Dad finds secret cameras in Airbnb rental - but is told he 'consented' to it

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Mirror
(Photo by Marek from Pexels) (Photo by Marek from Pexels)

Jeffrey Bigham found one camera in the living room of the property and another near the bathroom door.

A dad-of-three discovered two hidden cameras inside his Airbnb apartment - with one allegedly positioned facing the bathroom door.

During a family trip over the New Year’s period, computer science professor Jeffrey Bigham found two small white cameras in separate rooms of the rented property. 

In a blog post, Bigham revealed the host had initially disclosed the camera’s presence at the property, but they weren't positioned “near the entrance” as listed on the room-sharing app.

He found one camera in the corner of the living room during his family’s second day at the property.



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