This is what real democrats do: Prime minister Janez Jansa answers questions from citizens live on Nova24TV on Mondays!

(Photo: Nova24TV) (Photo: Nova24TV)

Among the novelties introduced by the new government is also that its president Janez Jansa has a conversation on Nova24tv every Monday at 20:10, where he also answers questions from citizens of Slovenia.

Of course, many people wonder if it would not be better to have such a show on national television. However, the national television has not yet shown interest in this, although it is true that it organizes talk shows now and then, both with the prime minister and with representatives of the opposition. But these talk shows are based on pre-prepared questions and not on questions from citizens. In this case, it is certainly a novelty, as the previous prime ministers have so far not answered direct questions from citizens, much less every week.

There are quite a lot of questions, mainly related to the measures that were introduced during the epidemic. You can send them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You are invited to watch the show every Monday at 20:10 on Nova24tv.

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