EU Border Agency Warns of Mass Migration to Greece

Brussels’ border agency Frontex has warned EU leaders of a large surge of migrants heading to Greece, according to a leaked report released on Monday by German media.

The Frontex report, which was delivered to EU officials over the weekend, expected “mass migration flows” to Greece after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened the gates for all asylum seekers last week.

So far just 60 Frontex border agents have been deployed to the Greek border with Turkey, where it has been estimated that tens of thousands of migrants have arrived in recent days.

The agency report, which was obtained by Die Welt, states that it will be “difficult to stop the massive flow of people who have travelled” and partially blamed social media for the surge in arrivals at the border.

Frontex added that the European Union has three options to deal with the new wave of migrants. 





Sweden: Almost Half of Those in Debt to Govt Are Migration-Origin Men

According to University of Lund researcher Davor Vuleta, young migrant-background men are heavily overrepresented among those who owe money to Sweden’s government debt collection agency.

Mr Vuleta said that his doctoral forensic sociology research, which looks at people who have debts registered with Sweden’s government debt collection agency Kronofogden, has revealed that young migration-background men aged 18 to 25 account for 47 per cent of debtors, SVT reports

Two-thirds of these men are said to have both low education levels and low rates of personal income as well.

Vuleta explained that the data reveals signs that the young men are becoming segregated from the rest of Swedish society, saying, “If you live in segregated areas, you are more likely to end up in social exclusion, which in turn can lead to financial exclusion.”





6 Nigerian migrants convicted in gang rape case in Italy

Six Nigerian migrants have been convicted of gang raping a 25-year-old woman at the CARA asylum center in the southern Italian city of Bari in 2017.

Olatunde Opaleye, 38 Uche Oliver, 22, Henry Sule, 26, Semiu Oguntade, 22, Emmanuel Ohenhen, 23, and Otaniyen Sunday, 35, were all handed prison terms ranging from five to nine years by an Italian court earlier this month, ANSA news reports.

Bari police officers who conducted investigations alongside prosecutors say the 25-year-old victim was raped and trafficked while she was still in Libya and then again once she made it to Italy, where the perpetrators threated to kill her if she didn’t follow their commands.

Some of the defendants in the case are said to be among the 32 suspects who are believed by investigators to be part of a Nigerian mafia clan that operated out of the CARA asylum center in Bari.

The group is said to have trafficked in illegal prostitution.