Greek citizens start protesting against migratory flows via the land borders into Thessaloniki

A large increase in the numbers of incoming migrants has been observed during 2018, Greek news outlet Voice of Europe reports.

Statistics of the Hellenic Police of Thessaloniki say that in August 1,138 migrants and refugees were identified while 1,157 were found in Evros during the same month.

The number of migrants in Thessaloniki reached the same level from last April, when the biggest migratory wave of the past years had been recorded at the Greek-Turkish land borders.

According to Protothema, the cost of illegals crossing the border is 2000 euros per migrant, as human traffickers have managed to find ways to penetrate police blockades.

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Anti-Macron conservative calls for Europe ports ‘BLOCKADE’ to stop migrant flow

European Union should close its doors to migrants and refugees, Conservative senator Bruno Retailleau said as the vocal critic of French President Emmanuel Macron also claimed Brussels could not house all the misery in the world, Express reported.

Mr Retailleau, a senior member of France’s right-wing Les Républicains party, told Europe 1 radio: “We must act with more firmness. Because Europe cannot absorb all the misery in the world.”

He then called for a “blockade of the Mediterranean” to stem migrant flows to frontline EU states.

Mr Retailleau added that Europe needs a “three-tiered” system to protect itself against illegal immigration as he urged EU leaders to step up efforts to prevent migrants and refugees from crossing the Mediterranean,

He also called for Brussels to reinforce security at the EU’s external and internal borders.

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“Viktor Orban was the only one doing the right thing during the migrant crisis”

The debate about Judith Sargentini’s report on the situation in Hungary was scary because everyone was bashing Viktor Orban, when he was the only head of government who did the right thing during the migration crisis, FPÖ MEP Georg Mayer told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap.

According to Mayer, EPP group leader Manfred Weber voted yes because he wants to become the president of the European Commission and for that, he needs the support of the left-wing and liberal parties too.

The MEP said that “the wing is changing”, eurosceptic and anti-migration forces can form a much more powerful group in the EP than before, so Weber is probably betting on the wrong force.


Czech EPP MEP Tomas Zdechovsky told Magyar Hirlap that Sargentini’s report is the result of a non-neutral investigation, which was aimed against Hungary since the beginning. He stressed that this criticism will only make Viktor Orban stronger, and his opposition weaker.