Fruitarian man swears by drinking pint of old urine each day to feel 'amazing'

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Mirror
(Photo:Instagram) (Photo:Instagram)

Fabian Farquharson used to enjoy his urine "fresh, but not ferments it for extra health benefits.

balanced diet , eight hours' sleep and 20 minutes of exercise a day - we know that all of these are the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle.

Fabian Farquharson, however, has his own trusted wellbeing method - and it's probably not to everybody's taste.

For the past three years the 37 year-old interior designer has been gulping down on a rather unusual concoction.

Having read up about the so-called health benefits of urine, Fabian, from Sheffield, now happily drinks a pint of his own "product" every day.



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