Opposition MPs do not know what an urgent military or diplomatic message “depeša” is

  • Written by  G.B.
Minister for Foreign Affairs Anze Logar had to educate opposition MPs on the basics of diplomacy while challenging their lies. (foto: Demokracija) Minister for Foreign Affairs Anze Logar had to educate opposition MPs on the basics of diplomacy while challenging their lies. (foto: Demokracija)

Whether for this is guilty ignorance or deliberate ignorance, is not known, but the fact is that, lately, all the mainstream media, along with their political masters, have been mixing brains with their so called “depeša”, which the government is supposed to send to the Council of Europe and in which it is blaming the media and linking them to the former regime. Last Tuesday, a session of the Parliamentary Committee for Culture was also leaded by Violeta Tomic (political party Levica). Minister for foreign affairs Anze Logar was (apparently mistakenly) also invited to attend the session, but his presence was nevertheless useful, as Violeta Tomic was initially instructed to first give a floor to government representatives at a session of the parliamentary working body and later he had also explained to opposition members in attendance what the so called “depeša« is, of which there is so much talk about.


As he said, the government had not formally responded to the warnings of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, but had responded to a note on the Council of Europe website that Prime Minister Janez Jansa was pressuring the media. The reason for the convening of the Committee for Culture was the reporting of Odlazek's web portal uncensored.si, which reported on the government's "depeša", which was not even existing, since it was only a simple letter from the government communication office and not an urgent diplomatic message “depeša”,   intended to be sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - this document therefore does not exist, Logar instructed the Members of Parliament. As he said in his speech, the entire argument in this session is based on a single article, published on the necenzurirano.si web portal.

"Although I do not want to evaluate the credibility of this article, because I believe that others are more vocal about it than the foreign minister, but given that the Foreign Ministry is the main star of this article and that I as a Minister of Foreign Affairs, was previously already founded guilty, but only wanted, on behalf of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, to make some clarifications, in order to protect the reputation and name of the Ministry."

Anze Logar further explained that “the aforementioned paper concludes its reasoning on the basis of two untruths that are easily verifiable to anyone in this Chamber, especially the chairman of the Committee for Foreign Policy and could be checked by anyone, if he wished. On the basis of these untruths, which I will later highlight, all the allegations and conclusions of the proposed request for the convening of an extraordinary “OZP” meeting are drawn.”  The meeting of the Committee for Culture was thus turned into a farce.

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