In Memoriam: Sir Roger Scruton (1944–2020)

Sir Roger Scruton who died on Sunday 12th January 2020 was the greatest conservative philosopher of his generation. He was by any estimation a polymath, from writing many books about philosophy to expert articles on wine and the law to deep thought about religion and art, and even sex and opera. He was a seeker of truth and beauty so that his philosophical speciality was aesthetics, and a courageous intellectual giant.

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Vladimir Bukovsky 1942-2019

In recalling the life and impact of a man like Vladimir Bukovsky it is almost impossible to avoid the comparison to the saints of the early church who were so dedicated to a cause and who suffered for that cause. Bukovsky’s cause was free speech and human rights and he was prepared to suffer for that.

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Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) condemns unreasonable support of leftist Slovenian political forces to the Iranian regime

Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), led by Mr. Janez Janša, condemns unreasonable support of leftist Slovenian political forces to the Iranian regime, expresses support to US actions and demands government report on the billion dollar money laundering for Iran through state-run NLB bank during Social Democrats government.

The escalation in the Middle East began in the late 2019 with violent suppression of anti-regime protests in Iran and the attack of the pro-Iranian cells on the US Embassy in Iraq. The US led liquidation of Soleimani, who was the organizer of Iranian terror was a reaction to the aforementioned events in the region. SDS supports the strong US response to the provocations of the Ayatollah extremist regime and regrets that the investigation of the responsible Slovenian authorities on the laundering of 1 billion € for the Iranian regime by the NLB bank in 2009 and 2010, has stalled completely.

A report by the parliamentary commission, which was unanimously adopted by the National Assembly, revealed that during the triple international sanctions against Iran and with the knowledge of the key Slovenian left politicians, Iran financed its intelligence agency, the terrorist network and the purchase of components for the production of weapons of mass destruction through the Slovenian state-owned NLB bank.

The unusual sympathy for the Iranian regime, reflected in recent days by messages from some government parties, officials of the Slovenian government and the main stream media, which even named General Soleimani “a martyr”, even further strengthens the reasonable suspicion that millions of Euros gained from the commissions from money laundering by the NLB, have ended up in numerous places of influence in Slovenia.

The SDS therefore urges the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to immediately submit to the National Assembly a report on the findings of the police investigation on the responsibility for the biggest crime in the history of independent Slovenia, which has had far-reaching international and internal security and political consequences.

About SDS (HERE).

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Watch: Pope Francis´s reaction when woman grabbed his hand! There was no love and gentle on his face!

»Ooops, his mask fell off. And his face!!! That's the real face of Pope Francis. No love and gentle on his face. What a monster we have for the Pope? Robocop has a friendlier look,« was one of the Reaction on Twitter.

Pope Francis was happily greeting children and pilgrims in St. Peter's Square on New Year's Eve. Only few people were waiting for him. While greeting them, an Asian woman grabbed his hand. Francis violently slapped her hand several times until she let him go.

The pope was making his way to the Nativity scene at the centre of Vatican City.

As he walked away from the crowd, a woman grabbed his hand and yanked him toward her, video shows.

Pope Francis apologised Wednesday for his widely-viewed slap of a woman who had grabbed his hand as he greeted Catholic faithful on New Year's Eve.

Video is HERE.

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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2019) An unpublished letter from Mr. Ljubo Sirc about the honorary doctorate of the former communist leader Mr. Milan Kučan

(Published on April 21, 2019)

The following is an excerpt from the letter of Ljubo Sirc, a renowned Slovenian and British economist, written to Mrs. Sally Florkiewicz, the Chair of the Honorary Degree Committee of Cleveland State University that presented the abovementioned Milan Kučan with the Honorary Doctorate in 2001.

Mr. Sirc has in his epistle stated the reasons, why Milan Kučan should not be awarded the honorary doctorate, by giving a brief excursion in the contemporary Slovene history that included the dealings of the communist regime in Slovenia and Yugoslavia. He went on to further elaborate that Kučan is not responsible for the introduction of the multi-party system in Slovenia, nor for the initiation of a market economy. To read the above-mentioned letter in its entierty, please scroll to the photogallery.

Ljubo Sirc (19 April 1920 – 1 December 2016) was a British-Sloven economist and prominent dissident from the former Yugoslavia.

Milan Kučan (14 January 1941 - ) is a Slovenian retired politician who was the last communist leader in Slovenia.


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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2019) Jože Biščak: What Goes Around Comes Around

(Published on January 11, 2019)

You probably have not heard of Louis Michael Seidman yet. No problem, you did not miss anything. Although the 71-year-old professor at Georgetown University in Washington is counted among the "reputable" lawyers, he is also a typical representative of the politically correct, who are countless. A former activist for freedom of expression, he has now become an inflamed persecutor of the so-called hate speech.

In recent years, he often engages in self-criticism, saying that his previous view was wrong and it was a consequence of youth. He said to the New York Times: "When I was younger, I usually had a liberal opinion on civil liberties. Over time, I changed my point of view on this issue. I realized that it is wrong to claim that freedom of speech is a means to establish a more just society".

Did you get this Copernican twist? A man who, as a young activist, fought for freedom of expression, believes in the winter of his life that freedom of speech damages society. He is not the only one. A law professor at Michigan University, Catharine A. MacKinnon, a year older than Seidman, a woman that men liked to turn around to look at, a woman who took liberty literally, went a step further. According to her, freedom of expression brings injustice, as it is also used to "spread ideas that excite”. Furthermore, "what was once a defense of the helpless, is primarily an elite weapon today", says MacKinnon, who teaches the evolution of gender-based crime and gender equality at the university. She also says that freedom of speech today has become "the sword of dictators, racists and misogynists, Nazi and supremacists, pornographers and corporations buying the elections". In short, the leftists and various progressivists are upset by the freedom of speech today, a freedom which they themselves up until recently defended, since they realized that it is valid for right-wingers as well.

What has changed in these years that such a change took place? The left lost its monopoly over the truth. The recognition that Internet media and social networks have become a powerful weapon of freedom of speech has led them to invent hate speech, which is to be prosecuted. For decades, cultural Marxists controlled the media, filtered readers' letters, observed that editorial policy was in line with the multicultural doctrine, and were ready to attack the conservative governments. They did this, pay close attention, in the name of freedom of speech. The media must be progressive, right?

Ironically, the respect for human rights, among which the freedom of speech comes first, has consolidated capitalism, not to say conservatism. However, the power of protecting freedom of speech was first recognized by the leftists, who oppose it the most today. This means only one thing (or as Thomas D. Williams says): "It is clear as day that freedom of speech is of little concern to such liberals. They have always sought protection for their progressive ideas and behavior. As soon as the right-wingers began to demand the same protection for their speech, the leftists did not feel the idea of freedom of speech anymore". What goes around comes around, we could say.

However, can you think what left-wingers are complaining about? It is that social networks and "alternative" media hold a mirror to the media mainstream, which spreads the ideas of progressive activism, publishing the other side of the story. This is most evident when reporting on illegal migration. If there were no internet, there would be a belief that educated people who want to work are coming to Europe. However, the Internet is day by day destroying this myth by displaying different stories about illegal immigrants. Of course, the leftists have no other choice but to declare these "alternative" stories hate speech and their authors racists, xenophobes, Islamophobes and fascists, reporting them to the prosecution. We experienced this at the Demokracija magazine last week. From the police note, we found out that the magazine and the undersigned editor were being prosecuted by the prosecution because of the cover story and title "Immigrants Bring the Culture of Rape to Slovenia"! They suspect us of promoting hatred, violence and intolerance with the cover. In addition to pushing away the advertisers from the magazine, as the left activists are trying to do.

The good side of this campaign is double. First, people are no longer afraid to be intimidated and say what they think, even if the leftists call them fascists. The elimination of this fear in the coming year is definitely a great advance for freedom. Secondly, the public is finally finding out who really is concerned about freedom and who would like to suppress it, enforce their own opinions and ban concerts, books, ads. Therefore, all my dear freedom-loving people, let us take it a step further in 2019.

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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2019) CIA: Tito and Information Bureau (Cominform) dispute

(Published on September 10, 2019)

“Tito needed Soviet help against General Draza Mihailovic and their help at a peace conference. In 1944, however, Sretan Zujovic, now in prison, supported the Soviets more fervently than he supported Tito,” says in the CIA document published on March 31, 1949.

“Cominform” or "informbiro" is the shorter name for the Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers' Parties (1947-1955), a kind of connecting organization of Communist parties and later Communist countries in Europe. It was established with the aim of resolving the mutual issues of the Communist parties, acting unanimously in the world on behalf of communism, and informing the public about the state of the Communist parties, especially in matters of principle. The organization was under the direct leadership of Russian Bolshevik revolutionary Joseph Stalin.

The dispute between Tito and the informbureau

“Demokracija” editorial staff has obtained a document from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) entitled A Further Look of a Ranked Yugoslav Official on Tito's Foreign and Domestic Policy and the Yugoslav-Informbureau Dispute. The information was obtained by the source in March 1949 and the document was published on March 31, 1949. The nine-point source describes the dispute between Tito and the informbureau, the role of Yugoslavia in the subsequent (cold) war, Soviet policy and the replacement of personnel in the Soviet government. Tito's dispute with the informbureau describes the source on four points:

“1. Tito's disputes with the informbureau date back to 1944 after the liberation of Belgrade. Even at that time, Tito was too independent and too important to please the Russians, but they could not take action against him during the war. Tito needed Soviet help against General Draza Mihailovic and their help at a peace conference. As early as 1944, Sretan Zujovic, now in prison, supported the Soviets more fervently than he supported Tito. When a breakthrough with informbureau came to light in 1948, the Yugoslav Communist Party and the Yugoslav Army accepted it with regret, as Soviet military propaganda deeply influenced Yugoslav opinion. Non-communist sections of the population were disappointed and even isolated by the behaviour of the Red Army and USSR representatives in Yugoslavia. Finally, the country's economic recovery has stalled due to the relentless exploitation of all Yugoslav resources for the benefit of the Soviet Union and other satellites. As a result, the military and most of the Yugoslav Communist Party were forced to support the break with the informbureau, albeit with regret and hope that Tito could find a viable solution to the conflict.”

Tito doesn't have to "go to Kanoso"

The CIA source further notes that Tito does not need to acknowledge subordination to the Soviet Union. Or as the document says:

“2. Now Tito does not have to "go to Kanoso." Nor does he need to declare a definitive anti-Soviet policy. Even though Tito has no way of finding a friendly solution to the problems that Yugoslavia has with the informbureau, it must continue to mislead the party and army into believing that it is fundamentally pro-Soviet and will sooner or later resolve the dispute. After years of USSR-favoured propaganda and an attack on the West, Tito cannot make a complete turnaround. This is why Yugoslavia is moving closer to Western democracies, even though its economy is difficult and fraught with political risks. Tito does not enjoy this situation but can do nothing about it.”

Rankovic is a dangerous individual

The CIA source then notes the Party's relations with Tito and the Soviet Union:

“3. On the other hand, the leading officials of the party and the army know that their fate depends on Tito's ability to solve their problems. Tito must constantly think about pro-Russian associates that he cannot get rid of. Alexander Rankovic, for example, is a dangerous individual; Udba is his personal creation and the servants of Udba obey him more than Tito. Individuals such as Rankovic, Kardelj, Kidric, Bebler and Djilas will never be persuaded to completely turn their back on the USSR. However, since they themselves are doomed to fall if Tito falls, they support him all the time, nevertheless being careful not to approach Tito too close to the West, as this would mean their fall without an opportunity to escape to the Russians. Such a illogical situation cannot last forever,” the CIA source writes and continues:

“4. The current Soviet attitude in the Yugoslav-Austrian dispute over Carinthia is designed to show the people of Yugoslavia that the USSR is not an enemy of their country, but merely opposes dictator Tito and his supporters. By this time, the Russians are hoping to overthrow Tito and his gang and regain control of Yugoslavia. When they see that this cannot be done, they will release the Pan-Slavic mask and attempt to destroy only Yugoslavia, using the plan from year 1934 to destroy the Yugoslav state.”

The role of Yugoslavia in the Cold War

We also learn from the CIA document about the role of Yugoslavia in the coming Cold War.

“5. Yugoslavia cannot remain neutral in the coming conflict. If Tito is still in power at the outbreak of war, he will strive to maintain Yugoslav neutrality for at least some time. The USSR, however, would not respect Yugoslav neutrality; The Russians would immediately invade Yugoslavia to remove Tito and his supporters, establish a regime directed at the Soviets, and make the Soviet military machine available to the nation. If Tito, on the other hand, were to disappear before the outbreak of the war, there is no doubt that Yugoslavia will once again become a Soviet satellite and find itself at the forefront of the Soviet army,” a CIA source wrote in March 1949.

The Soviets dream of the dictatorship of the proletariat

And how did the CIA source perceive Soviet policy?

“6. Western democracies do not yet understand the essence of communism and the goals and tactics of the USSR. Neither Western democracies nor various emigrants were able to organize reliable, logical and effective propaganda against the real forces of Communism, while at the same time exploiting the weaknesses of the communist satellite regimes. The Soviets constantly dream of the world revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat. It is well known that communism cannot be imposed on other nations by peaceful means and communist leaders have no choice but to use fraud, lies, terrorism, corruption and in the end, brute force.

Moscow therefore developed an unparalleled military organization and an unparalleled imperialism policy aimed at subjugating neighbouring nations, one after another; other countries in Europe and Asia will be the next target. Africa and South America will go their own way. Strong communist fifth column can be found everywhere, and non-communist personalities in high positions have been corrupted by Soviet agents. The Communists penetrated deep into North America. Henry Wallace, for example, represents America's biggest shame and the lowest level of politics. (The name of the source is blacked out.) he could not understand why democracies did not use an effective method against the Communists,” the CIA source wonders in this document.

The dangers of communism

A CIA source also senses the great danger of Soviet communism spreading to the West:

“7. In the war between Western democracies and the USSR, Europe could soon be completely occupied by Soviet and satellite forces. When that happens, the Soviet Union in Europe and Asia would have unlimited territory with huge resources and a huge workforce with high industrial efficiency. With such a base organized by terrorism and typical communist methods, the Soviets can resist any outside attack or organize and launch an air and submarine offensive," a CIA source warns.

Replacing Vyshinsky with Molotov

Point 8 in the document the CIA source subtitles Recent Staff Changes in the Soviet Government:

“8. Replacing Vyshinsky with Molotov means changing voices, but not politics itself. There is no possibility that Vyshinsky could change Yugoslavia's politics in any way. Be it Vyshinsky or Molotov, the one who yells and commands, their activities, posture and even their behaviour will be prescribed by the Politburo. The character or thinking of the person occupying any position there does not matter; he's just a record player. This fact makes a major difference between Soviet officials and diplomats and those from the West who still maintain a certain freedom of action and personal posture," the CIA source notes, among other things and also reports to Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States.

Thousands of people found themselves in prison camps

It should be recalled that in Tito's Yugoslavia, in the so-called psychological war, it began to deal with followers and imaginary followers of the resolution of the informbureau. As a result, tens of thousands of party members were expelled, and thousands of people found themselves in prison camps on the Naked Island, St. Gregory and beyond. In the years 1949-1956, the Yugoslav authorities’ imprisoned more than 13.000 political opponents on the Naked Island because of their alleged support for the Soviet Union and its leader Stalin. About 550 of them were Slovenes. More than 400 political prisoners died on the island, mostly due to illness and famine, and after 1956 other prisoners from the former Yugoslavia were imprisoned on the island. Of those arrested 21.818 were NOB participants, 9.234 professors, teachers, doctors, intellectuals, 5.081 workers and farmers, 4.008 students and students. The jailers were subjected to torture and forced labour in the quarry regardless of weather conditions. In summer at high temperatures and in winter in cold wind. The prisoners were regularly beaten and otherwise abused by the guards. Products from Naked Island were in fact intended for export. Italian ships drove them across the sea, and the earnings went to the operation of the Yugoslav Udba abroad and the financing of the Trieste Credit Bank. Investigators and seekers of political opponents were rewarded by the Communist Party of Yugoslavia. In 1953, according to some, 36 were declared national heroes; some became ambassadors to the Soviet Union, the United States, China, the United Nations, Canada and India. Naked Island Concentration Camp was closed in the mid-1980s. Famous Slovenians who landed at the Naked Island prison camp include Andrej Aplenc, Igo Sajovic, Franc Cukjati, Virgil Gomizel, Vladimir Bobinac, Dragotin Gustincic, Cene Logar, Bozo Kobe and many others.


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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2019) SDS Party President Janez Janša: A System for the Elite, First-Class (1st picture)

(Published on January 25, 2019)

A system that primarily serves the elite is in place in Slovenia. The self-selected, self-proclaimed elite. First class. They use all means to maintain authority, their status and privileges. One of the most catastrophic consequences of this system in the long run is the erosion of human capital and basic elements of Slovenian statehood.

The system defends the privileges of the elite and prevents the natural competition of talent in society. Therefore, thousands of gifted individuals and entrepreneurs leave Slovenia every year. Those remaining, second-class, do not have equal opportunities for success in life. Approximately the same number of foreigners arrive, categorized as a combination of low-skilled laborers and social fund users. Anyone who is only slightly able to look under the everyday virtual reality of regime media, is aware that from the perspective of values, the situation today in Slovenia is extremely serious and that we are sinking towards a turning point. There are two possible outcomes.

Despite the favorable external environment, Slovenia has not reduced enough or at all its lag behind the developed world for a decade. Because of the exclusionary policy of the first-class and the consequent slower development, the vast majority of the population or all of the "second-class" are forced to pay higher taxes and contributions and are forced to live with significantly lower wages and pensions than are realistic in terms of their inputs and the development potential of Slovenia.

In each country where negative elitism becomes dominant and systemically protected, there are serious delays in its functioning. The basic criterion for the success of an individual in a society is no longer their ability, it is their given social position. The situation can be aggravated to the point where a crisis of legitimacy occurs. Nevertheless, there is a big difference between the countries where the elites have formed organically, on the basis of more or less free competition and meritocracy or competitions in entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge, and among those countries where the elites have established themselves with revolutionary bayonets and the physical liquidation of the "old elite". In his studies a decade ago, Dr Frane Adam found that in Slovenia’s case, the elites were mostly recycled. It is no coincidence that a member of this self-proclaimed Slovenian elite feels extremely homely in the company of an elite comrade from Moscow or even Tehran, while more or less avoiding capable managers from the West.

The first defensive line of negative elitism is bureaucracy. In a country with two million inhabitants, over 20,000 laws and government regulations are currently in force. Many procedures are prescribed contradictorily. Much so that they are difficult to implement in practice. Most of the rules are unnecessary for a normal life in a democratic country. We had four times less when we rounded up our own statehood in a practical fashion in 1996. After three decades, we have returned back full circle to the days of the last heartbeats of the SFRY. It was then considered that only what is explicitly prescribed is permitted. Upon independence and after the introduction of the Slovenian Constitution, its writers assured us that from now on freedom includes everything that is not explicitly prohibited. Today, the bureaucratic ring is more robust and at times even more anachronistic than in 1989. A number of acts prescribe an exponential number of new penalties for newly fabricated offenses that can also be disproportionately high for non-dangerous violations of traffic regulations. This can go to the absurd, when a farmer is punished with a high financial penalty when a cow grazes on the neighbors' meadows. The first-class then pays this money to the illegal migrant who unlawfully entered the country and applied for asylum.

Many mistakenly think that we have all this bureaucratic clutter on our shoulders due to the inability of our rulers or because of the interests of a self-proclaimed elite, which fills its pockets by fabricating and charging various car stickers or by making registering old mopeds mandatory. In reality, the first-class ayatollahs use an impenetrable bureaucratic swamp to create the impression of their own necessity and, above all, as an instrument to control the second-class. People must live in constant fear, feeling that something is wrong. Who could know and follow at least a tenth of over 20,000 applicable regulations? What kind of entrepreneur can get around the contradictory and illogical tax acts? In order to be obedient, the second-class people must live with a constant sense of guilt and occasionally feel joy when one of the first-class members bends the rules for them. In a similar way, it also serves the ayatollahs that there are long waiting periods in healthcare as well as delays in justice. The bureaucracy or the administration in Slovenia has thus changed into its opposite. Instead of creating order, equity and fairness, it is used by the first-class as an instrument of disorder or chaos. For a systemic factory of guilt. We have a situation described by Marcus Tullius Cicero, thousands of years ago: "Summum ius summa iniuria – the more there are laws, the less are the rights". Members of the first-class know that basic order is the first need of every human society and that freedom and justice (the lethal enemy of every natural elite) can only be established where there is such an order. The nervousness of the first class was obvious during Dr Jordan Peterson’s visit in 2018 in Slovenia. Peterson, in an understandable, "populist" way, defends exactly that normality and those logical, natural, common sense world views, which the offensive of cultural Marxism is trying to exterminate through "political correctness".

A person always spontaneously feels injustice, although it is more difficult to reflect it outwardly if it is not publicly recognized. That is why one’s spontaneous subconscious resistance against an unnatural flow of things, or the direct injustice, is also reflected in not participating in the elections. The self-proclaimed elite actively promotes this kind of reaction among the second-class (most often with the help of auto-suggestive expressions found in diner talk: they are all the same, nothing can be changed, there is no choice, my vote is irrelevant...) and this way, paradoxically, with purposefully causing injustice, they build their power.

Today, the basic ideological instrument for the maintenance of power by the self-proclaimed elite is identified by the adjective "public". In the new Slovenian sayings, this adjective has become in many places synonymous with monopoly. The first generation of the first-class still recognizes in this term the word "social". For them, it meant the same as the word "ours", meaning “theirs”. Since they, as the self-proclaimed avant-garde, had at their disposal all that was labeled as social without limits. Members of the first-class or self-proclaimed elite are today most easily recognized by the hectic vocal advocacy of everything that is supposed to be public. Public health, public education, public finances, public housing... public toilets. In reality, they strive for such an organization of social subsystems in which the self-proclaimed elite maintains its influence and power without much effort. If necessary, by overpayments (you may recall the four times overpaid vein stents that went into the payrolls of the owners of the weekly magazine Mladina), by financing other monopolies, and by employing their own members. In order to keep this hidden from the people, there should be no competition in these sectors, which would allow comparisons of rationality and efficiency. Sometimes, absurd situations come up. There are children in private schools who become the biggest advocates for the ‘public’ argument. There are members of the first-class lobby who work for the "Public Health Movement" and nevertheless get first-rate operations at private clinics in Switzerland or Austria. When Danilo Türk and Milan Kučan were discovered there, the contradiction was justified by a stupid and cynical excuse, that they were there in the framework of "public service", or at the expense of the health insurance institution, just like any ordinary citizen.

The mistrust of free private initiative anywhere, including the economy, is put in the political cradle of the first-class. Due to the European framework and the rules of the common market, they are forced to tolerate it, but have never given up control, which can now be arbitrarily upgraded to an extent that makes unwanted entrepreneurs easy to get rid of. The key instrument of general restraint of an entrepreneurial initiative is taxation, the individual ones are: bureaucratic obstacles, discriminatory treatment of individuals by a politicized tax administration, non-payment of subcontracting services in state or city projects, and arbitrary lengthy court proceedings in commercial disputes. Thousands of capable Slovenian entrepreneurs, who essentially form the backbone of the Slovenian economy and state, avoid public appearances and try to stay under the radar of the first-class. As soon as they are perceived as successful, tax inspection usually follows, as well as work inspectors etc., tips on desirable sponsorships of the "right" organizations, in particular the ZZB (the Associations of the National Liberation Movement of Slovenia, TN), invitations to support political candidates, etc. The behavior of "supervisors" is more pleasant, as a rule, if the entrepreneurs are susceptible to the hints of the first-class. If an entrepreneur directly opposes or is deaf to the "tips", an unannounced house search usually follows, with the mandatory presence of well-informed POP TV cameras and a few days of media destruction of the entrepreneur and his company.

Today, Slovenia is the only country, considered as democratic, in which the economy has a third-rate impact on social developments. While the entire government stands peacefully during even minor disorders caused by the public sector’s trade unions, with the demands of the economy, as a rule, a deputy of the coalition’s extreme left proclaims them as parasites, threatens nationalization if necessary, and sends them calmly to the corner. Slovenia is probably also the only "democratic Republic" where the first-class forbid private companies to donate limited resources to political parties, thus further limiting the possibility of the indirect influence of second-class economists in creating favorable conditions for the economic development of companies and the state.

The exclusionist policy of the self-proclaimed elite has catastrophic consequences for the well-being of the people. There are countless cases everywhere, not just in the economy. In the beginning of 2019, the case of the top-level, internationally renowned expert Dr Mark Noč and his team gained attention. Noč made an important research program, however anonymous "evaluators" took his funds and disabled his right to appeal. He had experienced all kinds of attacks and personal discreditation even before this incident. Ever since he drew public attention to the chaos in health care and especially the theft worth 100 million of patients' money through overpriced vein stents. Since this partially endangered the criminal feud, which was directly administered by the supreme ayatollahs of the first-class for decades, the reaction was merciless.

The biggest victim group of the first-class and their exclusion policy are young people. During the presidency of the Council of the EU and the European Council in 2008, several hundred young educated Slovenians of all profiles were trained. They monitored the work of governments and ministries across EU Member States and studied good practices in various fields. A great wealth of the EU is a rich set of good practices. While there is no country in the EU where everything works perfectly, we find virtually everywhere extremely good experiences. Well-ordered health care in the Netherlands, de-bureaucratized administration in Great Britain, regulated social dialogue in Germany, efficient public procurement in Austria... A large basket of extremely useful practical skills was available, with the possibility of direct consultations from any EU member state. Despite the upcoming crisis, in the 2008-2012 term of office, with the help of this basket, Slovenia could be transformed into a country of completed transition with an open, inclusive system that would provide ongoing problem solving, development and equity. In short, that prosperity, which is the constitutional objective of the Slovenian state.

The administration of the Slovenian state, tested through the reforms necessary for joining the EU, NATO, the EMU and the Schengen system, as well as the EU leadership, was then able to carry out this feat; with the help of a rational investment of substantial funds from the EU that were available. What about today? We can only weep.

The abuse of the rule of law was launched, it was called Patria. The new socialist government threw away the basket with the knowledge gathered during the EU presidency with disgust. I have not met one of the hundreds of young experts deliberately delegated to the EU to gather good practices in Slovenia, because they had to find jobs in Brussels, Madrid, The Hague, Vienna, London... They were considered a threat to the system at home. There are probably some exceptions, which, however, are due to their family or political connections to the elite.

In 2009, the socialist government increased public spending by almost a tenth instead of making reforms. While there was also a record decline in GDP. Everything that followed was just another consequence. Slovenia fell from a 91 percent EU average in purchasing power per capita in 2008 to 83 percent of the EU average a few years later. Public debt grew from 22 percent of GDP to almost 90 percent. With the same financial crisis across the EU. For interest only, we paid nearly 8 billion euros to foreign financial funds in ten years.

A huge price has been paid to maintain a system that serves to preserve the power of the self-proclaimed elite. Because of this "tribute" there is no third development axis, there are no funds for the modernization of health care, there is no second Karavanke tunnel, there are no bypasses around many Slovenian cities and towns, there is no new Divača–Koper railway connection or ‘second track’, and there is none of the required modernization of the railways. The average salary or pension in Slovenia is at least 250 euros per month lower than it could have been.

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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2019) Peter Sweden: "It's not 'racist' to preserve your country and culture!"

(Published on December 6, 2019)

We spoke to a Swedish journalist and younger generation publicist, Peter Imanuelsen, who otherwise poses as Peter Sweden. For our weekly magazine Demokracija, he described the situation in Sweden in recent years, especially in the light of migration and globalization.

You are swedish citizen, you lived in UK and than moved to Norway. Why Norway, is general situation compared with rest of northern/western Europe so much better in Norway?

In many areas Norway is still quite a good country to live in. The crime rate is still very low in Norway compared with other countries like for example Sweden. However there are more and more places, especially in central Oslo where crime is on the increase and you have gangs fighting each other. I predict that in maybe ten to fifteen years we will see a similar situation in Norway as we see in Sweden today, where we are currently seeing unprecedented crime levels. With that said, Norway is a very patriotic country, probably more so than most other Western European countries!

Left liberal globalists point Sweden as example of »successfull integration«; with all no go zones in Sweden one could say, that this statment is blatant lie. How do you see »integration« in Sweden?

It is very clear that integration in Sweden has not worked at all. The increasing crime we see in Sweden is reaching unprecedented levels. There has been over 200 bombings this year in Sweden, and more young men are being shot than in any other Western country. This comes from gangs that are fighting each other for control of territory, drugs and prostitution. Most of these gangs consist of people from different backgrounds, in Gothenburg we have the Nigerian mafia. In Rinkeby we have Somalian gangs. When Sweden failed to integrate newly arrived migrants, they didn't get employment, many young men sadly turned to these gangs. And it is important to point out that most of the victims of these gangs are actually migrants, so migrants are suffering as a result of failed integration policy.

34 2 peter sweden

Why did, decades ago, Swedish government decide to open borders for third world migration? What was the goal; altruism, yarn for diversity, wish to brag how progressive and tolerant is swedish society?

 Sweden has always seen itself as a "humanitarian superpower". It is difficult to say exactly what the goal is, but for sure Sweden wants to be seen as progressive and tolerant. It is not a surprise that many of the migrants vote for the left-wing parties who promise more welfare benefits, so maybe that was something they wanted as well, more voters.

Once Sweden was example of free society, with freedom of speech and expression. Now it seems, Sweden turns in nearly totalitarian state, punishing those who critisize problems caused by third world migrants?

Like many other countries in Western Europe, Sweden has hate speech laws. People who engage in thought crime or write nasty things online can get in trouble. For example, a 65 year old woman was recently jailed for 3 months for facebook posts about migrants. In another case, a man was fined because someone else had posted racist comments on his facebook page. He didn't even write it himself, but someone else posted it on his page. We are seeing free speech being eroded, and those that criticize mass migration are risking persecution.

As open can see, whole western civilization is moving toward censorship. You are quite opened with your views, did you faced attacks by progresives or mainstream media? Did Facebook, Twitter, Youtube closed your web site or account?  

I have been the target of far-left activists. I was banned by PayPal in an attempt by the left to stop my funding. My address was put online by a British organization called Hope Not Hate in an article where they spread many lies about me, calling me all sorts of names. This organization are far-left extremists according to the Swedish Defence Ministry. Shortly after that article the family dog was poisoned, and I also received death threats for my reporting. But I have also received death threats from neo-Nazis because I support Israel, so both the far-left and the far-right hates me. I think that means I am doing something right!

34 3 peter sweden

Would you agree, that mass imigration is not the only threat for tradition and culture of european nations? That equal threat come from pacifist, LGBT, atheist and other »progressive« movements promoted by left- liberal westeren elites?

In my opinion the problem in the West is that we abandoned God. When we abandoned God we left the traditional Christian values that Western civilization is build upon, and in its place we got Socialism and cultural marxism. We see this in the West today that many people lack morals, and therefore we see the destruction of family values, people aren't marrying and having children etc. But I see in Eastern Europe people follow Christian values much more, and I think this is an important reason why eastern European countries are in a much better state than many Western European countries.

Would you agree that »progresive« movements are corelated with mass immigration? Make Europe weak and unable to repel the third world invasion? 

I usually say that people get the politicians they deserve. If people in a country vote for left-wing politicians, they will get left-wing policies. Mass migration is a result of the people wanting it. A majority in Sweden still thinks it is a positive thing. And it is important to point out migrants are not the problem. The problem is that people are so left-wing, they don't realize the problems with mass migration and failed integration, because they want to virtue signal about how progressive they are.

Those who opose mass imigration and destruction of European traditions are frequently accused racism, neonazism, xenophobia, etc. What would you say about such accusations?

These accusations is nothing more than a technique used by the left to get power over people. Political correctness is used to control what people can and cannot say, what we can and cannot criticize. It is not "racist" to want to preserve your country and culture. Have you ever noticed that these word games always plays into the leftist narrative? Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world, but we never hear anything about anti-Christian hate crime...

How do you see future of Europe, will it sink in into destruction? Or will some parts, most notably central/eastern Europe, manage to survive?

It is very difficult to predict what will happen in the future, but it is very clear that things in for example Sweden is not going very well. In only a few decades we will be a minority in our own country. I think many places in Europe will not be what they used to be, we will see a lot of changes. But I was recently in Poland, and it gave me great hope that Eastern Europe will still be European in the future. I think we will see more and more Western Europeans moving to Eastern Europe in the future.

34 4 peter sweden

Some citizens of Sweden allready moved in Poland and Hungary and many supossedly consider such move. Is it true, do you know somebody from Sweden, who moved or intend to move?

Yes, I have spoken to people who want to move, and many consider Poland or Hungary. It is funny because the Western media always talks about these countries in a negative way, but the fact is they have more freedom than many Western countries.

For the end, personal question, if western Europe wil endure destruction, will you move in central Eurpoe in if so, where?

Very interesting that you ask this question, because I am actually planning on moving to Poland soon. When I was in Poland for the independence day, I saw how proud the Polish were of their culture, and it actually felt like coming to a normal country. It felt like travelling back in time to what Sweden used to be like many years ago. When I arrived back home, on the airport the first thing I saw was a feminist advertisement, I almost turned around and went back on the plane to Poland...

Thank you for answers.


Peter Imanuelsen, better known online as PeterSweden. I am a Swedish independent journalist and political commentator. I was born in Bergen, Norway on 27th September 1994, but I grew up just north of Stockholm in Sweden. Growing up I was homeschooled, and started working in the computer industry . However seeing the situation in Sweden go unreported, I decided to become a journalist and do the job myself! Family is very important, and I have two younger brothers who still live with my parents. As for myself I am still single...

My hobbies include traveling, skiing and photography. There is nothing better than going on a road trip to some beautiful scenery and take pictures!

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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2019) Edina Toth: A civilization without strong fundations has no future

(Published on May 1, 2019)

In upcoming elections for European Parliament, Edina Toth run on Fidesz list. She served in years 1996-2003 as vice-president of Fidesz youth wing, in 1999-2001 she served as vice president of EPP student organisation. Since 2004 she works as advisor in EPP Group.

Would you agree that this year elections are crucial for future, not only for future of European union, but our continent in general?

Yes, I fully share this opinion. I think this year's EP elections are crucial for the European Union and whole Europe. We will decide about the future of the continent and our future, therefore we are before a historic election. The question is not only whether there will be more right wing or left wing representatives in the European Parliament, but the key question we will decide on is whether Europe will continue to be European or will it change in such a direction that in some years we could not recognise what it was. We will be deciding on defending our Christian European culture and preserving Europe and our countries as we have always known them.

You already work for some time as an advisor in EPP group. Can you tell us something about your past work in Bruxelles?

Yes, I work as a policy adviser for the EPP Group for 15 years. I came to Brussels with the enlargement in 2004. My role is to give political advices to the EPP Members on different policy fields. To facilitate to try to find a common line on a certain policy field first within the EPP Group and after to try to find a compromise with the other political groups keeping the essentail elements of the EPP line for the committee and after for the plenary vote.

What urged you to move from »support« role into more active one?

I have been active in politics since I was a teeneager. For many years I was one of the vice-presidents of Fidelitas, the youth organisation of Fidesz and of EDS (European Democrat Students), the student organisation of the European People's Party. I have been a MEP candidate already three times since 2004. If you want to be a really active MEP you need a comprehensive knowledge about the EU and its functioning, and I think my previous work in the EP provides me with a good background for the new task.

If you will be elected, what will be your main field of interest? (economy, security, education…) Do you already have any special project in mind?

As an adviser in the EPP Group I was working for two and a half years in the committee on Women's Rights and in the past twelf and half years in the committee on Industry, Research and Energy. I am very much interested in the future of the single market and the future digital technologies. But I am ready for any new challenges that my party will assign to me.

How would you handle migration problem? Not just problem of future migrations but problems with migrants that are already here?

Let me start that it is very important to make a difference between refugees and economic migrants. We should help those people who are in need of it. In my opinion it is key that we should bring the help where they live, where the problems are and not to import here the problems. Let me draw your attention to the well functioning Hungary Helps programme which was set up in 2017 and aims at aiding Christian communities expreriencing persecution around the world and so far disbursed aid of 25 m EUR to 35,000 Christians making a living in their homelands. These people will have a key role in rebuilding their countries and contribute to their flourishment. Concerning those people who are already here in my opinion education has a key role.

Would you agree that main problem of Europe is cultural marxism, destroying the very fundations of our civilization?

In my view it is a crucial problem if we deny our roots, our tradition, our culture and religion. A civilization without strong fundations has no future, it is weak and can be easily attacked and influenced.

It is obvious that christianity is main target of attacks by both third world migrants and left liberal elites. Why, by your oppinion?

Unfortunately nowadays Christianty became the most persecuted religion in the world. Let me remind you about the recent tragic events during Easter in Sri Lanka. Your question is related to the previous question. If it is seen from outside that our christian civilisation is getting weaker, loosing its roots, giving up its idenity, you give the impression that you are weak and you are an easy target. It is always easier to attack somebody who is weaker compared to someone with a stronger identity. The aim of these forces is to gain control and seize power over the Christian Europe founded by Adenauer, Schuman, de Gasperi etc. and in order to achieve this the christian values are under systematic attack.

Many Europeans think that we care too much about how may others (non Europeans) feel, so we dont put our interests first. Do you agree with them, that it is about time, that we should put Europe first?

For the European citizens the European interests should be always the first. If you don't stand up for your interests you are weak. If your ability to enforce your interest is weak how can you help others? It is only possibly to provide help for others if you are stronger. Therefore it is crucial that we work for a strong christian Europe based on the interests of the nation states, in my opinion only then can we make our continent strong.

Hungary (and Fidesz) are taking fire from left liberal elites and MSM media for not caving their agenda. How about you personaly? Did you expirienced any resentment, presure, unplesanties from standing EU presonal or staffers of other political parties?

I like to exchange views with everybody, let it be a socialist, a liberal or a green. What is important for me is to listen to each other and respect each others opinion, this is key in my political culture. Of course I had many debates, disputes with repersentatives of other political parties, but always following the basic cultural norms.

Mainstream media is known about biased reporting on Višegrad countries. Can you mention one or two examples of most biased reportnig on Hungary or Fidesz?

We have to ask the question why? The answer is simple, as these countries oppose immigration. I can mention many examples unfortunately, but maybe one of the most biased example was the Sargentini report on Hungary in the European Parliament, which had nothing to do with facts, was completely based on lies, false information and was politically motivated, only because the Hungarian Government opposes migration.

Why do you think, left liberal elites try so hard to censure social media?

Social media has a growing role, it is influencing more and more people and it is the only media which reaches the young generation. It is not neccessary to explain what effect this can have in the longterm on a person.

Current polling show that EPP-SD-ALDE coalition would still had majority. Can we expect another »big coalition« and nothing will change? What is position of Fidesz in such scenario? Will you withdrew support for another big coalition?

First of all we have to wait for the result of the EP elections, still once month to go. At this moment it is also unclear what will happen with Brexit, which also effects the final result. Fidesz can support only such a coalition which respects the rights of Member States, defends European christian values and does not encourage immigration and wants to maintain the European cultural heritage.

According  to most recent poll in Hungary, Fidesz will get 14 out of 21 seats allocated to Hungary. I belive this prediction is quite steady for some months now?  Is there posibility of major swing either way?

According to the current opinion polls Fidesz will win and get the majority of the EP seats. In my opinion this is stable, and I do not forsee major changes. During my campaign I talk to many people in Hungary and the large majority of them are supporting the 7 point programme of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán which proposes the following:

  • The management of migration must be taken away from the Brussels bureaucrats and given to the national governments.
  • No country should be forced to accept migrants against its will.
  • Nobody should be admitted to Europe without valid identification and documents.
  • Prepaid migrant cards and the migrant visa must be abolished.
  • Brussel should not give more funding to the NGOs financed by George Soros.
  • In Europe, no one should be discriminated against because they declare themselves Christian.
  • EU institutions should be governed by politicians opposing immigration.

A bit lighthearted question for end- how do you feel with spot number 13 on Fidesz list?

I am very happy and honoured that my party nominated me for this place. I am not supersticious and I truly hope number 13 will bring me luck. Let me also take the opportunity to thank for the excellent co-operation with Mr Janez Jansa and MEP Milan Zver.

Thanks for your answers and hopefully we will see you as MEP in next parliamentary term.

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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2019) Really disgusting: A migrant having sex with a dog on his way to Slovenia ?! (VIDEO)

(Published on November 13, 2019)

Portal of the Una-Sana Canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina publishes an exciting video of a dog rape involving an illegal migrant. "I was just waiting for it to start. It starts with animals and then they go over people,” a BiH reader commented under the article.

The migrant crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina's Una-Sana Canton is reaching ever greater proportions. While the security and social situation is only one aspect, BiH residents also face many daily close encounters with migrants.

According to the portal, a homeowner installed a security camera near the BIRA Migration Center in Bihac, and the recorded footage literally threw him on the butt.

Migrant having sex with a dog?

He first noticed when he came out of work that there was something wrong with his dog, as he showed signs of unusual behaviour and that he was even afraid of him. His wife also noticed this, so they looked at the camera footage facing the street. In the video, they were shocked to discover that someone had sexually abused their dog and penetrated it in various ways. This person is, according to the portal, an illegal migrant who "afforded" a dog and sexually abused him. The owner even reported the case to a veterinary inspectorate in Bihac, as the dog was also to be inspected.

Video HERE.

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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2019) Very Scary! Four illegal migrants in Bela Krajina (Slovenia) kidnapped a local, bound him, stuck him into the trunk and drove towards Italy

(Published on May 9, 2019)

Four illegal migrants who have yesterday illegally crossed the Croatian-Slovenian border in Bela Krajina (Slovenia) abducted a local farmer when he worked in the vineyard, said his daughter Natasha.

The kidnapping took place near the village called Mali Nerajec near the Croatian-Slovenian border, while the locals name is Mr.Mirko Moravec, aged 80 years. According to his daughter Natasha, her father was working in the vineyard while he was attacked by four men, who tied him with a rope and locked him up in the trunk of his car. Then they sat in the car and continued their way to Italy. In Sežana, his father was thrown out of the car.

"Everything was well organized; migrants had two Slovenian guides (a couple) who were betraying that they were archaeologists. So they could approach him and looked up at the circumstances," says one of the locals, about the hideous kidnapping of an elderly man.

Otherwise, daughter Natasa Moravec-Jakofcic told the local Radio Odeon that her father, Mr. Mirko Moravec, went to the vineyard, just above the village, yesterday at around 8 in the morning. At about 10 o'clock she brought him a lunch and they spoke a little. Then he called her around 13:00 and ordered her to bring him a sprayer. When she arrived, he told her that he had two guests, who had introduce to him as an archaeologist. These two told him that the place was interesting and that they could find there some archaeological remains.

She returned back, then at about 13.30 and she saw that her father’s car just passed by. She did not see if there was a father in the car. After a while, she began to worry about where he had gone; therefore her son went to the vineyard and called her, saying that her father was not there. She began to call out the acquaintances, who did not even know where her father was.

At about 18.00 o'clock, some lady called her and introduced herself as Sežančanka. She said that her father was with her.

"I was in shock because I did not know what he would do in Sežana at six in the afternoon. She told me that they tied him, put him in the trunk and drove off and then he was thrown out of the car in the forest near Sežana. Then he himself searched for the first house, in order to be able to call us at all," said Natasa Moravec-Jakofcic for the Radio Odeon.

According to our information, the police spent long time in the evening exploring the scene of the incident and then information came from Italy, that the kidnappers had been captured by the local security authorities.

More details of the alleged kidnapping will be explained by Slovene police officers tomorrow at a press conference.

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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2019) Exclusively: We are publishing a letter from the President of the Slovenian Democratic Party Janez Janša to the EPP president Joseph Daul

(Published on March 20, 2019)

The president of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), Janez Janša, in special letter appealed to the president of the European People's Party, Joseph Daul, to cancel the today's vote, in which he decided to exclude Fidesz Viktor Orban from the center-right family. He added that the EPP would otherwise risk it’s splitting before the European elections. We are publishing a letter from the President of the Slovenian Democratic Party Janez Janša to the EPP president Joseph Daul.



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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2019) (LIVE) Fire at Notre Dame cathedral: the Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation (VIDEO)

A major fire ripped through Notre-Dame cathedral in central Paris late Monday. Watch Live HERE.

00:54am What are Arabic-speaking Muslims saying about the fire (and possible arson) in Notre Dame Cathedral? This guy expresses his hopes that the French will soon cry over the Arc de Triomphe as well.

00:40am Three days ago a Muslim jihadis in Paris was arrested for planning a terrorist attack at Notre Dame Cathedral. Today, Notre Dame is in flames (HERE).

00:31am The Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the devastating fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, a spokesperson told CNN on Monday. Prosecutors will be investigating an "involuntary destruction by fire,” the spokesperson said.

00:20am A brief summary of who is responding to the tragic Notre Dame fire with 'smiley faces' on Facebook. Look HERE.

11:59pm Prosecutors believe the fire started accidentally, based on their preliminary investigation.

More HERE.

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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2019) Jože Biščak, editor in chief of the weekly magazine Demokracija: An open letter to the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) at the Council of Europe

(Published on August 12, 2019)

I am writing to you because in the European Commission's Report against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) by the Council of Europe (HERE) referring to Slovenia, there are mentioned weekly magazine Demokracija, where I am the editor-in-chief, and as patriotic and a freelance man who loves freedom, his homeland, Slovenia and Europe.

You have noted that the report is the result of analyses made on the basis of a large amount of information collected from a wide range of sources. I fully understand that you refer to official sources (the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, the police or the Ombudsman), that is to say, institutions that have power and influence, collecting data ex officio, but how much your range is really wide has been shown in media (paragraph 38), where you refer exclusively to one journalist society, although in Slovenia there are several journalistic associations and associations that differ in their views and opinions from the one you are referring to. It is the same with non-governmental organizations, where I cannot get rid of the feeling that they have been carefully selected only so that their findings and opinions are in line with your expectations to justify your existence and spending taxpayer money.

That is why your report is shameful, unilateral and biased. The report has nothing to do with democracy, which you like to refer to, has nothing to do with human rights, it still has less to do with freedom - that value that made the western world for the most magnificent civilization and put it in first place in human history. Freedom does not only mean that you are not deprived of liberty. Freedom is much more, it means that you have the right to act and freely express your opinions, without worrying that someone, especially authority from the position of political power, would be restrained. Your vocabulary in the report is far from this. It is the poisonous language of totalitarianism, which calls for the punishment of all who think differently.

What you write is a monologue. The document is clearly ideologically and politically colored, it has no connection with freedom. With democracy maybe, but this democracy is only according to your taste, it is made to your extent, it is the reflection of your vision of democracy. What is understandable in our understanding is that democracy is only a form and mode of governance, which does not yet guarantee freedom. That is why you have liberality in language only, liberalism for you means you look at matters exclusively from one side. And then you make a point and The End. For you, there is no other opinion, there is no other view. Everything that is not in accordance with your globalist agenda and the actions against the sovereign nations of Europe, among which we the Slovenes are, is the so-called hate speech for you. What you are doing is not a dialogue. This is a monologue in which you see only one side of the medal in the name of liberal, democratic and free-thinking thought, because your view does not go further. In doing so, you stubbornly insist on and urge the Slovenian government to prosecute and severely punish all those who, in particular, do not think and act in the same way as you have imagined, especially as regards illegal migrations and LGBT ideologies.

There is too much nonsense in your report to deal with everyone. I will concentrate mainly on your opinion that the so-called hate speech in Slovenia is not sufficiently prosecuted and punished. In your report, there is an indignation about the Slovenian Article 297 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Slovenia. Why? This article defines punishment for those who allegedly inflate hatred, violence or intolerance based on ethnic, racial, religious or ethnic affiliation, sex, skin colour or other beliefs. The same are punishable those who deny or diminish the significance of the Holocaust or the crimes against humanity. This article has a safeguard, which in some way protects the freedom of expression of the people against abuse of power. Namely, under this article, only those who threaten public order and peace can be punished, or do so by using a threat. You see this as a safeguard or in other words as a fulfilment of a condition for punishment or as an obstacle to the effective persecution of otherwise thinking people. You are inviting the government to eliminate this disadvantage or obstacle. You think that this is the reason that in Slovenia examples of hate speech are almost never prosecuted. Even more. From the 33rd point, it is regrettable that Slovenia, when leaving Yugoslavia, renounced the infamous Article 133 of the Criminal Code of the SFRJ, since it would be easier to persuade other people with this formulation of "verbal delict".

Are you totally out of your mind? How could something like that occur in your report? Do you even know how many people were beastly persecuted or murdered for the sake of Article 133? Do you even know that almost 2 million people have been killed by Tito and his communist regime in the former Yugoslavia after the Second World War? And that exclusively because they were of a different opinion than a monolithic and totalitarian power system. And you would now like to return Slovenia back, again, to accept an Article similar to the notorious Article 133, and thus begin to prosecute and punish everything that will not be in line with your agenda. You can be ashamed and also ashamed can be the ones that dictated you this report.

And so on… Your intellectual perversion really has no boundaries. Paragraph 15 states that there is no visible progress in taking into account ECRI's proposals on the prohibition of public funding by organizations that promote alleged racism, including political parties. And that the possibility of dissolving such organizations has not yet been enacted. Based on your writing and understanding of racism, you expect that in Slovenia patriotic organizations and political parties will be banned. It is heart-breaking that today, anyone who respects the national symbols, believes in a national identity and cultivates love for the homeland, is marked as a nationalist or racist. It is still missing only a bit and also national languages will be labelled as undesirable and also a national flag displayed above the house, which emphasizes national awareness, will become a symbol of xenophobia.

Weekly magazine Demokracija and Nova24TV are already labelled as racists and homophobic. Exclusively, because they emphasize patriotism, because they oppose illegal migration and fight against indoctrination with the LGBT agenda. They do not deny anyone the right to say that he lives in the way he suits and to declare even so retarded ideas, but as a journalist and editor, I take the right to say my own opinion, and that I freely spread my ideas, even if one of the groups (or any of the individuals) is offended or affected by it. It is not a human right not to be offended, but freedom of speech is a fundamental human right.

In paragraph 32, you are applauding to the Slovenian Prime Minister, Marjan Sarec, who called all state-owned companies not to advertise in certain patriotic media any more. If you think this is OK and in line with democracy and freedom, it does not seem OK to me. This is a typical abuse of power from a position of political power that has nothing to do in a normal and free country. The call of Mr. Sharec, which has the highest executive power in the country, is harmful, scandalous and embarrassing and has a direct intervention in a free enterprise initiative and on advertising market. In any case, his statement is the worst attack on freedom of expression after Slovenia's independence, and in direct contravention of the Constitution. And instead of condemning such attacks on freedom and democracy, the Council of Europe in cheerfully clapping to him.

Your report seriously undermines the future possibilities of free exchange of views and opinions. I'm going to fight against this. I will never allow people in the Council of Europe to set and define the limits of freedom of speech. This limit, which must be highly placed, can only be determined legally. You yourself have come to know this, but instead you still press on the Slovenian government to change the legislation according to your taste. I understand this as an attack on freedom, as an attempt to create a tyranny, as your desire for people in fear of law enforcement to resort to self-censorship.

That is why your speech on freedom in human rights is only an empty expression, which refers only that you are political corrective activists, who are trying to silence any critique of migration, Islam and the LGBT agenda. In fact, you do not fight against discrimination and intolerance; you are fighting against those who ask you to criticize and defend your culture, your tradition, your family and your nation. And you try to silence people, for then there will be no one who will defend the traditional values of the European nations. Is this your mission? In the name of what and whom?

In the name of freedom, on behalf of Slovenia and on behalf of Europe, I do not have a moral right to just shrug my shoulders regarding your report. It is my duty to draw attention loud and clear not only on your mistakes, but your deliberate misleading’s and manipulation, on the deliberate destruction of what is pleasing to us all, on the attempts to deny the ones who took care that the Slovenes survived as a nation for centuries. If I had acted differently, if I squeezed the tail between my legs and was quiet, I would betray myself and my beliefs, I would betray my own people, who are threaten with great danger due to uncontrolled and illegal migrations, I would betray other nations of Europe (with whom in history we also been in warfare, but we always find a way to peace), which today are sharing with us a similar fate.

That would be a great betrayal. That's why I will not be quiet. And even though you are the kind of people who claim to support freedom of expression, on the other hand, you will not hesitate to push the views of others through violent means. And I'm not just talking about harmful eccentricities in the Council of Europe, but about the orchestrated campaign and the attack of official international institutions of Europe on the fundamental human freedoms and values. The reflection of this is a shameful report about Slovenia, which I reject with disgust.

Mr. Jože Biscak, editor in chief of the weekly magazine Demokracija

Translate by Samo J.

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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2019) Kalergi plan and the hidden interests behind mass immigration

(Published on May 15, 2019)

 The issue of mass immigration is currently dividing the European public. While those on the left are in favor of open borders policy and mass immigration from the third world, the numbers of those Europeans that believe that the multicultural experiment has fail is on the rise. They believe that we need stronger border controls which will stop the waves of immigrants coming to Europe. In every case it’s becoming clear that the elites from Brussels have some personal interests hidden behind their support for mass immigration. The new ambiguous laws and declarations which will allow even more steady migrations are certainly not just the result of some misgiven humanitarianism of those elites. But the main questions rising among Europeans are, what are those hidden interests? Why are many European leaders ready to risk their reputations, and even their votes, because of their almost fanatical support for mass immigration from the Middle East and Africa to our old continent?

If we want to know the answers to this questions, we have to research the so called »Kalergi plan«, which can help us understand the real goals behind the happenings in Europe today, and behind this seemingly irrational support for mass immigration. The man behind this ominous plan was Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi, one of the main architects and ideologues of European Union, but in spite of his important role in the creation of the EU, he remains unknown to the general public in Europe today.

Ideological Father of the European Union

Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, who was one of the first proponents of the European integrations and the founder of the Paneuropean Union, is regarded as the ideological father of the European Union. It was on his suggestion that the Beethoven’s 9th Symphony of his famous Ode to Joy composition became the hymn of Europe, and he also worked closely with the team that designed the flag of European Union. But his influence didn’t stop with the hymns or flags. It ran much deeper, to the very foundations of the EU. It was him who has through his works laid the blueprint of the EU, by advocating the unification of European states into one Paneuropean entity.

Kalergi who, as we shall see, announced the coming of the new racially mixed man, was himself of racially mixed background. He was half Austrian, half Japanese, born in Tokyo in 1894, where his father, a diplomat and a member of the nobility, served as the ambassador to the Austro Hungarian Empire. He spent most of his youth on the family estate in Czechoslovakia, until 1908 when he went to study in Vienna, where he continued to live and work after his studies. He joined the prominent Masonic Grand Lodge Humanitas in 1921, and founded his movement the Paneuropean Union a year later. This movement mostly stood for European integrations, which would result in the creation of the United States of Europe with one common market, common currency and an unrestricted, free movement of the population. The colonies which some European countries held at that time would also be incorporated into this new European super-state, which would in fact enable mass migrations of Africans into Europe. Kalergi claimed that a lasting peace could be achieved only with the abolition of the nation states which were in his opinion, because of their everlasting rivalries, the main reason for wars in Europe. This were the main ideas and principles which Kalergi explained in his Paneuropean Manifesto, published in 1923.

Support of the international bankers

Kalergi's proposals, views and ideas gained a lot of attention and support among many important politicians of that era, including Ignaz Seipel, who served twice as Federal Chancellor of Austria, Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Karl Renner, the first President of Czechoslovakia Tomaš Masaryk, the first Czechoslovakian Minister of Foreign Affairs, and its second president, Edvard Beneš, French president and Nobel prize winner Aristide Briand, French politician, who later on served as the President of France three times, Leon Blum, and Austrian politician and lawyer Konrad Adenauer, who later became Chancellor of West Germany.

But it wasn’t just the politicians who supported the ideas and views of Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi. He also gained a lot of support among influential bankers. After he published his most important work titled Practical Idealism in 1925, in which he described in detail his vision of future Europe, his Paneuropean Movement received a generous donation of 60,000 German Goldmarks from an international banker Max Warburg. Kalergi came in contact with Max Warburg through Baron Louis Rothschild, a prominent member of the famous banking Rothschild family, which is known as one of the richest families in the world even today.  The Rothschilds were of course also big supporters of Kalergi and of his plans for the creation of Pan Europe, the super state which would unite all European nations into a single entity. With the help of the Rothschilds and Max Warburg, Kalergi became acquainted with many influential bankers from Wall Street such as Paul Warburg, the brother of Max Warburg, Jacob Schilf and Bernard Baruch. Paul Warburg and Jacob Schilf are also known as the people who helped establish the American Federal Reserve Bank. But what is even more interesting, is the fact that the above mentioned Jacob Schilf, a known capitalist, financed the Russian revolution and the Bolsheviks, and  it was him who gave Trotsky the financial means for his return to Russia.

Many people saw Kalergi's endeavors for European integrations and a United Europe as a noble cause. They believed that his main objective was to raise the standard of living and to achieve an everlasting peace, because he himself used this kind of rhetoric, when preaching about his ideals; he claimed that he is fighting for the prosperity of the whole humankind. But hidden beneath this noble humanistic rhetoric, were not so noble personal interests of his main financial supporters. The crisis that we are witnessing in Europe today are in fact the direct consequences of their goals and of their struggle, which is still being presented as some kind of a humanistic effort.

»The man of the future will be of mixed race«

The main goal of Kalergi's plans was not just the abolition of the national states. He went much further than that, as he also wanted to erase the European nations, which would be replaced with the new kind of people, who would fit better into his vision of a future European super state. He described this new type of man in his above mentioned book, Practical Idealism:

»The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the current diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. «

And it was precisely this vision of the future citizen of Europe that delighted the international elite of bankers, freemasons and other influential businessmen, which started to finance the Paneuropean Union, after the publication of Practical Idealism. It was this same elite that helped Kalergi to immigrate to the United States at the outbreak of the Second World War, where he continued his work and struggle for the European integrations. While in the USA, he also gained a lot of support from major newspapers, such as The New York Times, which published his articles on regular basis. Kalergi's ideas even gained support from U.S. President Harry Truman after the war, when he stumbled upon an article written by Kalergi in some newspaper. As for Kalergi himself, he moved to France after the war, where he continued with his efforts towards the establishment of the European super state. He was a pioneer of the European integrations and he also set the foundations for a new world order in which the diverse nations will disappear through the mixing of different  peoples, and will gradually be replaced by one monotone population, or in different words, by one human herd controlled by the international elites.

Pioneer of Multiculturalism

Kalergi's ideas and views represent the plan for the demographic replacement of native Europeans through race mixing and planned mass migration. Keep in mind that Kalergi also included African colonies in his new Pan Europe, which would mean that the population of the black continent could freely move to Europe. The consequences of this would be of course a new population of mongrels, without a clearly defined identity, or a sense of belonging and loyalty to any particular culture or nation. And that is exactly the kind of population that would suit the international elites, because they are well aware that it is easier to control the masses of individuals. These elites crave total power over us, and they know that they could never achieve complete domination over the once homogenous nations of Europe, which would always stay loyal to their own tradition, culture and religion. So the only way for them to achieve total domination is by mixing different peoples and races into one human herd, which is exactly what Kalergi advocated in his plans. These plans are being put into action by certain elites from Brussels exactly for the above reasons. Their main goal is the creation of a new totalitarianism of political correctness under the mask of human rights. That is the real reason behind their constant support for mass immigration, for Marrakesh declaration type documents and resolutions that they are pushing, and for their praise of the supposedly so enriching multiculturalism that they are promoting through mainstream media every day. So it turns out that Kalergi was not only a pioneer of European integrations, but was also a pioneer of multiculturalism,and an architect of a new world order.


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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2019) Lana Lokteff: The West Needs To Go Through A Death And A Rebirth

(Published on January 11, 2019)

Lana Lokteff is among most known personalities of new political right, that become prominent in recent years. Due practical monopoly influence political left has in mainstream media, new right uses alternative way to promote right ideas, most notable podcasts, vlogs, social media in general. Web media company Red Ice where Lana for decade regularry comment on political and social issues, has 300 regular subscribers with tens of thousands random daily visitors. Among them are obviously leftists too as they constantly put pressure on mainstream politics and web giants executives to shut down Red Ice and thus Lana as well. This leftist efforts are proof of Lana influence on political and social issues in current western society.

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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2019) Mr. Janez Janša: Slovenians and Europe

(Published on March 3rd, 2019)

There comes a time, when a nation needs to think about its place in the world. It can only effectively do so in an open and democratic discussion. Let us start that process as soon as possible. The outlook is very different now than it was in 2004. That was when we entered the EU and NATO and attached our destiny, with the strong backing of the people through a referendum, politically, with other nations of the Western hemisphere.

In the decade and a half that followed, we spent the first few years in a honeymoon period of a reunited Europe, then struggled with the economic crisis of the developed world, and ultimately faced pressure of the massive migration to our rich and old continent. Without pause to take a break, Brexit followed, representing the biggest shock for the EU since its onset. One of its biggest members is leaving the EU, which had so far only been expanding.

The EU did not fall apart because of that and will not fall apart tomorrow either, but it did halt. Suddenly even reversing became possible. Only the fact itself that such a possibility exists ferments insecurity. Unstable surroundings nurtures egoisms and hinders compromises, which are the basis for a well-functioning Union.

Recent crises, the migrant crisis in particular, made the double standards within the EU very visible. Due to its specific weight, with multiple representations within the Brussels administration and the influence of key formal decision makers in the EU, particularly the European Commission, the biggest Member States of the EU can easily turn their own domestic problems into joint ‘EU’ problems. In the same vein, they can ignore the domestic problems of the smaller Member States. They can labell them as nationalistic tendencies or selfish, non-European acts and in extreme cases even mark them as possible violations of European legal standards.

The use of double standards on the axis of big - small Member States has recently also had the double standards based on political divisions added to it. While for countries with non-socialist governments, the European Parliament and the European Commission are imposing warnings and sanction resolutions or measures, and we do not witness the same measures when it comes down to countries with socialist or left liberal governments. In order to conceal the political double standards, their apologists conveniently use ideology.

The last hit is an alleged clash between various “democracies”. The progressive  forces supposedly embrace liberal democracy, whereas illiberal voices are considered to be ‘regressive’. When we look at the trick more closely, it becomes apparent that it is only just that - a trick. Democracy is democracy. A decision-making process, where each adult with a working capacity has a single voice.

The adjectives: social, Christian or liberal democracy are value based. They mark different political directions, which are all democratic, because they acknowledge the general voting rights and denounce all the totalitarianisms equally. Until recently, it was true that no democracy is ‘worthier’ than the other. Then another trick appeared, where people started to claim that only liberal democracy counts as real. That the liberals, due to their name, have used the trick is a given. That the trick is being used by the socialists, is only natural since they are used to distorting reality. But to see that some Christian democrats have taken the bait, this borders on masochism.

The usage of double standards is always the fastest way to destroy inter personal relationships, trust and creative atmosphere in each community. The intensity of such occurrences in the European Union has grown drastically within the last couple of years and this should worry us very much.

Slovenians joined the group of European nations. We entered the unique formation that legally provides equality of our culture, language and national identity. A formation that enables us to co-decide within several important areas. In ideal circumstances we would assume that we can do so and that everybody respects the rules. Today, both of those named assumptions are under question.

The positive climate is cooling off and threats are awakening. Slovenians, as a small nation, need to be aware of this, seriously and on time. The threats are coming from both sides. Accelerated ‘integration’ and ‘federalization’ of the Union can only be realized today to the detriment of smaller nations. If our ‘national voice’ is weakened, and the majority decision is strengthened, we will end up with less than 1% of the impact on the majority ‘European’ elections from the at least partially equitable position. At the same time the nationalist movements of the big European countries, which have in the past centuries many times devastated the Continent, also today are not paper tigers. They are present, but hiding behind the big words and phrases, media monopoly and the usage of double standards. Some might see them temporarily as allies in the fight against aggressive socialist assaults with which they wish to turn Europe into a multicultural aggregate. However, history has taught us that extremities of the big fight each other or alternatively, make deals on the account of the small ones.

Do not be surprised if some day in the future you will find out that amongst federalists and nationalists of the big European countries, when it comes down to the final goal, big differences do not exist. Never forget the pact between Hitler and Stalin. Never forget Jalta. Never forget the double standards in dealing with South and North Stream.

The time ahead of us, also ahead of Slovenians, is the time to fight. A fight to protect our comfortable position in the world. A fight for the Europe that we voted for in the 2003 referendum. For a Europe of European civilization and culture, based on the Ten Commandments and Enlightenment. A Europe that respects human rights and basic freedoms, gender equality and the right of a man to safety and dignity. For a Europe that can protect and defend its civilisation. The legal base for such a Europe is written in the Lisbon Treaty.

That is why, Slovenians should be worried today by everything that pulls us away from the Lisbon Treaty.

Janez Janša is  a Slovenian politician who was Prime Minister of Slovenia  from 2004 to 2008 and again from 2012 to 2013. He has led the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) since 1993. 

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Peter Sweden: "It's not 'racist' to preserve your country and culture!"

We spoke to a Swedish journalist and younger generation publicist, Peter Imanuelsen, who otherwise poses as Peter Sweden. For our weekly magazine Demokracija, he described the situation in Sweden in recent years, especially in the light of migration and globalization.

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