Shocking! Two Migrants with Knives Threaten High School Student and Shopkeeper Who Prevents Theft

It seems that the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in the western region, is becoming more and more aggravated. The migrants apparently no longer know any boundaries and threaten the citizens. In a new incident, threats to a student and a salesman go on record.

According to the portal Bišč, new migrants who were previously housed in Sarajevo arrived from Bihać by train last night. Although the residents at first looked forward to the reopening of the line linking Bihać with the center of the country, nobody expected that this route would cause enormous problems to the citizens of Bihać, since most migrants come to the city through it.

According to unofficial estimates, more than thirty migrants arrived in Bihać last night only, which means more than thirty new problems. Namely, in the last 48 hours, two threats with cold weapons were recorded in Bihać. The migrants threatened the salesman simply because she prevented the theft. They also threatened a student. The migrants were even said to be roaming around one of the primary schools and then "wandered" into a family house. What they did there is not known. Many are asking how long this situation is going to last. After the conflicts among the migrants themselves, the citizens are now becoming targets. Only time will tell how patient the inhabitants of Bihać really are.

Bihać is supposedly only a temporary station for migrants, who then continue their journey towards Slovenia. Soon the "brave men" with knives could enter into Slovenian territory.

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One European search portal to combine all security databases

Should police and border guards be able to quickly find what they need on escaped criminals in a one-stop-shop portal connecting data from all EU security and border control information systems? This is what the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee will vote on today. Once approved, two pieces of legislation plugging the gaps between information databases will improve security and migration management around the EU.

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Sharia4Belgium — In Your Face

In the following video, members of the ISLAM Party in Belgium make no bones about their goals for the country: they want full sharia, The Gates of Vienna reports.

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Gambian who attacked police risks expulsion

A Gambian migrant who attacked police at a migrant centre in Foggia risks expulsion under the new Salvini migrant and security decree, the interior ministry said Tuesday, reports Ansa.

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