All EU Members Must Take in Migrants

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has unveiled a new plan to reform the European asylum system.

A draft of the proposal leaked to the media shows that all member states of the European Union would be required to take in illegal migrants.

Countries in Central and Eastern Europe are opposed to mandatory relocations on the basis that decisions about the granting of residence permits should be kept at the national level.

They have noted that by unilaterally imposing migrant quotas on EU member states, unelected bureaucrats in Brussels are seeking to force the democratically elected leaders of Europe to submit to their diktat.

Indeed, the continuing debate over migration is, at its core, about European federalism and the degree to which the European Union will be allowed to usurp decision-making powers from its 28 member states.




Let's open churches to refugees says Vatican

Almoner makes appeal as he arrives with refugees from Lesbos.

Vatican City, December 4 - Pope Francis's Almoner, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, called for Catholic churches to be opened to refugees as he arrived in Italy on Wednesday with a group of 33 asylum seekers who were on the Greek island of Lesbos.

The refugees will be hosted by the Holy See, through its Almoner's Office, and the Comunità di Sant'Egidio Catholic pro-migrant and diplomatic community.

"Starting with me, let's open our rectories, our convents, our monasteries to at least one family each from the Lesbos refugee camps so that we can empty them all,

" Krajewski said. "I have seen terrible situations in the camps on the island of Lesbos. 





Channel migrants: Two boats carrying 13 people stopped

Two boats carrying 13 migrants have been intercepted in the Channel, the Home Office has confirmed.

The boats, spotted at about 08:00 and 09:00 GMT, were stopped by Border Force vessels and all those on board were taken to Dover, Kent.

The first boat was carrying eight men who said they were Iranian and the second had five men, four of whom said they were Iranian and one Albanian.

One was later found to be a child and will be cared for by social services.

All were medically assessed and interviewed by immigration officials.




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German rescue ship asks Italy to take in migrants

A German charity on Monday said its rescue ship was heading to Italian shores with 69 migrants on board, hoping they will be allowed to disembark.

The ship, the Alan Kurdi, is named after the Syrian child whose drowning in the Mediterranean in 2015 brought global attention to the migrant crisis.

The Sea-Eye charity said the ship had been unable to contact the Maltese coast guard for help and was therefore now directed towards Italy. 

"We are horrified at the irresponsible behaviour of European sea rescue services," Sea-Eye spokesman Julian Pahlke told AFP, saying they had fallen short of their "duty to co-ordinate search and rescue".




Syrian Migrants Dead After People-Smuggler Crashes Vehicle

Two Syrians have died as a result of a collision in Slovenia, in which a people-smuggler lost control of a vehicle containing a total of eight illegal migrants.

The accident occurred on a motorway between the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana and Italy, according to police, who say that a third passenger, hidden in the trunk of the vehicle, was also injured, AFP reports.

Investigators identified the driver of the vehicle as a 42-tear-old Bosnian national who had entered Slovenia via Croatia.

The Bosnian border with Croatia has become a hotspot for attempted crossings by illegal migrants and asylum seekers in recent months.

Earlier this week, a migrant attempting to cross into Croatia was shot by border police after resisting officers and slightly wounded.




25 migrants injured when truck overturns in North Macedonia

Police in North Macedonia say they have found 25 injured migrants, including seven minors, in an overturned truck in the country’s northeast.

Police said 15 Afghans, nine Pakistanis and one Iraqi were found on a local road early Wednesday and were transferred to a hospital in the northern town of Kumanovo. 

A hospital official told The Associated Press that one migrant with serious spine injures was transferred to the general hospital in the capital, Skopje. Others sustained minor injuries and were released.

Police believe the group entered the country illegally from Greece.

They will be transferred to the migrant center in the southern town of Gevgelija.




People-smuggling gang busted in Athens, ID´s of members released.

Announcement on the release of IDs and photographs of members of a criminal group committing robberies and theft in downtown Athens.

Police in Attica announced on Monday that they had unraveled a gang that had been trafficking undocumented migrants whom they provided with stolen or forged travel documents so that they could leave Greece either through airports or over land borders.

The gang also supplied migrants with residence permits and driving licenses. 

Three undocumented migrants were also arrested during the same raid.

Identity and photographs of thirty-five (35) foreigners, members of a criminal group committing robberies and thefts in downtown Athens, were released to the Public Prosecutor’s Office following a relevant Order of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Athens.



Belgium: Trucker attacked by gang of African migrant men with machetes

A gang of at least twelve migrant men attacked a truck driver with machetes, spears, and metal roads while he slept at an E40 motorway parking lot in Walshoutem, Belgium.

The Romanian truck driver told police that he was fast asleep inside of his vehicle parked at a rest stop along the E40 motorway when he was woken up by “rustling” noises coming from his trailer.

After he peaked outside to investigate, a dozen African migrants forced him to flee back inside of his vehicle after they attacked him with weapons, Belgian newspaper SCEPTR reports.

“They attacked him with spears, rods, and machetes,” police said. 

Despite the violent nature of the situation, police could only send one patrol unit due to shortages in available personnel.




Paris: Feminists Attack Other Protesters For Highlighting Study Showing 52% of Male Rapists Are Migrants

A group of young women highlighting a government study which showed 52 per cent of Parisian rape suspects were foreign nationals were attacked and labeled “fascists” by feminists during a protest in Paris.

Two of the young women’s signs read, “52% of the rapists are foreigners” and “Cologne, Rotherham soon Panam (French slang for Paris).”

The feminists assaulted the women, stole their signs, ripped them up and then chanted, “Feminists, not fascists” and “fascists out,” as the young women were physically intimidated and forced to leave.

“Reminder: we came to this demonstration to denounce the violence against women, and to say aloud what everyone thinks on the profile of the usual attackers …

but #NousToutes do not accept all women,” declared Nemesis Nemesis, the group behind the protest.



Somali Migrant Attacks Swiss Bus Driver, Attempts to Hijack the Vehicle

Police arrested an intoxicated Somali migrant in St. Gallen, Switzerland, after he attacked a female bus driver and attempted to steal her vehicle.

The 29-year-old Somali was reportedly arguing with another individual at the bus stop, and the altercation continued after both had boarded.

Police said that the bus driver attempted to calm the two men, leading to the attack by the Somalian migrant.

According to Swiss newspaper Blick, the migrant slapped the driver in the face before biting her.

The Somalian attempted to hijack the bus with all of the passengers on board but was prevented when the bus driver took the keys away from the intoxicated man.




Cyprus rescues 120 Syrian migrants

Nicosia (AFP) - Cyprus authorities have rescued 120 Syrian migrants from a boat adrift off the island's southeastern coast, police said on Thursday.

They brought the Syrians ashore in the Cape Greco region after their vessel was sighted six nautical miles (11 km) off the east Mediterranean island.

The boat was spotted on Wednesday and the migrants –- including 20 children, 14 of them unaccompanied minors, and three women -- were taken to a reception centre outside the capital Nicosia.

The migrants told police they had crossed the Syria-Turkey border and the boat sailed from Mersin in Turkey, a route previously used by people smugglers.

Those on board said they had paid $4,000 each for the journey to the smugglers, who managed to get away.




Over 1,350 Migrants Arrive on Greek Islands in Single Weekend

The Greek coastguard has said more than 1,350 migrants arrived on various islands in the Aegean Sea over the weekend, as tensions boil in the already overcrowded camps.

The coastguard said they picked up a total of 658 migrants from Friday to Monday morning and added that another 730 migrants had managed to land on the coast of one of the Aegean islands near Turkey, newspaper Courrier International reports.

The new migrant flows come as the already overcrowded camps on islands like Lesbos and Samos are looking to transfer around 20,000 migrants to the Greek mainland to decrease the congestion in camps where 32,000 live in spaces designated for just 6,200.

Charities and other bodies like the United Nations have criticised conditions in the camps for years, with sexual and physical violence, and even several deaths, occurring in them.

On Saturday, the NGO Médecins sans Frontières confirmed the death of a nine-month-old child who died as a result of dehydration at the infamous Moria migrant camp on the island of Lesbos.




Van carrying 52 migrants rams through barriers along Spanish-Moroccan border

A van carrying 52 sub-Saharan migrants rammed through the security gates along the Spanish-Moroccan border at high speeds to enter the enclave of Ceuta on Monday, injuring four in the process.

According to a spokesperson for the office of the Interior Ministry in Ceuta, the van packed with migrants barreled through the metal fence at around 3 am.

The driver, a 38-year-old Moroccan national, and the 52 migrants stowed away in the vehicle were quickly arrested by authorities, Spanish broadcaster Europa Press reports.

Of the 52 sub-Saharan migrants inside of the vehicle, there were 34 men, 16 women, and two minors.

After the vehicle ramming, four of the migrants were taken to the Ceuta hospital where they were treated for minor injuries



Belgium: African migrant attacks three people with wooden weapon

A man from Africa attacked three passers-by in the city center of Kortrijk on Friday evening, leaving two of the victims in serious condition.

The attacker, a 30-year-old migrant from Ghana, randomly smacked passers-by on the head with some sort of wooden weapon, a beam or a stick, leaving three people injured, Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad reports.

“Two of those injured are in serious condition”, said Hanne Demedts, the public prosecutor of West Flanders Province.

Shortly after the attacker was arrested by police, law doctors who examined him determined that he suffered from a mental illness of some sort.

As a result, the man was transferred to a psychiatric hospital where he is currently being treated.




Channel migrants: Four boats stopped in three hours

Four boats carrying 39 migrants have been intercepted in the Channel in the space of three hours, the Home Office has confirmed.

The first boat carrying nine people was seen at 04:40 GMT, followed by a vessel carrying five at 06:00 GMT.

At 07:00 GMT a boat with 11 on board was seen and half an hour later a Border Force vessel and Kent Police dealt with a boat carrying 14 people.

All 39 presented themselves as Iranian nationals, a government spokesman said.

Coastguards said search and rescue helicopters from Lydd and Lee-on-Solent were deployed to incidents off Kent and Sussex, along with RNLI lifeboats from Dover, Dungeness and Hastings, as well as two Border Force vessels.




EU Court: Illegal to Throw Violent Migrants Out Of Asylum Homes

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that European Union member states are not allowed to kick asylum seekers out of asylum homes even if they have been violent in the past.

The ruling comes after a case involving an Afghan migrant in Belgium who had been involved in a fight between other migrants in an asylum home and was kicked out of the home for 15 days, during which he lived on the streets of Brussels or with his friends, Kronen Zeitung reports.

The ECJ ruled that the decision to remove the Afghan, even if just temporarily, was a violation of EU law and that a 2013 regulation on refugees banned such penalities for offences, even if they were violent.

The court went on to say that basic needs for asylum seekers must be met, “permanently and without interruption,” and said it was not good enough that the asylum home gave the migrant a list of homeless shelters he could visit.

While the judges on the court banned the action of the asylum home, they said it was still permissible for EU member states to imprison migrants for offences or to move them to other asylum accommodations.




Belgium: Planned asylum center likely torched

A major fire broke out in a building that was set to be converted into an asylum center in Bilzen, Belgium on Sunday night, prompting many to wonder if the building was torched on purpose.

Weeks before the fire, which severely damaged the building, intense protests – led by the national populist Vlaams Belang – against the establishment an asylum center in the neighborhood had taken place, Belgian daily newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws reports.

“There were no casualties,” said fire brigade captain Frank Parthoens. “We had the fire under control relatively quickly. Now there are mainly fire extinguishers to extinguish the roof structure.”  

A spokesperson for the police said, “There are material indications that it is definitely a matter of arson,” adding “There are one or more offenders. The investigation has been in full swing since last night.”

Johan Sauwens, the mayor of Bilzen, also announced that traces of burglary were discovered in the building.




Nearly 700,000 in Germany are Without Permanent Housing, and Over 60 Percent Are Migrants

New figures reveal that around 678,000 people in Germany are now without access to a permanent residence, with tens of thousands currently living on the street.

The report, released by the German Federal Working Community (BAG), shows that in 2018 there were a total of 678,000 individuals without permanent residences, of which the vast majority, 440,000 — or 64 per cent — are refugees living in collective housing, German tabloid Bild reports.

The number is an overall increase of 4.2 percent compared to 2017 and included the roughly 41,000 people who not only live without a permanent residence but also live on the streets.

BAG homelessness assistance added that the largest increase in homeless individuals came from the growing refugee population in Germany that has continued to rise despite a slowdown following the massive wave of migrants during the migrant crisis in 2015.




National Rally MP: “French population is being replaced”

In a fiery speech delivered on the floor of the National Assembly, MP Stéphane Ravier warned that the native French population is quickly being replaced by foreigners thanks to pro-mass migration policies promulgated by Western globalists. 

Ravier, a member of Marine Le Pen’s populist National Rally party, unleashed a torrent of truth into the ears of  French lawmakers, who Ravier believes should be held accountable for “allowing the death of the identity of French people.” 

After railing against the political elites who’ve forged a strategic partnership with the newly imported 3rd world masses against the French public, Ranvier then brings up the idea of the ‘Great Replacement’ – an idea t that native Europeans are being ethnically replaced by foreigners from the third world. 

“I don’t believe in the ‘Theory of the Great Replacement.’ On the other hand, I’m convinced of its reality,” Ravier declared.

In an allusion to the ‘no go zones’ that are spreading throughout the Islamicized West, Ranvier then says, “Those hundreds of zones across the entire country which became foreign enclaves are zones of non-France, where the hatred of everything that is French is spreading like a trail of ignited gunpowder.”




Cyprus Now Receiving Most Migrants Per Capita in Europe

As migration routes in the Mediterranean sea change, the island of Cyprus is now being inundated with migrants and has the most arrivals per capita.

The migrants, who tend to arrive in Greek southern Cyprus from boats or air from the Turkish-controlled northern part of the island, have come at a rapid pace, according to a report from Swedish broadcaster SVT.

Christoffer Wendick, a correspondent for the broadcaster, said that Cyprus has become attractive to many and is the easiest way to reach the European Union.

“It allows you to take a flight from the Turkish mainland to the Turkish part of Cyprus and it is almost like a domestic flight,” he said.

Another report from the Cyprus Mail released late last month, claimed that Cyprus could have as many as 100,000 migrants in just five years with migrants making up as much as 3.5 per cent of the population overall. 




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