The dirty business of political party LMS are coming to the surface

  • Written by  V.K.
At the political party LMS, they also used their positions at the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana. At the political party LMS, they also used their positions at the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana.

In the political party of Mr.Marjan Sarac, they used their positions not only for controversial employment past tenders on the “Sova”, but also more widely. They even reached the Institute of Oncology (OI) in Ljubljana, where they managed to bring their own associate into the field of informatics. This is an area that is very sensitive and can have wider consequences for all citizens.


After the sad collapse of the Mr.Sarac government, dirty deals are now coming to the surface: exploiting the position of their MPs, lobbying, controversial party funding and more could be enumerated. Although they always have a mouth full of ethics and honesty, they have their hands up their elbows in jam. Earlier in the week, “Dnevnik” reported that on the OI they had hired a consultant, who was recommended by a member of the LMS political party, Mr.Joze Lenart, past the public tender. In doing so, he already took advantage of his position. To Mr.Sandi Ogrizek, a consultant, recommended by Lenart, OI paid more than € 76,000 for services last year. When members of the institute's council wanted an explanation of the deal, Minister of Health Mr.Ales Sabeder, also from the LMS political party, dismissed them.

That the selection of IT consultants was based on the personal recommendation of politicians was also acknowledged by OI expert director Mr.Viljem Kovac and CEO Zlata Stiblar Kisic.

At the same time let us remember the history of the dirty business of Mr.Sarac LMS political party. Not only the affair of “Lepa Natasa”, but also the financing of the state-owned company Eles, led by Mr.Aleksander Mervar, is controversial. This party paid 8,540 euros to Mr.Matej Spehar, the leader of the Mr.Sarac political campaign and candidate for the LMS Member of Parlament, to buy his profile on Facebook “Slovenia, my country”, which had more than 70,000 likes.
This was a very unusual act that could not be of particular use to the state energy company, so there are serious suspicions that it was indirect financing of the Marjan Sarac political campaign. Due to the existing law on financing political parties, the political party cannot and should not receive donations from legal entities, but only from natural persons. Following the disclosure of the affair, company Eles withdrew the controversial Facebook page. Experts say that the real affairs of LMS and Marjan Sarac are just coming on a day.
Written by:
V. K.

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