UK Government to put Tommy Robinson on trial again

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The government is alleging that Tommy prejudiced a Muslim paedophile rape gang trial by filming outside the courthouse in May. As in, they claim that Tommy could have wrecked the case, and set those accused rapists free. But that’s a lie, he didn’t prejudice the trial, the trial concluded successfully. That’s not a matter of opinion, it’s a fact, BNI reports.

So, now they are trying to put Tommy away again and the trial is happening on Thursday, September 27th at the Old Bailey central criminal courts. The charge against him is ‘contempt of court’ which is not a crime, and until now, always results in just a fine. They’re putting him on trial in a court usually reserved for murderers and the like. 


70,000 illegal migrants remain in Britain every single year

Brits want a tougher approach on UK borders. They want legal migration reduced by hundreds of thousands and want illegal migration stopped.

study released today by Migrant Watch UK asserts that the annual number of illegal migrants in Britain is 105,000. However, only one-third of those are removed. This means that there is an annual rise of around 70,000 illegal immigrants in Britain.

The figures from the Home Office reveal that the year ending June 2018 only 45 per cent of those leaving detention were returned from the UK, whilst the majority, 55 per cent, were bailed or granted leave to remain in the country. And those in detention from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, only 22 to 28 per cent were returned to their home countries.

Migration Watch UK’s chairman, Lord Green, has stated:

“The scale of illegal immigration to Britain is a scandal that has gone on for too long. It undermines public acceptance of genuine refugees and is damaging to community relations generally.

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