Woman claims simple folding technique is the 'right' way to seal crisp packets

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Mirror
(Photo by Facebook) (Photo by Facebook)

A woman has shared a super simple trick to Facebook that lets you seal crisp packets and all you have to do is fold the bag in a certain way - no clips needed.

A woman has shared a handy way to seal your crisp packets to keep them fresher for longer.

Usually when it comes to a half-eaten bag of crisps, most people tend to fold or twist the end of the bag, perhaps reaching for a clip or band to keep the contents fresh until next time, but this woman does neither. 

She shared her savvy hack to Facebook writing: "Apparently we have been closing the chip bags wrong" and fellow foodies were mind blown.

In the clip she demonstrates a simple folding method which keeps the bag secure - so much so that you can even turn it upside down and none of the crisps escape.



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