Mum can't keep straight face over 'rocket' drawing daughter did at school

  • Written by  A.P.,Source;Mirror
(Photo by Facebook) (Photo by Facebook)

A mum revealed how she and her daughter's teacher had a 'good giggle' over a seemingly innocent drawing the little girl did while she was at school.

Children do the funniest things, we all know it's true - from devouring 18 yoghurts when their dad's back is turned to making brutal comments when asked for a hug.

But often it's their innocent acts that end up providing the most amusement for parents, the things they didn't intentionally do to be funny.

For instance, a young girl named Megan recently decided to draw a picture of a rocket for her mum while she was at school.

But her creative masterpiece ended up looking a little less like a space craft and more like something rather phallic.



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