Minister Aleš Hojs in his resignation statement: There are still no moves in the investigation of money laundering of one billion for Iranian terrorists and the chosen ones of the deep state publicly declare that they will never be prosecuted

Here is the resignation statement of the Minister of the Interior, Aleš Hojs. We publish it in full.

"Dear Prime Minister, Mr. Janez Janša!

After we in the government under your leadership successfully curbed the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic and largely alleviated the social and economic crisis caused by the disease, media and repressive pressures are intensifying again on all those of us in the government team   who did this work enthusiastically, responsibly and for the benefit of the citizens. So yesterday we could read that house searches are being prepared at the home of Minister Počivalšek, that a criminal complaint had already been illegally written against Minister Tonin, even before his defense, and that the threats from two months ago, announced in the column for the weekly Mladina, to this government by the creator of the largest Slovenian police and political scandals, Drago Kos, are coming true. Today, these predictions have been confirmed as accurate.

As Minister of the Interior, in the coalition program I undertook to make an amendment to the Aliens Act, the International Protection Act and the much-needed regulation of the police situation by the end of this year. Both laws are ready, are in interdepartmental coordination, and can be adopted in the National Assembly by the end of October. We also approached the regulation of the situation in the police, which, with its sacrifice, professionalism and exceptional efforts, made an important contribution to curbing the epidemic and systematically tackled the protection of our southern border. Unfortunately, part of this security system, especially the criminal police and the National Investigation Office, has for many years not followed the expectations of citizens in the prosecution of organized crime. Thus, there are still no moves in the investigation of money laundering of one billion for Iranian terrorists and the chosen ones of the deep state publicly declare that they will never be prosecuted. It is more than obvious that this part of the police is consciously involved in protecting crime and, under the guise of prosecuting it, intimidates individuals who are not politically in favor of them.

Despite the personnel changes at the top of the police and the changes made by the Director General of the Police so far, I believe that the Udba party structure of the decisive part of the police, in relation to the prosecution and the judiciary, is so firmly anchored in the system that given the existing legislation and the powers I have as a minister in relation to the police, it does not allow me to effectively depoliticize and change the police.

Therefore, dear Prime Minister, I would like to inform you that as of today, I am irrevocably resigning as the Minister of the Interior of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

Finally, let me thank you for the honor and recognition you have shown me by inviting me to your government team. At the same time, I would like to inform you that in addition to the government you lead, I will continue to do my utmost to help the citizens to democratize our society and depoliticize security structures.

Aleš Hojs

Ljubljana, June 30, 2020"

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State Secretary mag. Monika Kirbiš Rojs welcomes EU recovery plan, calls it 'ambitious step in the right direction'

State Secretary mag. Monika Kirbiš Rojs took part in a videoconference with Cohesion Ministers of the Visegrad Group (V4), Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the representative of Croatia and the EU Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms Elisa Ferreira. Participants reaffirmed the importance of Cohesion Policy in addressing the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Pahor on Statehood Day: We must do our best to make sure that what we have in common will be triumphant again

In his speech at the ceremony on Statehood Day, President of the Republic Borut Pahor, called for everyone to give up actions which would deepen the mutual distrust or incite hatred. “We do not deserve this. None of it will benefit us. There has been enough, even too much of it,” he was clear. We must make an effort to make sure that “what we have in common will be triumphant again,” as this will result in a decisive push for our national and state development.

Slovenian PM Janez Janša: Freedom is sacred to me and freedom of expression is something I will always fight for

We spoke with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Janez Janša, who took over the leadership of the Slovenian government for the third time in March this year, when the coronavirus epidemic hit Slovenia. Before that, at the end of January, the former Prime Minister Marjan Šarec resigned, as his own LMŠ ministerial team gave him a red card, and he proved to be completely incapable of leading the government.

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša: Slovenia, my homeland

In the history of every nation there is a precisely defined moment that enables a nation to become sovereign, its own master on its own land. Such a moment reflects the positive attitude of most citizens or members of the nation. Such a moment represents the centre of the nation's values. For us, Slovenians and citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, this is the moment of independence.

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Jože Biščak and Vinko Vasle: About petition, prey and predators

We are sincerely glad that you, individuals, came forward and signed a petition against political pressure on RTV Slovenia. Some of you we know, others less, for the third we hear for the first time. We are especially pleased with the signatures of two people we know well - Boris Bergant and Lado Ambrožič, who are among the important staff of the RTV House, who have significantly contributed to the ideological and political and personnel situation in which it is. But more on that later. We believe that only open debate (sometimes sharp dialogue and confrontation of different points of view) helps to extract the best. Disagreement itself is the element that makes freedom of speech the most important human freedom. All other freedoms are based on this freedom, our civilization as we know it grew on it. Our ancestors knew that this is the buoyancy that brings progress. Unfortunately, we note that freedom of speech is under threat today and that there are many of you who believe that freedom of speech is a right with restrictions.

Lukšič's analysis is strongly inclined to the left

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation recently published an analysis entitled "Democracy and the State of Emergency", which analyzes the political situation in Slovenia, Croatia and the countries of the Western Balkans during the corona crisis. The foundation is a formally independent institution that "promotes democracy, political education and students with outstanding intellectual abilities and personalities". But in fact, since its inception in 1925, it has been closely associated with the German left-wing SDP party, so its promotion of democracy is strongly inclined to the left political spectrum. It is similar with the above-mentioned political analysis, in which the Slovenian part of the analysis was contributed by dr. Igor Lukšič.

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Dr. Anže Logar: “Hardworkers saved Slovenia in the sweat of their brows, with superhuman efforts, while jerks sought conspiracy, irregularities and criticized every decision of the government”

With the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia Dr. Anže Logar, we talked about the developments related to the new coronavirus epidemic, relations with neighbouring countries, the European Union and the increasingly turbulent international relations.

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Assembly for the Republic: This is a planned and coordinated unfounded attack on the current government

Some of the political parties which were in power for the last two years, and the part of civil society that favours them, have been protesting on bicycles for the past three weeks, against the current government, mainly for ideological reasons and unverified alleged corrupt actions by government officials, responsible for procuring medical safety equipment. Unfortunately, these accusations were largely fuelled by the media, which created the “masks affair,” nullified the efforts of all government and other services, and further solidified the sharp ideological polarization in our society, warned the Assembly for the Republic.

Let’s build a bridge across the divide caused by the revolution

The revolution was so successful that it created an abyss in the body of the nation. There are few who build bridges across this canyon. It is not possible to just fill it up, because the best our nation has ever had lies in the abyss. But in Rog, we heard the speeches of our two presidents who gave us hope with their example and attitude. Thank God for them!

Incredibly quick response from law enforcement authorities against minister Logar after the report of the Fighters' Union – if only they would do so in major corruption scandals!

Minister of Foreign Affairs Anze Logar received a criminal complaint for sending a personal letter to Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders on the situation in the Slovenian judiciary. "Let someone else say that law enforcement authorities in Slovenia are not working. They work express for me. On May 15th ZZB NOB files a criminal complaint, on May 22nd ODT provides guidelines, on May 30th the Police are already gathering additional information. Would the prosecution of banking crime go at the same pace?” responded foreign minister Logar.

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Janez Janša: My father’s story was always in my mind during the preparations for the independence and the war in June and July of 1991, as a warning of what the national division could result in, at such a fateful time!

Slovenia is still at a crossroads. “Justifying a crime is dangerous for any society, as it erodes the value and legal order at its core. It affects individuals and the masses and brings about the danger of the tragic times repeating,” the Prime Minister Janez Janša said in one of his past think pieces, emphasizing that the culture of death has distorted the human character of many individuals in Slovenia so much so, that they are incapable of uttering a simple sentence: “A crime is a crime, regardless of who commits it and with what political motives it is being justified.”

Prime Minister Janša: regarding the corruption in healthcare, he said: We are expecting the results as soon as possible!

“The network you mentioned already became a big problem at the time when the new Government was formed. I doubt that these channels are as easy to use now, as they were before, to fill their own pockets. I believe that some were being established for years, decades, and there is a lot of work for the competent authorities here. After all, the commission of inquiry, which was led by Jelka Godec, discovered that money was disappearing into the magazine Mladina, as well as into many other institutions that consider themselves independent. And into the many channels in which the deep state is maintained. Even these institutions, which should have acted, did not act – probably also because of the political will, and now they finally see this will. So they should get to work. The matters are now in their hands, and we are expecting the results as soon as possible,” the Prime Minister Janez Janša said when asked about the annual theft of 400 million euros by the so-called “octopus” of medical suppliers (an interconnected corruption network).

Dr. Kajetan Gantar: The provocative cycling is not an original idea

“The provocative cycling of the anarchists who are trying to obstruct the work of the government institutions with their loud whistling in public areas and in front of the building of the parliament is not an awakening of the spring, but a forecast of a frost that will freeze us to the bone. A bicycle should remain a sports tool for healthy recreation, not a weapon for the overthrowing of parliamentary institutions, and for the usurpation of power by the irresponsible anarchists,” an academic, professor Kajetan Gantar, Ph. D., wrote in his text. He is a retired full-time professor of the Latin language and literature at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana and its professor emeritus. His name is important and well-known in the translation and editorial circles. He responded to Friday’s cyclist protests with an article he wrote for the newspaper Družina. The article was published in the new issue of Družina (22/2020). We are publishing the article in its entirety below.

Columbia University: Government measures to help the economy rank us among the top three countries in the world!

Columbia University in New York has prepared an analysis of countries’ measures to help the economy after coronavirus. The United States spent the most money on economic recovery. If we compare the total amount of aid according to the size of the economy, Japan is the leader, followed by Luxembourg, and Slovenia came in at an enviable third place!

The petition in support of the Slovenian government was signed by more than 100,000 people

In support of the government, a petition entitled “We need a government that knows and can - and such a government needs us!” So far, more than 100.000 people have signed it. In the petition, its first signatories (Aleš Primc, Gorazd Pučnik, Simona Purkat, Tone Kuntner, France Cukjati, Metka Zevnik, Ciril Zevnik, Janez Juhant, Andrej Aplenc, Matevž Tomšič and Jože Rant) state, that the government has successfully tackled the epidemic and that they had done very much for the common good in two months.

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Are Tiko Noš and Rotko Zdenič international traitors?

I've known both of them since time immemorial. Tiko Noš has always had half a dozen jobs with high salaries at the same time, and it was easiest to get him at home during working hours. However, he reacted hourly to road accidents and was able to help those affected, even though with his brother's bank help he borrowed my money from an NLB account to finance local drug production  and he banned the publication of my father's memories at FDV Skodelica kave.

Ideological abuse of natural law

Natural law as a precursor and upgrade of positive law was established in ancient Greek philosophy as the law of God and nature in order to protect the highest innate right of every living being, that is, the right to life from which all further rights such as freedom and dignity are derived.

This is what real democrats do: Prime minister Janez Jansa answers questions from citizens live on Nova24TV on Mondays!

Among the novelties introduced by the new government is also that its president Janez Jansa has a conversation on Nova24tv every Monday at 20:10, where he also answers questions from citizens of Slovenia.

Of course, many people wonder if it would not be better to have such a show on national television. However, the national television has not yet shown interest in this, although it is true that it organizes talk shows now and then, both with the prime minister and with representatives of the opposition. But these talk shows are based on pre-prepared questions and not on questions from citizens. In this case, it is certainly a novelty, as the previous prime ministers have so far not answered direct questions from citizens, much less every week.

There are quite a lot of questions, mainly related to the measures that were introduced during the epidemic. You can send them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You are invited to watch the show every Monday at 20:10 on Nova24tv.

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Support for as many as three coalition parties is growing – Počivalšek’s SMC has also started to climb again!

The public opinion poll, conducted by the Parsifal agency for Nova24TV, records the highest level of support among those who already know who they would vote for, for the SDS party, followed by LMŠ and SD. Since the last public opinion poll, among the coalition parties, support has grown for the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS) (from 30.6 to 34.1 percent), the Democratic Party of Pensioners (Demokratska stranka upokojencev Slovenije – DeSUS) (from 6.4 to 6.5 percent), and even the support for the Modern Centre Party (Stranka modernega centra – SMC) has started rising again (from 0.2 to 05. Percent). Support for the SD, SNS, NSi and SAB parties has declined.

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