Janez Jansa, the president of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), again called on the government to act and the Council for national security to meet, because of the situation regarding coronavirus in Italy

  • Written by  M.B.
Mr. Janez Janša. (Photo: Demokracija) Mr. Janez Janša. (Photo: Demokracija)

Since the situation in Italy is more and more dramatic, Janez Jansa, the leader of SDS, yesterday on social media Twitter once more called on Marjan Sarec’s government in resignation to act. Namely, Slovenia is the closest neighbour of Italy, where the coronavirus infected 200 and killed 5 people so far.

Mr. Janez Jansa, the president of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) and the leader of the slovenian opposition, wrote:

"From the government, wich has to carry out the current business, we require:

  1. the immediate convening of the Council for national security;
  2. the establishment of a national crisis staff;
  3. the presentation of the preparatory actions;
  4. and continuously and truly informing the public about the coronavirus (Covid-19)."

The Council for national security met only today. The opposition was not invited to the meeting.

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