UK Population Set to Hit 70m in Just over a Decade, Three-Quarters Driven by Migration

By mid-2028, the population of the UK is set to increase by three million to 69.4 million, primarily driven by immigration.

According to projections published on Monday by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 73 per cent of the growth is predicted to be due to the net international immigration of 2.2 million people.

Less than one-third, 27 per cent, of the increase will be due to natural population growth (more births than deaths).

The ONS also predicts that the population will pass the 70 million mark by mid-2031.

However, The Times noted that the 70 million mark could be hit far sooner. Based on a higher projection offered by the ONS, where net migration runs at around 290,000 a year, that level could be reached in the next eight or nine years.





Sweden: Anti-Mass Migration MP Considers Moving After Second Vandalism Attack

Swedish Moderate Party MP Hanif Bali, an outspoken critic of mass migration, said he might have to move house after his car was vandalised for the second time this year.

Mr Bali noticed the damage to his vehicle on Wednesday evening as he was about to take his mother home following a family dinner.

He said that the car’s tyres were slashed and the paint scratched off the body, Swedish newspaper Expressen reports.

“I had had dinner with my mum. Then I parked the car at home to leave some stuff. After 30 minutes, I went down to drive my mum home, and then I see that the paint is torn and that there are holes in the tyres, ”

he said, noting that the attack was the same as a previous incident earlier this year.




Stone-Throwing, No-Go Zones & Rape: Sweden Starts Looking at Migration With New Eyes

Problems stemming from Sweden’s openness towards asylum-seekers are, at long last, getting the attention of the country’s mainstream media.

Sweden-based academics Bilyana Martinovski and Anders Hellström explain why the press is finally paying attention.

On 19 September, journalists from the Swedish national public television broadcaster Sveriges Television AB (SVT) were attacked with stones while reporting on the building of an Islamic Centre in the Stenhagen district of Uppsala, known for its considerable migrant population.

The Swedish police immediately launched an investigation into the attempted assault and injury.

It is not the first stone-throwing incident to have occurred in the Stenhagen neighbourhood, as controversy over the construction of an Islamic Centre next to St. Mary’s Church in the district has been going on for the last six years.