Keira Knightley bans daughter from watching Disney princess films

Keira Knightley has banned her three-year-old daughter from watching Cinderella and The Little Mermaid because she doesn’t want her to grow up believing she needs to be “rescued” by a man.

Knightley, 33, revealed she is very particular when it comes to Edie’s viewing habits, but will let her watch modern Disney hits.

 Speaking on The Ellen Show she said: “Cinderella – banned because she waits around for a rich guy to rescue her – don’t. Rescue yourself, obviously."
“This is the one I’m quite annoyed about because I love The Little Mermaid and the songs are great, but do not give your voice up for a man.”

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Lady Gaga's Stunning $400,000 Engagement Ring

The Joanne singer confirmed Monday night that she and her boyfriend Christian Carino were engaged. Gaga referred to him as "my fiancé" during her powerful acceptance speech at Elle's 25th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration. The A Star Is Born star has worn the ring for some time, but never publicly referred to Carino as her fiancé until now. 

The ring is a gorgeous round pink diamond surrounded by smaller jewels. According to Andrew Brown, President of WP Diamonds, the ring cost a hefty sum. "Lady Gaga's spectacular ring appears to be a 6-7 carat pink sapphire with a diamond halo totaling 3-4 carats. This is likely a high quality, no heat (treatment), pink sapphire," Brown told E! News. "It looks like it may be a Padparadscha sapphire, in which case this ring would easily retail between $300,000 and $400,000."

Padparadschas are apparently one of the rarest and most unique sapphires in the world.

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Elizabeth Banks Brings Herself Into The Azealia Banks And Lana Del Ray Feud In An Interesting Way – Check It Out

The in-fighting between Azealia Banks and Lana Del Ray is an unlikely feud, but that doesn’t stop it from being the tabloid’s latest fire-starter. Previously, Lana took to Twitter to put Kanye West on blast for supporting Donald Trump publicly while appearing on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, celebrityinsider reports.

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