Katie Hopkins: Any attempt to defend traditional British values, to stand and fight for our Christian culture, or to reject the takeover of our country is portrayed as racist and Islamophobic

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We spoke with British Conservative columnist Katie Hopkins about migration, freedom of speech and censorship, pressure on conservatives, attacks on white farmers in South Africa and Brexit. (Video HERE.)

A few months ago, Britain withdrew from the European Union. Are any changes already made due to the brexit?

To date the real changes have been legal and structural, in that we have ratified the withdrawal agreement and formally left the EU. We now have until December 2020 to realise a deal with the EU or leave with no deal. I fear the Covid lockdown could impact on this. Before the lockdown there was a real sense that Brexit had been achieved, that Leave had finally won and that Remain had been silenced.  Covid is changing that. The Left and Remain are using the pandemic as an opportunity to push for more immigration (using migrant nurses in the NHS as a hook) and even questioned whether we might rejoin the EU. 

One reason for the exit was the right of the British government to control immigration itself. However, it seems that something essential has not changed since immigrants continue to come to your island to about the same extent as before.

Immigration remains out of control. In fact, the Points Based Immigration Bill put forward by our Home Secretary was pulled from the floor of the House of Commons due to Covid. The bill would have put an end to the free movement of people. The left have used recent support for our health care system to push their immigration agenda, focused on migrant worker inside our NHS. As a result a bill to control our immigration problem has been pulled for the time being. 

Meanwhile migrants are still arriving illegally across the Channel each day. We even have pictures of our Border Force picking them up and fitting them with face masks. My country is insane. 

Those who point to the problems of immigration and multiculturalism in Britain are facing prosecution. What happened to the famous British right to express one's opinion?

There is no such thing as freedom to speak in the UK. I used to be a columnist for a national newspaper, a radio show host and a regular face on TV. Because I have been unwilling to stick to the approved narrative I have lost all of these jobs. I have been arrested for a column in a newspaper, lost my home to vexatious litigation, been the target of a plot to behead me. The state even sponsored a play called the Assassination of Katie Hopkins. All for speaking my truths.

You are a well-known opponent of the Islamization of Britain and therefore the target of constant attacks by elites. How is it that these elites are so indifferent to your cultural history and traditions?

It is curious. By 2035 Muslim births outnumber births to all other in the UK. The number 1 boys name in the UK is any variation of Mohammed. And by 2045 native Brits will be a minority in their own land.  Any attempt to defend traditional British values, to stand and fight for our Christian culture, or to reject the takeover of our country is portrayed as racist and Islamophobic. The financial and political power block sits with the Muslim community. Hence British Mayors, town councils and other positions of power are occupied by Muslims. Very soon they will achieve complete political control. 

Because of your belief, you are a constant target of attacks by globalist elitists. It seems as if you were attacked by a half celebrities from J.K. Rawling to Stormzy…

Being attacked; financially, online or in person is not something that concerns me. 

Britain goes a few steps ahead of the rest of Europe in political correctness, even historical figures are portrayed by Asian or African actors in films and series. Don't you think this politically correct interpretation of history is crazy?

I do not thing political correctness is crazy. I think it has been an incredibly powerful weapons, wielded to brilliant effect by the globalists and the left, to castrate nationals and cultural identity. It saddens me that so many of my countrymen are on bended knee to the take over of this country. People like me are used an example, if you speak up - or go against the approved narrative - you will lose your job, your home and perhaps your family too. Understandably this is too big a price for most so they keep quiet and nod along. 

Because of your criticisms of Islamist terrorism, you have received many attacks. Are the emotions of the Islamists really more important to the elites than the pain of the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks?

It appears so in the UK. After every attack it is the same playbook: a candlelit vigil, ‘thoughts and prayers’ from politicians and then a warning about the risk of increased Islamophobia because of the attack.  There is a clear script. And it is almost surreal to watch an entire nation act along to it, without question. 

Why do the British authorities conceal even such abhorrent crimes as the mass rapes of underage girls, as happened in Rotherham?

The fastest way to achieve promotion in the British police force is to spray paint your patrol car with a rainbow in celebration of Gay Pride, or to dance in the street to support LGBT parades. 

This politically-correct thinking has permeated the fabric of our society so that managers eager to rise up the greasy pole avoid ‘difficult’ police work that make cause offence, or upset local communities. The mass rape of our white girls is ongoing. It is not in the past. It is going on right now in towns and cities across this country and many others. And no one will talk of it for fear of a knock at their door. The last time I spoke about it, the police came to my home, intimidated my children and threatened to prosecute me for contempt of court. 

British judges have treated Tommy Robinson, who reported about these crimes more severely than criminals. What happened to the famous british justice?

There is no such thing as British justice. There is just one man’s interpretation of the law. Tommy Robinson was thrown in prison without due process, without a proper hearing and unlawfully imprisoned. 

No other journalist in British history has ever been jailed for contempt of court. I visited Tommy in jail and promised the Govenor I would try not to darken his door. The prison staff seem to be very supportive of Tommy and myself. 

You are among the few who talk about the genocide against white farmers in South Africa. Why are the Globalists hiding this crime?

White farmers are being genocided from their land by black gangs in South Africa: encouraged by the government and its brute squad the Economic Freedom Fighters. No one will speak of these atrocities because the farmers are the wrong colour. Because farmers are white, the world looks away.  I was detained at the airport in Jo’burg and had my passport confiscated for reporting from the farms. I am now banned from South Africa. My documentary - The Killing Fields - is available on Youtube. It is a hard watch.

Globalists also use censorship to silence critics of globalization and multiculturalism. As far as I know,  you have also experienced censorship on social networks?

I am fortunate to have such strong support on social media. But my account is censored and limited because of my views. After being retweeted by President Trump, PayPal closed my account for ‘dangerous activity’

Finally, do you think the Boris Johnson government will change anything, or will it continue to support multiculturalism as past governments have done?

Boris Johnson was the right answer for Britain. But he will tread a careful line to maximise his total powerbase and will continue to support multiculturalism. However his positivity and optimism is a glorious thing. 

Thank you


Katie Hopins (b. 1975) is a British conservative media personality and columnist. She is an economist by education  and she also completed an officer program at the Sandhurst Military Academy. She worked as a business consultant in London and New York, starred in a reality show and then worked in the media. She was the most read columnist for the Daily Mail and a radio host. She has appeared as a guest on BBC and Fox News. She was fired as a columnist and host for expressing political views that run counter to the left-liberal political agenda and, above all, for not apologizing for her views. In addition, she was harassed by the police and the state prosecutor's office because of her political views and jihadists planned to behead her. Due to censorship on the big media, she expresses her views on social networks, she count over million followers on Twitter. Katie Hopkins is a conservative Christian and married mother of three.

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