Mum's extreme Coronavirus preparation - taking inspiration from zombie movies

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Mirror
(Photo by Instagram) (Photo by Instagram)

Mum-of-three Jemma Reed, from Australia, has shared her survival plan in prepare of the Coronavirus outbreak claiming it's 'better to be safe that sorry'.

As Coronavirus continues to spread raising fears of a global pandemic, people around the world are doing whatever they can to protect themselves.

While most of us are just washing our hands a bit more, one mum has gone to extreme lengths to prepare for the worst. 

Jemma Reed, from Australia, has started stockpiling food and medicine for a year just in case the virus causes chaos in the country.

Although Jemma doesn't think that the virus will ever get to the stage where she will need to rely on these survival skills, she says "with three children you can never be too safe".




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