Turkey: Migrants Will Return to Border After Coronavirus Outbreak Ends

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has announced that after the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak ends, his government will not stop migrants from travelling to the Greek border.

Interior Minister Soyilu said that the government had evacuated an estimated 5,800 migrants from the border area and transported them to nine different Turkish provinces where they will be held in deportation centres until the outbreak ends.

“It was a precautionary move. We had to do it. But no one has yet to feel comfortable with it,” Soyilu said.

According to a report from the Greek newspaper Proto Thema, Soyilu added: “When the coronavirus pandemic is over, we are not going to deter any immigrants who want to return to the Greek-Turkish border in Pazar.”

George Koumoutsakos, the deputy Foreign Minister of Greece, criticised the Turkish minister, saying: “Yesterday’s statements by Soyilu respond to those who still had the slightest doubt that the events in Evros were an aggressive plan to brutally blackmail Greece and Europe with a ‘weapon’ of migrant exploitation.”


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Belgium: Migrants resist, spit on police as they reject coronavirus measures

Immigrants in Belgium aren’t very happy with the measures imposed to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and they’re taking their frustrations out on the police.

Officers have been charged with making people aware of the new social distancing proscriptions.

On Friday evening in Schaerbeek, Brussels, police spotted a group of four young “ethnic minorities” who were not abiding by the regulation.

They stopped the youngsters to remind them of the new rules and asked for their identity papers, according to a report at SCEPTR.

The immigrants didn’t like this, and one of them began calling for others on the street to protest the “police brutality.” In response, more and more immigrants came and surrounded the officers, who called for backup out of concern that the situation was getting out of hand.




French Official Says Quarantine Should Not Be Enforced In Migrant Areas To Avoid Riots

A top government official in France has admitted that draconian lockdown measures being imposed on the rest of the population shouldn’t be implemented in the country’s migrant-heavy ghettos in order to prevent riots.

In a letter leaked to magazine Le Canard Enchaine, French Secretary of State to the Ministry of the Interior Laurent Nunez advises, “It is not a priority to enforce closings in certain neighborhoods and to stop gatherings.”

In a separate video conference call, Nunez told other officials that restricting movement and shutting down shops in France’s infamous banlieues risks igniting violent social disorder if enforced too rigorously.

A regional defense zone prefect who was in on the call agreed that businesses that had been closed down in other areas of France should remain open in poorer neighborhoods in order to help with “social mediation.” 




Germany: Migrants and asylum seekers aren’t respecting lockdown measures to combat virus

Migrants and asylum seekers living in Germany seem to think that the lockdown measures that have been put in place to stem the spread of coronavirus simply do not apply to them.

The mayors of Schneeberg and Zschorlau – both small towns in the German federal state of Saxony – have sought help from the state’s Ministry of the Interior for help because asylum seekers living at a local asylum center have not been adhering to the measures put in place to stop the spread of the virus, Bild reports.

The Schneeberg mayor reported that large groups of asylum seekers living at the Schneeberg Asylum Home were seen leaving the living facility in large groups without having a good reason to do so.

The mayor added that the asylum seekers seem to believe that the lockdown measures announced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel this week do not apply to them.

When asked about their behavior, some of the asylum seekers are said to have reacted aggressively.




Bosnia Herzegovina: Bosnian Serbs protest new migrant camp

Political representatives of the Federation’s Bosnian Serb community have called on the authorities of the Una-Sana Canton not to build a camp for migrants on the basis that the mostly Muslim immigrants will pose a threat to them.

There is already a migrant center in the Federation near Bihac, the largest town in Una-Sana, but approximately 3,000 migrants are currently without accommodations.

The authorities want to expedite the building of a new tent camp for them due to fears about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), according to a report at Balkan Insight.

The proposed camp would be constructed near the village of Lipa, where ethnic Serbs who returned following the Bosnian War in the 1990s reside.

It’s possible that the camp could be set up within the next few days, once tents and basic utilities are provided.




Norway: Muslim migrant sets fire to two churches in revenge for alleged Qur’an-burning by Norwegian

“He has stated as a reason for his actions that he was angry and cursed because a Norwegian man had set fire to the Koran, without the police having done anything about it.”

Of course the police did nothing about it, because Norway is not a Sharia state, not yet anyway, and the burning of any book, while a despicable and stupid act, is not illegal.

This migrant assumes that Norway should be, and should now become, a Sharia state.

Norwegian authorities are likely to comply.

“Those charged with the church fire ‘were angry and cursed because a Norwegian man set fire to the Qur’an,'” translated from “Siktede for kirkebrannen ‘var sint og forbannet fordi en norsk mann har satt fyr på Koranen,” by Øyvind Thuestad




Germany Closes Border to Europeans, But Migrants Still Allowed In

Germany has closed its border to visitors from Europe due to coronavirus, but migrants claiming asylum from the Middle East and Africa are still allowed to enter the country.

Aside from exemptions for people from France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland who are providing essential services, German authorities closed the country’s border to all foreign citizens last week.

However, according to the German Ministry of the Interior, so-called “asylum seekers,” a catch-all term that basically describes economic migrants fleeing from the Middle East and Africa, are still welcome.

“At Germany’s EU external borders [airports and seaports], there has been no change in the [asylum] procedure,” a representative of the Ministry of the Interior told Junge Freiheit.

This means that Europeans who previously had a right to enter Germany are being treated as second class citizens compared to migrants from the third world, who merely have to utter the word “asylum” to enter Germany and have their case heard, even in the midst of a deadly global pandemic. 




UK: Kurdish migrant admits to plotting terror attacks against Germany

Fatah Mohammed Abdullah, a Kurdish refugee, pleaded guilty at Liverpool Crown Court after armed police found 8,000 matches, chemicals and a detonator in his flat in Newcastle, Northern England the Daily Mail reports.

Abdullah arrived in the UK on the back of a lorry back in 2005 and was allowed to remain in the country in 2010.

The man had serious mental health issues including “voices in his head” but was capable of producing his own Islamist literature.

Police found scribbled notes declaring support for ISIS in his flat as well as the bomb-making materials.

Digital evidence on Abdullah’s phone showed searches for the use and manufacture of gunpowder.




Afghanistan refuses to accept deported migrants from Europe amidst coronavirus fears

Claiming that it is a measure to combat the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Afghanistan has declared that it will no longer accept Afghans who are deported from Sweden. It is asking all other European countries to suspend deportations as well.

The Swedish police announced on their website that deportations of Afghans will have to cease due to the Afghan government’s decision, according to a report by Fria Tider.

They also announced that deportations are becoming more challenging as the number of available international flights are rapidly decreasing as a result of quarantine measures.

Negotiations with the Afghans are continuing regarding when deportations may resume. However, in the meantime, Sweden may be forced to consider releasing detained Afghan migrants back into the public.

“Afghanistan’s decision means that the [Swedish] police will have to reconsider whether there is still legislative support to keep returnees in custody,” the Swedish police’s statement read. “If there is no longer any legislative justification, this may result in the release of some detainees who are now in custody.”




Migrants locked down in Greece and Serbia as coronavirus prevention measure

Migrants and asylum-seekers being held at detention centers in Greece and Serbia are being placed under lockdown as a coronavirus prevention measure.

Greece has declared that no visitors, including representatives of organizations, will be allowed into their migrant centers on the Greek islands for at least two weeks, according to a report at the Ekathimerini news site.

Also, all activities in the centers have been cancelled, and their facilities, including schools and gyms, will be shut down. Residents are being “discouraged” from going outside the centers, and even from moving within them more than is necessary. 

New arrivals are all being checked for COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection. Those who test positive are placed in quarantine.

Medecins Sans Frontieres, a charity which supports migrants, requested the government to transfer all migrants in the camps to the Greek mainland due to the high risk of the coronavirus spreading within the centers as a consequence of inadequate facilities.




Italy: Migrants in Naples Ignore Coronavirus Quarantine

A video out of Naples, Italy shows migrants roaming around the streets, ignoring the coronavirus quarantine and putting other people’s lives at risk.

The entire country of Italy is currently on lock down with citizens only allowed to venture out for groceries and medical supplies.

“Only supermarkets and pharmacies windows are open. Only one person from each household can go on a shopping run. Police write tickets for people who are out wandering,” reports CNN.

However, video footage shows migrants in Naples completely ignoring those orders as they mill around and bicker with each other.


Greek Invasion: Ship with nearly 200 illegal migrants runs aground on Greek island

A cargo ship carrying 193 illegal migrant invaders from Turkey ran aground in rough weather conditions not far from the port of the Cycladic island of Kea (Tzia), near Athens, early Monday morning, according to the Greek coast guard.

The ship began its journey from the Turkish port of Canakkale and is said to have planned to head for Italy when rough weather conditions in the maritime area forced it to run aground on the Greek island, the Greek City Times reports.

According to the Greek coast guard, all illegal migrants were able to disembark from the cargo tanker after it hit the outside of the breakwater at the port amid gale-force winds and rough seas.

Authorities say that three human traffickers were discovered among the illegal migrants and that the illegal migrants were being housed at a local hotel.

The vast majority of migrants – most of whom are fighting-age men – make their way to Greece’s eastern Aegean islands from their nearby Turkish coast by way of inflatable dinghies. Although not unprecedented, cargo ships or tankers are generally not used to smuggle illegal migrants to Greece.




Greek government erects 1.5-meter tall concrete blocks at its border to defend Europe from fighting-aged migrant invaders

The Greek government erected 1.5-meter tall concrete blocks in the Kastanies region of its border with Turkey on Friday.

This was done to defend Europe from an invasion of tens of thousands of hostile, fighting-age male migrants who are trying to breach its borders.

For weeks now, Greek border guards have, among other things, been forced to fire tear gas canisters to fend off the invaders who relentlessly continue in their attempts to breach the barriers which separate Turkey and Greece, Anadolu Agency reports.

Since Turkish regime leader Recep Erdogan made good on his promise to “open the gates” and flood Europe with migrants, clashes between migrants – most of whom are fighting-age men – and Greek security forces have become increasingly frequent and violent. 

As Voice of Europe has chronicled, clashes between the migrants and Greek security forces reached a new level of intensity last Wednesday when fighting-age migrant men attacked Greek officers during the night with incendiary Molotov cocktails, which set fire to the border fence in the Evros region.




Greece: Migrants attack border police with firebombs, Turkish police help

The clashes between migrants and the Greek police, which have been occurring frequently since Turkey began allowing migrants to cross its territory at the end of February, reached a new intensity on Wednesday.

Migrants again attacked Greek officers during the night, but this time used incendiary Molotov cocktails, which set fire to the border fence in the Evros region, according to a report by Remix News.

Local media reports indicate that the migrants’ attacks were being supported by the Turkish security forces, and that in addition to using firebombs, the migrants employed tear gas which they had obtained from the Turks.

They used this in an attempt to distract law enforcement while they pulled down the fence.

Greek forces responded with tear gas of their own.




Video: Greek Farmer on Tractor Uses Water Cannon to Repel Migrants

Video out of Greece shows a farmer on a tractor using a water cannon to repel migrants who are trying to break through the border.

Migrants are attempting to set fires under metal border fencing so they can weaken it.

However, as part of the wider people’s revolt against yet another incursion on the border, one Greek farmer fought back by dousing the migrants with water, driving the migrants away from the fence.

The water also wets the ground, making it harder for migrants to start fires.




Coronavirus spreads to Greek island of Lesbos – just ten miles from where 27,000 migrants live in squalor in refugee camp

The coronavirus has spread to the Greek island of Lesbos - just 10 miles away from 27,000 migrants living in squalor at a refugee camp. 

An unidentified 40-year-old woman has been diagnosed with the killer disease, the island's first case, after having recently travelled to Israel and Egypt. 

She was placed in quarantine on Sunday, the public ERT television reported. 

Greek authorities have expressed concern over the possibility of the virus spreading on islands such as Lesbos, where thousands of migrants are crammed in overcrowded camps or living rough.  

A school, attended by the woman's two children in Plomari, was closed amid fears of an outbreak. 




Turkey on Migrant Wave: European Govts Will Fall, Stock Markets Will Collapse

The Turkish president’s Minister of the Interior, Süleyman Soylu, has predicted that mass migration across the Greek border will change Europe’s governments, bring down their economies, and collapse the stock market.

“In a certain period [of time], the number [of migrants crossing the border] will reach one million,” Soylu predicted in an appearance on the Tarafsız Bölge programme on CNN Türk

“Europe cannot endure this, cannot handle this. This is not the first time I am talking about it.

“The governments in Europe will change, their economies will deteriorate, their stock markets will collapse,” he boasted.

“They are not aware of this. Let them do whatever they want to do.”




Greek police launch tear gas at migrants as turkish officers fire back

Thousands are trying to get into Europe and vigilante gangs are plotting to send them home.

Greek police have launched tear gas at migrants as Turkish officers fired back at the border crossing where thousands are trying to get into Europe and vigilante groups are plotting to send them home. 

More clashes erupted Saturday between Greek police and Europe-bound migrants gathered on the Turkey side of a border crossing near the Greek village of Kastanies.

Like previous confrontations this week, officers in Greece fired tear gas to impede the crowd and Turkish police fired tear gas back at their Greek counterparts.

Journalists saw groups of mostly young men trying to pull down a fence with ropes and throwing rocks at the Greek border forces. At least two migrants were injured.




Sweden Dems leader visits Greek-Turkish border and tells the migrants: DO NOT come to Sweden

Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the national populist Sweden Democrats – currently the largest party in Sweden – recently traveled to the Greek-Turkish border with a message to the migrants: Do not come to Sweden.

Åkesson traveled to the Turkish-Greek border area of Edirne, together with Mikael Eriksson, another top Sweden Democrat, Nyheter Idag reports.

Åkesson and Eriksson handed out flyers to many of the migrants gathered at the border.

The flyer, written in English, reads: “Sweden is full. Don’t come to us! We can’t give you more money or provide any housing. Sorry about this message.”

The flyer is signed Swedish people and the Sweden Democrats. A reporter from Swedish newspaper Expressen asks Jimmie: “Can you speak for the entire Swedish people?” 




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