Joze Biscak: Resurrection

The nervousness, shown by the left-wing mainstream media in recent days, when they attacks with difficult artillery the centre-right government, is understandable. The measures taken by the Jansa team, to curb the spread of the very insidious COVID-19 virus as quickly as possible and to help not only the economy but also the individuals, not only elicited a favourable response from the people, but also (inadvertently) drew into the heart of leftist, an agenda we recognize as cultural Marxism.

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Joze Biscak: What does the name IPI stand for?

The question in the title is not merely rhetorical. What is IPI? What does it represent? What is it advocating? Theese questions are reasoned, because this writing of yours (HERE) is pure political pamphlet that has very little to do with truth and facts. It is a text full of deceptions, manipulations and lies, and does not reflect the real situation in Slovenia. It is a monologue that doesn't want to hear the other side. Obviously, you are very one-sidedly informed, probably by the Slovenian Journalists Association (DNS) and its members.

First of all, I apologize for my awkwardness, maybe the rudeness, that I didn't introduce myself right at the beginning of the letter. I'm correcting my mistake now. My name is Joze Biscak, editor-in-chief of Democracija magazine and director of the company Nova Obzorja, which publishes the magazine. And Nova Obzorja is appearing in your story as part of a media system "built" by the conservative-liberal SDS party.

I will not be an attorney for the SDS party which is our minority owner. They will answer your manipulations and lies for themselves if they wish. However, I have the right to say something about journalism, journalists and media freedom in Slovenia. Journalism is a honourable profession, it is a privilege. It is is beneficial for every society to inform citizens, being open, express opinions and views. The absence of different opinions leads each society into a cultural darkness; intellectualism, which is open just to a single political philosophy, is doomed to extinction. In Slovenia, the space for conservative (right) writers and thinkers is shrinking. The left (openly supported by the association you are referring to) does not stand the tolerance and tends to accuse everyone who has a different value orientation not only of a verbal delinquency, but even of a thought crime. They acknowledge just one worldview, and that is progressivism. They label everything else as hate speech. And dear Mr. Oliver Money-Kyrle, in Slovenia, the toxic environment is solely for conservative media and journalists, so please don't generalize and find out about the facts, do not fall on DNS propaganda. The journalists and media that are complaining to you have 95 percent of the media space in Slovenia (this is my estimation), getting as much as 99.9 percent of advertising money.

In such media monopol, journalism in Slovenia has lost all principles, and hypocrisy has become quite common for "progressive" media. If anyone disputes this, be it politicians or the general public, he is labeled as intolerant. Ordinary people who condemn this situation on social networks and interpret the world and the events around them differently have been labeled as "uneducated crowd" by this progressive media mainstream. And those words were said on public television, which according to your writing is allegedly endangered by the new center-right government. This is not journalism, it is the propaganda of unilateral thinking and the decline of society. And if anyone is inhibiting this, it is the media that IPI has taken to defende. That is a more shameful act than I can imagine.

You are writing that these journalists in Slovenia are receiving a wave of offensive word and online campaigns. Ask them where they were, when I and the journalists of Democracija magazine (where I am an editor), were offended and attacked. Let me list you how they call me: »Tramp, rasist, media rug, mentally retarded pig, fascist, latent pus, intolerant, jansist, inhuman, collaborator, islamophob, chetnik, extremist, xenophob ...« Friendly, isnt’t it? But I take it as part of the journalistic profession. We also received death threats, that we will be impaled on the sticks.

Due to a different worldview, in the magazine Demokracija we do not only receive threats and insults from strangers on the streets, discredits and criminal charges. Let me tell you that one of the charges against the magazine and myself was made by the Slovenian Association of Journalists, the organization you are talking about. Why? Because of the allegedly controversial cover that talked about migration and the inconvenience that illegal migrants bring with them. Because of this, I was questioned at the police station. I’m asking you, is it a crime, if we have a different view on migration? Is it a crime to warn that there are dangers? And I’m asking you, is it the job of the Press Society to press charges?

Further on. We were also exposed to the open threats of the former left-center government led by Marjan Sarec. I want to ask you, did the DNS perhaps inform you that in the autumn of 2018, Sarec had recommended to the management of state-owned enterprises that they should not advertise in the media which allegedly are spreading intolerance? Among these was Democracy. This was not only a direct attack on freedom of speech and expression, it was a direct threat of abuse of power. And what did DNS do then? It applauded the prime minister! This was one of the most shameful acts in the history of Slovenian journalism and the most vicious abuse of power to intimidate journalists of Democracija. Mr. Sarec's call was scandalous, his statement was the worst attack on freedom of expression after Slovenia gained independence and was also in direct conflict with the Constitution. And instead of condemning such attacks on freedom and democracy, the DNS applauded him. They were referring to the alleged hate speech. You will probably agree that only a court can condemn you for allegedly offensive words.

No, I am not a member of the Slovenian Journalists Association (DNS), whose members write to you today and complain about their "problems". I was, but it is a long time ago. And you know why I am not anymore? In the early 1990s, a group of journalists on the Delo newspaper, which included Danilo Slivnik (deceased), Vinko Vasle (retired), Vesna R. Marincic (deceased), Igor Guzelj (retired), and me (the only active member of the group that became known as Slivnik's squad), were discovering how "red directors" (communist directors who remained in their positions after democratic processes and who changed from socialist to market economists) steal social and state assets at the time. They attacked us and threatened our lives, but at that time the DNS sided with those authorities who made the stealing possible. The then DNS president Marjan Sedmak, with his raised hand, walked down the hallways of Delo, telling us how they will put us all in prison. That was the real "toxic atmosphere" you mention.

And one more thing. That DNS did so is quite understandable. This association was founded by the communists on October 22nd, 1944, at the founding assembly in Crnomelj, and many members later cooperated with the secret police, known as the UDBA (similar to the Stasi or NKDV), under the totalitarian communist regime. Freethinking journalistic colleagues (as many as they were) have been persecuted by them, and these habits were not broken after the democratic processes and the first democratic elections in 1990. Even today, DNS is a remnant of a totalitarian era, it is a markedly biased and completely left-wing journalistic society, which does not convey different opinions.

There are a whole bunch of nonsense, illogicality and incitement in your writing and they more reminiscent of Goebbels or Stalin's special propaganda war. Democracija magazine is a conservative magazine, and we uphold these values. We are a big advocate of free speech, which the people you refer to deny us! Simply because we understand free speech in absolute terms, because we believe that free speech there is or there is not. There is no intermediate route.Because of these clear and principled positions, we have been also subject to pogrom by the Slovenian left-central government until recently.

It is precisely the hatred of progressives towards different opinions that is what we must fight against, freedom of speech must not and can not be sanctioned by the state. And this is exactly what the media and journalists are advocating: to sanction by law those who think differently, those who do not broaden the progressive agenda. If we renounce the principles of free speech, it will end with civilization as we know it.

And just by the way. The Blaz Zgaga whom you mention is absolutely safe in Slovenia. No one endangers his life, he freely shares ideas and interprets his views, he is guaranteed the right to write and express anything. But he will have to get used to the angry and sharp public response that his writing causes. And above all, he will have to learn that the critics can criticize back.



COVID-19, freedom and the free market

The problem of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is not only a matter of individual well-being and public health, but also a broader social, economic and political issue. The last one is very important because it is the politics that, in an emergency conditions (and these, whether you want it or not, are already today), to be able to act quickly and decisively or not to. Sarac’s government has proven to be completely incompetent. I do not know what caused this, I can only conclude that they either waited for matters to be resolved on their own and the virus would stop at the border, or they be counted wrong in the threat assessment.

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Migrants ante portas!

After Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated in the end of February 2020 that he won't be stopping the approx. 3.6 million migrants who want to get into Europe, the old continent trembled with good reason. A few days later, we would hear that a horde of more than 150 thousand migrants is on its way to the Greek border. Greeks on Lesbos lost it. They themselves put a torch to the migrant centre under the wing of the United Nations. Various representatives of NGOs who helped illegal migrants for a number of years were forced into hiding.

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The Return of the Yogurt Revolution

These days, I am again thinking a bit about the situation in the second half of the 1980s in what was then Yugoslavia. Remember: in 1986 Slobodan Milosevic climbed to the top of the Republican ZK, the same year some Serbian media published summaries notorious memorandum by Serbian academics, on the Serbian national issue within Yugoslavia. The memorandum was published in its entirety only a few years later, but even then it has generated a lot of excitement in the party circles, saying that it is a nationalism that threatens Yugoslavia.

Seven points of academic abuse by Primoz Jelsevar

When I first read a public letter titled 'Protect sensitive Slovenian democracy against authoritarian rule', I was convinced that it was fake news, the so-called fake news. Who would dare to publicly sign under the contents of a composite half-truths and untruths, which can be made clear to anyone with access to the Internet and some historical memory.

Be Fruitful and Multiply!

For the third year in a row, the name Muhammad with all its variations was the most common name given to newborn boys in Great Britain. Among the first hundred boy names you could find a number of Yusufs, Ahmads and Alis. On the girls' side the ratio still remains in favour of the natives, yet still among the hundred most popular female names you can find a number of Zaras, Laylas, Aylas and Nurs.

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The architects of evil

It couldn't have been more predictable. After George Soros wrote in a column in the New York Times, that Mark Zuckerberg should be stripped of his control over the social networking site Facebook, because otherwise Donald Trump would win again in the US election, followed the disintegration. In Slovenia, for example, Vojko Flegar also joined the prosecution and called for the regulation of social networks in magazine Dnevnik in his article called "Facebook's freedom of speech is the right to lie". Although Zuckerberg is known as a supporter of the Left, who has given the sunny side of the Alps the power to "edit" inappropriate content to the faculty of social sciences, the cultivation of Marxist cadres, and the enemy of everything that is on the right and not left, this is clearly not enough.

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Slovenia on the way to stagnation

Not really encouraging macroeconomic indicators: sales are stagnating, the mood in the economy is lower than a year ago.

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Political bankers, money-makers

Slovenia's dominant media was not interested in the news from Brussels when the European Commission granted seven European countries a package of state aid at the end of December last year to develop a new generation of lithium-ion batteries.

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In The End, It's Always a Numbers Game

Špela was a good pupil throughout elementary and high school. She believed that when she grows up, she would have both a family and a successful career. She enrolled in university, finished on time, maybe even found a job. Then Špela came to the conclusion that if she wanted to have a family, her career would have to wait. She did not like it! Why would she have to stay behind, when she was far more hardworking than Jure, Mark, and Haris? That didn’t seem fair. It was injust.

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It's not a divorce yet

Hungarian opposition parties and the Western media's liberal mainstream had been waiting for March the 20th as if it was a new national holiday. On that day, the European People's Party's political assembly had to make a decision about the future of Fidesz in the right-wing moderate party family. One of the root causes of the conflict is that certain members of the party family are not really right-wing. In fact, they are, citing Viktor Orban: "left-wing liberal".

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Jože Biščak: What Goes Around Comes Around

You probably have not heard of Louis Michael Seidman yet. No problem, you did not miss anything. Although the 71-year-old professor at Georgetown University in Washington is counted among the "reputable" lawyers, he is also a typical representative of the politically correct, who are countless. A former activist for freedom of expression, he has now become an inflamed persecutor of the so-called hate speech.

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If You want to Sell Your Kidney, it is Your Right

The craziness and the restrictions on freedom in this country of mine, although I love Slovenia, are seemingly endless.

In only a few hours, the media called for and at the same time moralized on, the 60-year-old from Prekmurje, who published an ad to sell his kidney for 50,000 euros. To repay debts, repair the roof of the house, buy wood before the coming winter and feed the children. The man, in full consciousness, judged and freely decided to sell the kidney to someone that needed it and was willing to pay for it. The media, of course, started a commotion, calling it illicit trafficking in human organs and sending law enforcement to the man’s house. This was reported by the national television’s web-portal: “In this case, police officers want to prevent a crime. This crime would be committed by the doctor that would operate in such a case and by the organ trafficker. However, it would not be committed by the one who sells his body-part, explained to the police. TV Slovenia reported that the case was also checked by police officers, especially in order to prevent any kind of action and to offer some kind of help to the family. The man is not persecuted by law enforcement. The publication of the ad alone is not yet punishable”.

It is perfectly understandable that the man will not be persecuted. I hope that there is so much intelligence left in this country that it is clear that the man himself decides what to do with his own body. If he wants to sell his own organ, nobody can prevent it. It concerns his own body, which is his property and neither the state nor anyone else should interfere with it. Blood donors also give blood, that is, a part of their body. No one is persecuting the one who took the blood, nor the one who transmits the blood. In Austria and Italy, you get full payment for your blood, while in Slovenia you get a Carniolan sausage with a piece of bread and a day off work, that is, a payment. Then why is this a problem with a kidney? Would it be any different if a man went to the hospital and said that he gave the kidney to someone who needed it? The doctor would cut it out and the hospital would then forward it. If this would be a self-paying patient, he would have to pay for this operation. Why criminalize a doctor and a mediator if the entire process is voluntary? So, the donor, the doctor and the mediator would enter a voluntary relationship, there would be no compulsion. The state now somehow interferes, sending police, which means its repressive authorities. Totally unnecessary. A man is selling a kidney (his own, not anyone else’s, make no mistake) and it is his right to do with it whatever he wants. If he wants to sell it, that is all right, if he wants to donate, that too is all right. We can buy a wig made from human hair, creams that contain human embryos. Yet we cannot sell our kidney or buy one, although it is all voluntary.

The brave man from Prekmurje was obviously too proud to ask for and receive social assistance. He did not want to be a burden to the state or the taxpayers. If the state and the police were to persecute all those who exploit various forms of state and social assistance with equal vigil, they would not even have to deal with such cases, because the temporary assistance would be received by those who truly need it in the first place. According to media reports, the well-known Roma family Strojan, whose members are mostly not looking for work at all receives more than 150,000 euros a year from social assistance. There is a similar situation in other countries.

Just look at the hypocrisy in this country. Abortion is completely legal in this country, it is permitted, it is a kind of human (woman’s) right, while selling your organ by free-will is not. However, the doctor who carries out the abortion will not be persecuted, while the doctor who cuts the kidney, because such is the desire of the individual that wants to sell it, will be.

Anyone and at any time, whatever the circumstances, can sell their organs if they decide on their own and do it voluntarily. The state has absolutely no power to engage in such a decision. Each one is the owner of one’s own body and has the inalienable right to do with it what one wants if one does not endanger others and their property. Because, if an individual is not the owner of oneself, then who is?

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Jordan Peterson: False Prophet

When I first came across a video of Jordan Peterson on Youtube, I was genuinely excited. Finally! Finally someone, who was willing to stand up to the craziness that had spread throughout academia. Finally someone who was able to communicate clearly and give good reason why freedom of speech was necessary and why the implementation of compelled speech was beginning of the end.

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100th Anniversary of a Great Patriotic Act

Last week, one hundred years have passed since General Rudolf Maister and his units in Maribor, in the early morning hours of 23 November 1918, disarmed the Green Guard (established by the Maribor authority, in favor of the preservation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, TN).

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