig to Live, But Not a Child!

In the beginning of December, the Institute Živim ordered (and paid) the City Transport of Ljubljana (LPP) to put up posters on the city buses to promote the lives of children.

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Deputy Logar: Cerar, Erjavec and Židan All Gained Political Positions, Although They Robbed Taxpayers of € 400 Million with NLB Sale

“Taxpayers have spent 4 billion euros in the past 25 years for the recovery of the bank. We sold it for 600 million euros. Who is to blame for that? Five years ago, we threw 1,5 billion into the bank. However, we sold it for two and a half times less than we paid for its recovery from bad investments" said Deputy Dr Anže Logar at the extraordinary session of the National Assembly. Since they wanted power and influence in the NLB, Miro Cerar, Karl Erjavec and Dejan Židan, harmed taxpayers by as much as 400 million euros, Logar added. However, nobody was penalized. Moreover, everyone was rewarded with new positions.

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Government Implements Provisions of Marrakesh Declaration! They Plan to Set Up Security Equipped Reception and Registration Centers!

The Nova24TV’s Editorial Office obtained the minutes of the meeting (attached below) of some of the leading actors in the field of migration at the Ministry of the Interior, in which they agree on setting up reception and registration centers. The fact leaps out that they are aware how dangerous illegal migrants are; on the basis of previous experience, the reception and registration centers will be equipped with "antivandal" equipment in order to prevent the vandalism we witnessed during the previous two major migration waves. The state is thus engaged in the settlement of dangerous migrants, instead of planning to protect the border and citizens, thereby fulfilling the provisions enshrined in the Marrakesh Declaration.

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Double Standards of the Slovenian Un-Justice System: Will RTVS be Prosecuted Due to Instigation to Hate Speech and Calls to Violence Against SDS Party Members?

In Janez Janša’s sentence, the Celje court showed how little it cares about the established legal order, the law and the consequences of its decisions on the lives of individuals. Namely, if one plain tweet, in which you defend yourself against the attacks of journalists, is considered offensive, then any statement made by journalists about a group of people or individuals can be considered offensive as well.

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Unbelievable! State Abolishes Category of Nationality in the Name of Internationalism; Is There a Connection with the Foreigners Rushing to Apply for Permanent Residence in Ljubljana, for the Needs of Zoran Janković?

Among the skeletons from the cabinet of the previous government – obviously a continuing policy today – it is worth mentioning that in 2016 the Ministry of Public Administration, which was headed by Boris Koprivnikar, actually abolished the declaration on nationality. It is clearly another measure to impose a false "multiculturalism".

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Janez Janša on the Marrakesh Declaration: “Illegal Migrants Will be Able to Break Apart Family and Nation More Easily, this is Why this Document is Harmful”

The President of the SDS Party, Janez Janša, reacted to the Marrakesh Declaration: “The Marrakesh Declaration is a point of division at this moment. On one side are those who are aware of the reality of the moment, of the demographics in the Mediterranean basin and in general, and we are aware of the fact that this problem can only be solved at its source, especially in our case in Africa, where population growth rises annually. On the other side are those who see the import of as many migrants as possible from a foreign environment as a continuation of the project from the communist manifesto, where it is written that some sort of socialist non-class society can only be created after the breakdown of family, nation, religion, private property and private education. They changed their priorities a little now, but the degradation of family and nation remains on their agenda. They go by a different name now, but this is still a policy of cultural Marxism and to them the illegal immigrants are potential new voters and, having no roots, the illegal migrants will be able to break apart family and nation more easily, this is why this Document is harmful. ”

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The Speaker of the National Assembly Židan Receives New Assessment by the National Assembly’s Legal Service that Levica is Not an Opposition Party – Levica is a Cross-Party Coalition Party!

In response to the request for the list of speakers for the parliamentary questions, the Legal Service of the National Assembly confirmed that the extreme left Levica Party is not an opposition party. Nor is it a coalition party. What is Levica’s status in the Slovenian Parliament? The role of Levica is so unorthodox and outside of all the frameworks of legal imagination that we can only call it a cross-party coalition party, since they had to change the rules to accommodate its position.

Manipulative Surveys by Dnevnik and Večer Newspapers are Created by Ninamedia, with which Janković’s Public Companies Signed Contracts for Enormous Amounts!

The newspapers Dnevnik and Večer published yesterday – just a week before the local elections – a survey by Ninamedia, which is supposed to measure the public pulse in the capital of Slovenia.

This survey supposedly measured a great advantage of the current mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, ahead of the investigator Dr Anže Logar, and predicts his victory in the first round. According to the publicly available data, the municipal public companies controlled by Janković are doing business with Ninamedia. Among the biggest sponsors are the Municipality of Ljubljana (MOL), the Ljubljana Public Holding, the Energetika Ljubljana, the Pharmacy Ljubljana, Žale (Ljubljana’s cemetary), Sport Ljubljana, Vodovod-Kanalizacija (Ljubljana’s water supply and sewage system), and others. The value of the business exceeds one million euros from a total of EUR 2,765,618.55 that the other survey agency, Mediana, has made with the state!

The Ninamedia agency, known for its creation of, not the measurement of, public opinion, prepared a poll for newspaper Dnevnik one week ago, in which Zoran Janković is the winner of the local elections in the first round. This is a first-rate manipulation with which they want to lull the electorate of the most serious counter-candidate Dr Anže Logar and to prevent the fiasco of the current mayor, whose support has been steadily falling since the first elections he took part of, in 2006. In comparison to his first election, he has lost almost 50% of the electorate by the last elections.

Ninamedia published a poll two weeks ago that we found out was done unprofessionally, on a sample of only 369 respondents. This time, after reviewing publicly available data, we came to the conclusion why the agency so fervently favors Zoran Janković. Erar’s data reveal transactions with the state and taxpayer money, which show that public companies and institutions founded by the City of Ljubljana are financing Ninamedia. In total, with about 1,200,000 euros, representing as much as 30% of the total revenue of the agency. This information was presented by Janković’s challenger Anže Logar two days ago within his campaign.

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63 Prominent Ljubljana Citizens Sign Letter of Support for Dr Anže Logar for His Mayor Candidacy!

“There are moments in life when it does not matter whether you speak up or not. There are times when it is smarter to keep quiet. But there are also moments when you simply have to speak up. These moments are right now, before the mayoral elections in Ljubljana,” the 63 famous citizens of Ljubljana wrote in the letter. Among them are prominent academics and representatives of civil society. They wish to communicate that the work of the current mayor Zoran Janković is unacceptable to their value system and that there is an alternative, represented by Dr Anže Logar. “We have a candidate who has already proven, in his previous work, that he is not afraid of the challenges, of fulfilling what he has set for himself, and above all, that he has high moral integrity and is able to search for the common denominator among the people with different political beliefs.”

The 63 prominent Slovenians, with the first-signed economist and researcher of archives Rado Pezdir, sent a letter of support to Dr Anže Logar for his candidacy for mayor of Ljubljana. They wrote that there are moments in life when there is a need to speak up and be heard and that these moments are right now, before the mayoral elections in Ljubljana. They also believe that more often than not, we surrender to the ‘comfort’ of the generally held belief that everything is already decided in advance in Slovenia. “These catchwords are repeated by those who benefit from them. Therefore, such thinking enables them to maintain the status quo,” they wrote.

Dr Logar’s supporters, among which are renowned names from politics, the legal system, diplomacy, culture and other disciplines, believe that if you do not do anything, you probably cannot expect a good result. They therefore emphasize that this time they will not choose the option of doing nothing, but they will speak up. Among the signatures is even the grandmother of the best Slovenian basketball player Luka Dončić, Milena Poterbin.

It is Not True that There is No Alternative and Everything is Already Decided – there is A Candidate with High Moral Integrity
The signatories of the letter of support are admonishing the citizens of Ljubljana that at these local elections they have the opportunity to vote this candidate and to send “the message that it is not all decided in advance. It is not true that there is no alternative. There is not a destined one who will continue to force onto the majority of the city his method of work, imposing that which is unacceptable to our value system. The many controversial acts tell the people of Ljubljana that we can no longer look the other way. “

“We have a candidate who has already proven, in his previous work, that he is not afraid of the challenges, of fulfilling what he has set for himself, and above all, that he has high moral integrity and that he is able to search for the common denominator among the people with different political beliefs. This is very important for Ljubljana at the moment. “

They emphasize, at the same time, the saying that we should not regret the things that we have done, but those that we did not, which will prevail in these elections. “The signatories of this letter therefore will not regret our appeal to the public. We will not regret not having spoken and we will not regret that we did not vote for this or that reason,” they wrote, adding that they will happily cast their vote for Dr Anže Logar.

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