Algerian Migrant Arrested After Breaking into Woman’s Home to Rape Her

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Breitbart
(Photo by Instagram) (Photo by Instagram)

 A 28-year-old Algerian migrant was arrested in the Swiss municipality of Holderbank this week after attempting to rape a woman after breaking into her home.

The incident saw the Algerian asylum seeker break into the woman’s home as she was sleeping and attempt to rape her while laying on top of her and holding her mouth and nose closed with his hand, 20 Minutes reports.

The victim was able to wrestle herself free of the asylum seeker and flee to a neighbour’s home where she rang the doorbell — only to be attacked and punched in the face by the pursuing migrant, who broke the nose of his victim before running away.

At around 3 a.m. the woman was able to contact local police who were able to locate the would-be rapist hiding in a nearby bush relatively quickly. 



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