Photo Gallery! Patriotic Protesters in Front of National Assembly Critical of Government's Signature of Infamous Marrakesh Declaration! This is Treason for Slovenia!

The patriotic protests took place in the Republic Square in Ljubljana, blocking the traffic in front of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. Protesters also blocked the entrance to the parliament, which was closed for the time being. It is estimated that between 300 and 400 people have gathered, however the number was difficult to assess due to constant new arrivals. The United Nations’ Compact on Migration, which Slovenia has scandalously confirmed in Marrakesh, along with some more than 150 countries, contains recommendations for the formation of national policies in the area of migration, State Secretary at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Sandi Čurin, told STA. The fact that about 40 countries did not confirm it, however, according to him, does not mean anything drastic. Oh really? Such allegedly "non-binding international documents", as experience shows, will soon become mandatory for national states.

On Monday, in Morocco, Marrakesh, representatives of the UN member states have confirmed the UN's Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. It was joined by Slovenia as well. On December 19, the resolution will be approved by the UN General Assembly. Because of the infamous Marrakesh agreement, civil and independent political initiatives have already called on the government to publicly cancel the intended departure of the delegation to Marrakesh and the signing of the declaration. However, by the deadline on Sunday, December 9, the government did not listen to the will of the people, so as expected and according to their forecasts, there was a physical occupation of the streets in the center of Ljubljana.

Protesters have gathered in front of the parliament first, protesting against the adoption of the Marrakesh Declaration, while vehicles of the demonstrators were visible on Šubičeva street. The question was if the street would be blocked until the government leaves the harmful agreement.

The Government Was Warned of the Protest!

Several civil initiatives wrote a Letter to Prime Minister Marjan Šarec to publicly cancel the departure of the delegation to Marrakesh and the signing of the Marrakesh Declaration: “Dear Mr Šarec! We hope that you are aware that you have come to lead the government with a group of parties with which you have received 4.91 per cent of the vote. Therefore, you have no right to sign something that can affect the fate of the people”. They noted that the signing of this document would be detrimental to the future of the Slovenian nation and they marked the signature as treason that would destabilize and destroy national states.

 A Blockade of Ljubljana Center?

 Therefore, they have set a deadline for the government to publicly cancel the departure to Marrakesh and the signing of the declaration, until December 9th at midnight. “Failing to do this, on December 10, 2018, at 12 o'clock in the evening, we will massively occupy the streets and markets in Ljubljana and force you with all the legitimate and legal peaceful means available to ordinary citizens, to irrevocably resign and to inform the whole world public that the Slovenian delegation in Marrakesh is against the will of the people and does not have the mandate to sign the proposed declaration”. In addition, they wrote that in Slovenia the citizens exercise their power directly and through elections, according to the principle of separation of powers on the legislative, executive and judicial power.

The Public Does Not Support the Adoption of the Marrakesh Agreement!

According to the opinion poll conducted by Parsifal for Nova24TV, the majority of respondents believe that the Marrakesh Declaration should be rejected because it will harm the countries to which migrants come. 54.2 percent of respondents agree with this claim. Only 19.3 percent of respondents believe that the said declaration should be supported because it will additionally protect the rights of migrants, while 26.4 percent of respondents consider that they do not know enough and thus cannot take a stand.

Bernard Brščič: It is the Cowardice of the Slovenian Government!

One of the protesters, who presented himself as a member of the Committee on Equal Opportunities, explained that they are fighting “to have at least about the same chance in the election so that the voice of the common person is heard. We are also in solidarity with protesters in Europe with similar problems – their voice in official institutions is not heard”. “In France too, it is not just about protests against fuel taxes, but a set of reasons why this is the case. The Front National Stance and the Liberation of Society covers all political colors and parties," he explained.

He also stated that they did not stop the traffic. "I know, however, that there were calls for a spontaneous protest to take place in a slightly different way, not just with statements. We have been protesting for a long time, but we have no real interlocutor with any institution", he explained. According to his estimates, about 300 people gathered at the protest, organized by the "Conscious People of Slovenia" movement.

Among the demonstrators in front of the National Assembly, who oppose the signing of the UN Compact on Migration, was also Vili Kovačič. He said that they are protesting because of the agreement and other problems, among which he pointed out democracy and elections. "I called on four presidents in a letter that the decision of the Constitutional Court, which stipulates the need to remedy the democratic standards, the laws of democracy and elections, has to be taken seriously. The deadline was one year, however since then no one has touched on the issues in the parliament. The deadline will expire on January 15”, he said.

"First of all, we must restore the national sovereignty of this country and through it conquer this liberalization element of the society so that people become free to be able to decide on important issues by their own will. That is not the case now, the will of the people is despised, the referendum provisions are despised, 99% of people are despised”, said Gašper Ferjan, a member of the Democratic Committee.

“Our demands are the regulation of the referendum and electoral legislation. Borut Pahor, the President of Slovenia, pointed out that if the state does not reorganize itself, alternative institutions will be created”, he added.

Some protesters estimated that Slovenia’s signing the UN Compact on Migration is a form of treason. “This is also recognized by top politicians who squeezed the tail between their legs and entrusted the signing of the declaration to an unimportant state official. If you want the Marrakesh Declaration to become part of the Slovenian legal order, it should be ratified by the National Assembly. This ratification, however, will not be made possible since, before the second reading, there is a possibility to file an initiative for a referendum”, says Bernard Brščič, a publicist, who, despite different facts, insists that the agreement is an international treaty, which is not ratified, yet it will have legal consequences.

“This is about the cowardice of the Slovenian government. If the Prime Minister was a man, he would go to Marrakesh and sign the treason himself”, Brščič said. Other protesters, critical of politics and the media, also agreed with him.

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SDS Party Welcomes the Establishment of Parliamentary Inquiry Commission: This is How We Will Determine How Much Left Parties Have Received from the Laundered Iranian Billion in the NLB!

The Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) welcomes the establishment of an inquiry commission to deal with the financing of political parties from abroad. Thus, we will be able to determine the share of commissions from the laundered billion of Iranian euros through the state-owned NLB bank, received by the SD, DeSUS, Zares and LDS parties, as well as what proportion of commissions were given to individuals in the leadership positions of the List of Marjan Šarec Party, how much the Croatian tycoon Branko Roglić donated to the SMC Party and the extent to which foreign capital in the Pro Plus company participates in the continuous promotion of left parties LMŠ, SMC, SD, DeSUS, SAB and Levica.

(EXCLUSIVE) Sandi Čurin, the Man Who Shall Sign the Marrakesh Declaration, Which Signifies High Treason of the Slovenian Nation

“The Head of the delegation of the Republic of Slovenia at the conference in Marrakesh will be State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior (MNZ) mag. Sandi Čurin. The latter will confirm the political commitment of Slovenia to the global compact on migration”, wrote the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to Demokracija Magazine’s question.

Legal Experts on the Appeal of Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Šarec: The Appeal Against Advertising in Media, which Supposedly Spreads Hostile Content, Went Too Far. If the Prime Minister Crosses this Rubicon, that is Not Good!

A few days ago, Prime Minister Marjan Šarec had a scandalous response to the debate on whether it is appropriate for the partly or majority state-owned companies to advertise in media, which allegedly spreads hostile content. He believes that their readers can understand such advertising as active support for what is written, and called to consider: "Does the desire for profit really justify the tolerance of intolerance?" By declaring that he does “not support advertising in the media that spreads hostile content", the Prime Minister is seriously crossing the line of the politically acceptable, if he is placed as the judge of what constitutes hostile content, who is deemed responsible of it and how to counter it. This is the warning, in a joint statement, of legal experts, Dr Andraž Teršek, Dr Matej Avbelj, Dr Jurij Toplak and Dr Jernej Letnar Čenič.

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MEPs have sent a written question to the EC concerning the recent call by the Prime Minister Marjan Šarec in which he called on companies that are partially or majority-owned by the state to stop advertising in the media that spread hate speech

Members of the European Parliament coming from the ranks of the SDS Party Milan Zver, Romana Tomc and Patricija Šulin have sent a written question to the European Commission today concerning the recent call by the Prime Minister Marjan Šarec, published on the official website of the Prime Minister's Cabinet, in which he called on companies that are partially or majority-owned by the state to stop advertising in the media that spread hate speech.

MEPs are interested in whether such an attempt to affect action and freedom of the media is in line with the commitments to respect freedom and independence of the media to which Slovenia had committed while joining the EU. And, does the European Commission believe that such a call from the Prime Minister is also an attempt to politically influence business decisions of companies that are supposed to be freely taken by their management bodies. MEPs are also interested to know what the European Commission intends to do about this kind of behavior.

For the record, Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Šarec recently called on companies that are partially or majority-owned by the state to stop advertising in the media that spread hate speech. The Prime Minister said yesterday that he was pleased that his call had caused quite a stir and that people began to think about it. However, the statements of the Prime Minister Marjan Šarec regarding the ban on advertising cannot be taken merely as a well-meant warning or opinion, nor we can reduce it only to "raising a stir".

According to the Association of Journalists and Publicists, such a call is dangerously reminiscent to the recent times of media censorship. It is an attempt to politically disable the functioning of the media critical of the government, from the position of power. It is known that for some time already representatives of the government parties have been criticizing the critical media for spreading hate speech, while the definition of hate speech is left to the subjective assessment of government politicians. The Association of Journalists and Publicists adds that the government's side often accuses the media of hate speech merely based on critical writing about migration or government policy in this area.

Respected Slovenian lawyers Andraž Teršek, Matej Avbelj, Jurij Toplak and Jernej Letnar Černič wrote in a public letter on freedom of expression that the Prime Minister is seriously crossing the line of politically acceptable if he appoints himself as a judge on what is a hate contents, who is responsible for it and how to oppose it. Especially, if he strongly suggests that they come only from one of the two political sides. The aforementioned lawyers add that the Prime Minister, as a human being, has the right to give such value estimations, but that he, as a prime minister, goes too far in making such a statement suggesting a general existence of hate speech as a crime in these media. In the appeal, the lawyers also point out the politically illegitimate and unacceptable pressure on the companies, on which the state has a direct impact when wholly, largely or partially included as owner or supervisor. At the same time, they propose to the Prime Minister Šarec cautiousness and prudence to not cross the limit of freedom of action and expression, which befits a Prime Minister.

In a democratic state, law enforcement and judicial authorities are those responsible to judge what exceeds the freedom of expression, which can and must under no circumstances be judged by the Prime Minister.

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Scandalous: Šarec Appeals to State Companies to Consider if they Should Advertise in Media that Allegedly Spreads "Hostile Content"

Prime Minister Marjan Šarec responded to debates on whether it is appropriate for companies that are partly or mostly owned by the state to advertise in media that spread hostile content. He believes that their readers can understand such advertising as active support of the content and called to consider if "the desire for profit really justifies the tolerance of intolerance".

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State Millions Obtained Fast with Psychiatry

What do the Cakić, Zidar, Radan, Olovec and Kovač "killers from Facebook" cases, and most recently the Novič case, all have in common? These are all high-profile trials and procedures in which the fate of the defendants has been adjusted and, most of all, sealed by court experts.

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EPP Group: European defence to get more firepower and securing Europe as a world space power! For greater investment in science, research and infrastructure!

EPP Groupe: A long overdue strengthening of European defence capabilities is underway with the establishment of the European Defence Fund. "Only a strong and united Europe will be able to revitalise and relaunch our common space endeavour. As it is, the new Space Programme is a perfect example of what strong European cooperation can achieve", said Massimiliano Salini MEP, the European Parliament’s Spokesman on the Space Programme for 2021 to 2027. The European People's Party is also in favor of greater investment in science, research and infrastructure.

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National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia at an extraordinary session on the harmful Marrakech declaration or the United Nations agreement on migration! Janša: Common Sense in your hands!

Today at the extraordinary session, the National Assembly discussed about the United Nations global agreement on migration, which the government last week illegally supported and announced that in December in Moroccan Marrakesh despite the opposition of the opposition and the majority of Slovenian public acceded to the agreement. Therefore, a protest against the controversial Marrakech declaration is taking place in front of the Slovenian National Assembly and the decision of the Slovenian government to support this disputed deal.

Members of the SDS, NSi and SNS, in their request for a meeting, proposed that the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia recommend the government to oppose the agreement on migration and inform the Slovenian public and the National Assembly about all international acts on interstate migration. It should also be recommended to encourage the EU and UN institutions to find solutions to address the causes of migration. However, on Friday the parliamentary committee for foreign policy rejected the proposal of these recommendations, so the National Assembly will not vote on them today.

In the SDS they oppose the agreement, because it equalize legal and illegal migrations, abolishes borders and accelerate migration. In the NSi, meanwhile, they believe that the agreement does not address the causes of migration in the countries of origin. They also requested a translation of the document into Slovene. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a working translation of the agreement on Tuesday afternoon on its website.

Last Thursday, the government supported the document and announced that Slovenia will participate in Marrakech in December in the adoption of the UN Migration Agreement. As Foreign Minister Mr. Miro Cerar underlined, this is a legally binding agreement that separates between legal and illegal migrations.

The controversial "global agreement on safe, regulated and legal migration" sets out 23 objectives for the supposedly safer and more orderly flow of people. So far, support has been denied by the great ambiguity of several countries, including the United States, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, and could still be listed.

In the National Assembly, the president of the SDS, Mr. Janez Janša, has already spoken, calling on the government to act wisely and to withdraw from the global agreement on migration! At the conclusion of his speech, he said:

"If you read this declaration with the wrong title, the name is incorrect because if any member of the United Nations, which is a permanent member of the Security Council, does not participate in an agreement, then this is not a global agreement. In fact, from the outset, when this last draft was published, all countries do not participate. Russia and China do not know that other countries, especially Western civilization countries, stand out one after the other. Yesterday, one of the coalition parties in Belgium announced that it did not support this, that is, Belgium will not support it either. So much for the core countries of the European Union, which should all stand by for this. After the CDU congress at the beginning of December in Germany, this country will probably change its position in this regard, and in the end you will be the only one on the German-French train.

So, common sense in your hands! Read the text that is here today, in which you will find everything that anyone wants. You will find articles that say that each country is sovereign, and you will find articles that de facto equalize illegal and legal migrants, refugees and migrants. The term "illegal migration", is not even used at all. However, it is written in four places "regardless of status is guaranteed, this and that ..."

Make no mistake; this is no Declaration of Human Rights. Now in this debate, we went into a side street, if you, all people, whether we are from Europe, Africa or America, have the same human rights. We have, according to the Declaration on Human Rights, a similar declaration, which is also ratified, we have, and this is not the topic. But in this document, the clear intention is that the right to migrate is slowly made for human rights, read, life at the expense of the impudence of others is done for the human right, and this is the end of a serious civilization.

Because of everything that is in this text, there will be nothing in the end, and the countries that will soon come to mind will be so much better. Look at what public opinion in Europe is like in the entire western hemisphere, even in Slovenia, 70% of people in Slovenia do not support this. And I propose that we act wisely and that the government withdraws from it. "

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Voters dealt a no-confidence verdict to the Slovenian governing coalition, while Slovenian Democratic Party won the 2018 local elections

The Slovenian Democratic Party achieved a fourth consecutive resounding victory at Slovenia’s seventh local elections since its independence. With more than 633 seats on the local councils, SDS increased its share of the vote for more than 20 %. Social democrats, who came in second, won less than 350 seats on the local councils. The third and fourth place was taken by Slovenian People’s Party and New Slovenia, both EPP members. Additionally, at least 54 mayors with the support of the Slovenian Democratic Party were elected. This number could increase significantly since additional 21 candidates qualified to the second round, which will be held on 2nd of December. Another positive outlook is the voter turnout, which for the first time in the country’s local election history, moderately increased.
One of the biggest takeaways from the Sunday’s local elections is also the complete defeat of the governing coalition. Six parties that form the left-wing governing coalition, received significantly fewer votes than the three EPP sister parties (SDS, NSi and the SLS). The voters dealt a decisive no-confidence verdict to the defeated minority governing coalition, supported by the extreme left Levica party. The ruling party, List of Marjan Šarec (LMŠ), wasn’t able to elect a single mayor in any of the 212 Slovenian municipalities. The humiliation was even greater since the party placed second-to-last among the parties forming a governing coalition.
Until now, no Slovenian government has ever been led by a party with such low voter support on both, the local and the state level. This, of course, raises the question of the legitimacy and the authority of the Prime Minister. It is obvious that the government is struggling. The parliamentary elections were held in June, but the first regular session of the Slovenian Parliament was held only this past Monday. Almost half a year later. Furthermore, the Government is already 40 days late to introducing the draft budget for the next two years.
Moreover, the Government can make the most serious damage with its threats of additional and higher taxation. As a result, the domestic entrepreneurs are already moving production abroad, while foreign investors are canceling hundreds of millions of investments in the Slovenian infrastructure.
After Sunday’s election result, it seems almost certain, that Slovenia will face another snap parliamentary election in the near future.

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MEP Milan Zver proposes amendments to the TERR Committee report to exacerbate the conditions for illegal migrants and warn of IranNLBgate

Last Tuesday late in the evening, the Special Committee on Terrorism, which was formed in the European Parliament in response to a growing number of terrorist attacks in Europe over the past years, addressed a report that provides for a series of measures, proposals and recommendations for Member States on effective fight against terrorism.

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Unprecedented in the EU! Charges Against Jakič for Suspected Fraud at EU Expense are Final, European Commissioner Bulc Endorses Him Anyway!

This is unprecedented in the European Union. The European Commissioner Violeta Bulc came to Brussels thanks to the government of Miro Cerar. She praised Roman Jakič on social networks, although Jakič is suspected of fraud to the detriment of the EU and is to appear in court within this year.

Local elections deliver few surprises

Slovenia's local elections delivered few surprises. Incumbents ruled supreme carrying the biggest cities except for Koper, conservative parties did even better than last time around, centrist parties continued to lose ground, and independents became an even more formidable force, in a continuation of a long trend.

In the most closely watched race in Ljubljana, Mayor Zoran Jankovič predictably won re-election against centre-right candidate Anže Logar of the Democrats (SDS).

Janković even increased his share of the vote slightly from four years ago, to 61%, and his list regained outright majority in city council, but Logar also exceeded expectations with 29% of the vote, the best a Janković opponent has ever mustered.

In Maribor, the unpopular incumbent Andrej Fištravec was predictably swept out of office. In the second round, voters will pick between entrepreneur Saša Arsenovič and former mayor Franc Kangler. After almost all of the votes counted, they won 38.2% and 31.4% respectively.

The outcome makes Maribor one of the more interesting races to watch in the run-off on 2 December, as Kangler attempts his second comeback after being swept out of office by a popular uprising in 2012 and Arsenović tries to emulate his role model Janković with a business-like approach to running the city.

Another interesting race to watch will be Koper, where incumbent Boris Popovič will have to enter a run-off for the first time since 2002 facing Aleš Brežan, an independent with a growing following in the coastal city.

Some of the other long-lasting incumbents in big cities easily won re-election, including Bojan Šrot in Celje, Aleksander Jevšek in Murska Sobota, Gregor Macedoni in Novo Mesto and Bojan Kontič in Velenje.

All in all, 157 of the 212 municipalities got mayors in the first round, one more than four years ago.

Independent and semi-independent parties and local lists further expanded their reach to reinforce the trend seen over the past decade. Independents aside, the biggest winners of this election are the SDS and the Social Democrats (SD).

According to nearly complete results, independents as the biggest single group won mayoral offices in 87 of the 212 municipalities in the first round and 944 of the 3,400 seats available on the local councils or 32.4% of the national vote.

While the non-parliamentary People's Party (SLS) remains the party with the largest number of mayors, its tally of mayoral offices won in the first round fell by two to 23 compared to the previous elections.

The SDS, the party that won the general election earlier this year, made the biggest gain nation-wide by securing 17% of the vote for local councils, up three percentage points from 2014. It also won 12 mayoral offices, which is as many as in the first round in 2014.

"The results show that in this election nation-wide more people have voted for the SDS alone than for the entire ruling coalition combined," Janša said.

Indeed, the only of the five ruling coalition parties that did well and even better than in the previous local election was the Social Democrats (SD), who like the SDS have a well-established local network.

The SD came as the second-strongest national party by winning 14 mayoral offices and 10.1% of the vote to local councils, which compares to 12 mayoral seats and 9.95% in the first round of the previous election.

SD leader Dejan Židan said that while there is an increasing number of independents and ever fewer parties field their own candidates, "we are the party that fights on, being aware that a party cannot be cut off from the local environment".

While being first in terms of mayoral offices, the SLS ranks fourth in elections to local councils with 6.5% of the vote, down just over one percentage point.

"After a difficult period behind us, we consider it a major victory and a better showing than the most upbeat expectations," Marjan Podobnik, the new-old SLS leader, commented.

The conservative New Slovenia (NSi) also did well. It won eight mayoral offices and 6.5% of the vote to local councils, compared to seven mayors and 6.61% of the national share of the vote to local councils four years ago.

"The NSi appears to be on the right track and our work pays in the long run," NSi leader Matej Tonin said, hailing joint support that the right-wing bloc threw behind mayoral contenders in several of the municipalities.

The Marjan Šarec List (LMŠ), the party of the prime minister which made its first appearance at the national level in the general election in June, did not win a single mayoral seat in the first round, although its candidate is in the lead in Kamnik, where Šarec first served as mayor.

As a newcomer that is yet establishing its local network, the party won 2.4% of the vote to local councils, which is a much poorer result that the SMC posted in 2014 after winning the general election as a newcomer.

Although not winning a single mayor back then, the Modern Centre Party (SMC) won one this time around, while its vote to local councils collapsed from 11.11% to 4.2% of the vote.

Prime Minister Marjan Šarec downplayed the result by saying that "we'll be happy of any result we achieve". He also pledged to work with mayors saying that "previous governments did not understand the work of municipalities".

The Left did not make much of a mark at the national level either, securing no mayor and winning only 2.8% of the vote.

Nevertheless, the party's deputy leader Violeta Tomić said the Left was happy with the result, in particular in Ljubljana where it emerged as the third strongest faction and its candidate for mayor came third.

The Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) fared better in terms of the national share of the vote, securing 4.9%, which is down from 7.45% four years ago. The party won no mayoral office.

Turnout was almost 50%, up almost five percentage points over 2014, a sign of renewed interest in the democratic process though still far from levels around 60% registered until 2006.

Janez Janša: For Cultural Marxists, Illegal Migrants are Potential Voters who will Breakdown Family and Nation

The President of the SDS Party, Janez Janša, also reacted to the Marrakesh Declaration. Among other things, he told Nova24TV Studio: "The Marrakesh Declaration is a point of division at this moment. On one side are those who are aware of the reality of the moment, of the demographics in the Mediterranean basin and in general, and we are aware of the fact that this problem can only be solved at its source, especially in our case in Africa, where population growth rises annually. On the other side are those who see the import of as many migrants as possible from a foreign environment as a continuation of the project from the communist manifesto, where it is written that some sort of socialist non-class society can only be created after the breakdown of family, nation, religion, private property and private education. They changed their priorities a little now, but the degradation of family and nation remains on their agenda. They go by a different name now, but this is still a policy of cultural Marxism and to them the illegal immigrants are potential new voters and, having no roots, the illegal migrants will be able to break apart family and nation more easily, this is why this Document is harmful. "

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Islamization at Iskraemeco? Authors of Anonymous Letter Claim that a "New Era" Prevailed at the Company

The Iskraemeco company is known for the production of electricity meters. The change of ownership, however, has caused also an obvious change of the logo, on which the "Arab style" is now predominant – at least this is what the authors claim in the anonymous letter that our Editorial Board received recently.

They claim that in the original logo there was a plus sign, which resembled the cross too much, and so they replaced it with another symbol that resembles more a crescent moon. The authors of the anonymous letter – very likely they are the employees – also argue that they have to eat halal meat in their dining room and listen to loud Muslim music. All non-Muslim religious symbols that the employees owned had to be removed, such as the cross, images, and the like, while the inscriptions in Arabic became common. According to some hints, the arrangement of a Muslim prayer room is being planned in one of the warehouses. The company's management is also supposed to recruit left-wing activist Mojca Markizeti, who would be in charge of ensuring that the materials for the production of meters comes from "non-conflict areas", which are Muslim countries.

We are still checking the validity of the statements in the anonymous letter. However, it is also true that the company’s policies are firstly a matter of the owner who, in this case, comes from the predominantly Muslim Egypt, the El-Sewedy business concern. It is clear, however, that the arrival of this "heavy hitter" from the Muslim world brings with it its own set of consequences...

Interestingly, we found Markizeti on the company's website, listed as the responsible person for the sustainability projects. After all, she is the founder of the TRS (Sustainable Development of Slovenia) movement. It is also true that the company's website still retains the old logo, even though the company has been owned by the Egyptians since 2007. The authors sent us a photo of the new logo as well, and it is not excluded that this new logo is already in use in Western markets...

To this end, we should mention that we sent questions about the statements from the anonymous letter, to the headquarters of the company. We are still waiting for the answers...

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