Salami larger than the Statue of Liberty has broken a world record in Argentina

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Mirror
(Photo by Facebook) (Photo by Facebook)

The fermented, air-dried meat cylinder was so large that it took more than one hundred people to make over the course of a month.

A small town in Argentina has broken the record for world’s longest salami sausage – and it is so large it outranks the Statue of Liberty.

The Argentinian town of Tandil broke the world record for the longest salami with their 99.5 metre meat product, dwarfing the 93 metre tall neoclassical tourist trap located in New York Harbour. 

The world record-breaking salami, which weighs 278 kilos in all, was presented to hundreds of hungry onlookers.

Those that were present at the unveiling of the gargantuan cured meat were even allowed a chance to taste it during the 37th edition of the Sierra culinary festival.




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