Syrian refugee who sexually assaulted 10 women in Germany acts like a baby when brought to justice

  • Written by  Demokracija (source:
Rami A. carried into court - Photo: TAG24 Rami A. carried into court - Photo: TAG24

A Syrian refugee, who has been accused of sexually assaulting at least ten women in Germany, refused to go to court TAG24 reports. The man had to be dragged like a baby into the courtroom.


The 33-year-old Syrian Rami A. allegedly committed at least ten sex crimes In Dresden, which took place between 8 March and 3 June this year.

In spring, the refugee caused a stir, especially in the Hechtviertel area in Dresden. Again and again the Syrian attacked women in the evenings. He groped, kissed and rubbed up against them.


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