Duck named Dave has to have penis removed after being 'over-amorous' with ladies

The owner of a duck has been forced to intervene after the little guy injured himself having sex with his female companions up to 10 times a day.

A duck named Dave has had to have his penis removed after injuring it being "over-amorous".

The duck's owner, Josh Watson, claims the bird was mating with its female companions, Dora, Edith and Freda up to 10 times a day.

As a result, Dave injured himself and got a nasty infection.

He was prescribed antibiotics and his owner was tasked with washing his penis daily, but as the duck kept trying to have sex, it unfortunately didn't do the trick.




Woman gets home to find 'a******e' husband has covered kitchen in wrapping paper

A woman got a big surprise when she walked in to her kitchen to discover that her husband had covered the entire room in Christmas wrapping paper - and even individually wrapped the utensils.

An Elf on the Shelf prank was taken to extremes when a man got a little bit carried away with a roll of wrapping paper.

Nichola Mullen-King from Newcastle got a shock when she returned home on Monday and walked into the kitchen.

That's because her husband Carl had covered the entire room in Christmas wrapping paper - including the fruit, chopping board and utensils.

The amusing act took him around two hours to complete and it's fair to say Nichola wasn't all that impressed with his work.




Fast food customer calls out staff for offensive note he was given 'by accident'

A man discovered his clothing was harshly judged by staff at Chic-Fil-A after he was handed an order ticket containing the insult by mistake - and he said he's 'not mad but I am sad'

A fast food customer has called out its staff on social media after he spotted the offensive message used to identify him on the ticket for his order.

Having gone to chicken chain Chic-Fil-A with his girlfriend, the man saw that he had been given the piece of paper containing his order which labelled him simply as 'ugly sweater'.

Twitter user @Zin_Zaddy posted a picture of the note with his order of 30 chicken nuggets and a large fries, alongside a snap of himself wearing the offending colourful patterned knitwear as he swears at the camera.

He captioned the images: "It was NOT MY PLEASURE TO EAT CHIC FIL A TODAY."



Mum told she's 'wrong' after she rants about dad changing in front of daughters

A mum was offended by a man who got 'stark naked' in a swimming pool changing room in front of her and his own children - but a key detail to the story saw her rant spectacularly backfire.

A mum has slammed a dad who got changed in front her and his own children in the changing rooms of a swimming pool - but others pointed out why they believed she was in the wrong.

She explains that she went to wait in the changing area after turning up at the wrong time for her son's swimming lesson, where the man was changing his daughters after they had been swimming.

The dad then 'drops his pants and is stark naked in front of his daughters', with the mum adding that he was also stood by the door so would be in full view of anyone else walking in.

He remained naked as he dried himself, with the mum adding there were cubicles available and he could also have used a towel to cover himself up.




Everyone's trying the chair challenge - which women can do but men can't

The 'chair challenge' which appeared on social media sees people attempting to stand up holding a chair or stool to their body - and a scientist says centre of mass means most women can do it and men can't

A new viral challenge is driving men bonkers - because women can do it and they can't.

The 'chair challenge' involves leaning against a wall, pulling a chair to your chest and simply standing up.

Women are making it all look very effortless after social media users posted their attempts at completing it, but men appear to get stuck in the position before losing their balance through the strain of attempting to stand upright.

Here's what you need to do: stand with your feet against a wall and take two steps backwards, putting your feet directing behind the other.




Mum's incredible ‘Grinchmas’ tree is so realistic it's freaking people out

A mum created a life-sized Grinch to sit at the top of her Christmas tree by stuffing a fancy dress outfit - and others can't wait to try their hand at making their own.

A mum who has included a life-sized Grinch as part of her Christmas tree decorations has left people both impressed and terrified with the incredible creation.

The competition for the best decorated tree is over for another year after the 'Grinchmas' tree was posted to Facebook , leading to almost 6,000 comments by others blown away by the 'fantastic' DIY job.

The perfectly decorated tree includes red, green and white baubles, striped candy canes, a gingerbread man and lights, with fake snow around the base to really give it a festive feel.

Instead of finding a star at the top, the mum created a huge Grinch with his arms and legs wrapped around the tree, and the Dr. Seuss character's iconic green face peering over the top.




Parent slammed for regifting kids' confiscated iPads 'as new ones' for Christmas

A parent who took away their children's iPads in the summer and told them they had been sold is now planning to wrap them up to present them 'as new ones' for Christmas

A parent has been labelled 'gross' after sharing their plan to regift their children's old iPads as new ones this Christmas having taken them away as punishment.

The children, age six and seven, both have their own iPad mini but frustrated their parent with their behaviour over the summer after 'constantly fighting with each other and just being brats in general'.

After 'losing it one day', the anonymous parent took the iPads away and told the two young children that they were being sold, never to be seen again.

Both were left in floods as tears as their tech was cleaned up and put back in the original boxes with the accessories packed away ready to go on sale.




Naughtiest children's names of 2019 - and what the best behaved kids are called

There are some new entries on the 2019 Naughty and Nice names list - does your little one's name feature?

With the festive season just around the corner, Father Christmas will be working on his naughty and nice list as he decides who deserves presents this year and who will have to settle for a lump of coal.

But what names are most likely to be on his big list in the North Pole?

School Stickers , the leading provider of rewards in schools, has worked out the names of the naughtiest and nicest children's names.

The annual study, now in its 11th year, looked at 27,000 youngsters across the country.



Vegan woman slams 'disrespectful' mum for frying bacon while staying in her home

A vegan woman has sparked a heated debate after revealing she was "riled up" with her mum for cooking bacon in her house while staying with her.

A woman, who follows a vegan lifestyle has recently had her mother over to stay.

Things were all going well, until she discovered that her mother had been frying bacon in the kitchen one morning.

The unnamed woman, who lives in Australia, said she was left feeling "riled up" by her mum's actions.

In case you were unaware, vegans don't eat any animal-based products, including items such as meat, cheese and honey.



Airline branded 'savage' for asking customers impossible security question

JetBlue's customers came up with some inventive ways to answer the tough question.

Keeping track of the different passwords for all the websites and accounts we use can often feel like an impossible task.

When we inevitably fail we're left to try and reset the password for the 100th time, but even that can be complicated.

After dealing with the humiliation of failing the first test, we're then faced with a string of security questions to prove our identity.

But one airline has caused a stir with its users by posing a far more difficult question for most people to answer.




Man in hysterics after finding brutal best man speech in book he bought online

A man who ordered a history book online got an amusing surprise when he discovered a best man speech tucked inside the pages.

It's no secret that speeches at weddings are often packed full of terrible jokes and embarrassing anecdotes.

As was the best man speech Reece Wane recently found inside the pages of a book he bought about the Teutonic Knights.

Reece, who lives in Leeds, was surprised when two sheets of A4 paper fell out of the book and into his lap.

The book cost the hotel manager £6.50 but the discovery of the rather brutal speech was absolutely priceless.



'Disgusting' train passenger brushes his teeth and spits it out on platform

The man was pictured finishing his morning routine on the 'packed' commute before 'repeatedly' spitting on the platform.

Relying on public transport to get around means you may need to lower your tolerance of being in close proximity to other humans.

Whether it's being wedged in-between two strangers closer than you've been with anyone for a while or trying not to cry when someone coughs without putting their hands over their mouth, some things just come hand-in-hand with taking trains.

But one man has pushed the patience of his fellow commuters to the limit by deciding to transform the train station platform into his personal bathroom.






'Britain's fattest cat' given crash diet after becoming too big to clean herself

The manager of the rescue centre Paisley was handed into says the cat's size 'took her breath away'

A tubby tabby dubbed Britain's fattest cat has been put on a strict diet after leaving staff at a rescue centre 'lost for words' when she was handed in.

Four-year-old Paisley weighs in at a whopping 1st 7lbs (9.5kg), double the weight of a healthy cat, and went into a rescue home when her owner couldn't cope anymore.

Staff at Cats Protection's National Cat Adoption Centre in West Sussex even have to help her clean herself as she has become to big to manage it herself.

It's thought porky Paisley's massive bulk comes from being overfed by her previous owner, combined with a lack of exercise and poor diet, which saw her weight skyrocket.




Parent buys baby monitor and regrets it as they are told child needs 'exorcism'

Twitter users congratulated the parent on their 'bundle of demonic energy' after they posted a still image from their baby monitor online.

A parent who bought a new baby monitor says it was a 'mistake' after being met with a creepy looking image when they checked on their pride and joy.

After posting a photo on Twitter , the image has since had more than 400,000 likes and 3,000 comments, as people congratulated them on their 'bundle of demonic energy'.

The still shows the baby lying in the cot, with dark shadows and the photographic flash in the infant's eyes making a scene scary enough to give people 'nightmares'.

The user captioned it: "We got a new video baby monitor and I think that was a mistake."




Cold and flu experts share how to beat the symptoms in just 24 hours

Experts have revealed what you should be doing in the morning, afternoon and evening to fight of the first signs of a cold.

It's that time of year when we all start to get bunged up and try to remember what it felt like to be able to breathe through our nose.

The warning signs before a cold are very recognisable and as they set in, we run out to stockpile soup and medication before hibernating into our duvets to feel sorry for ourselves.

However, experts say that treating the symptoms early enough can banish the cold before it takes a grip of our sinuses.

They all gave their top tips on what you should do in the morning, afternoon and evening if you think you might be coming down with a cold to rid the symptoms in just 24 hours, as reported by The Sun.



Most hated Christmas songs ranked - and it's bad news for Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' has topped a poll of the most annoying Christmas songs.

It's never, ever too early to start the Christmas celebrations and we won't hear otherwise. 

In fact, we even have science on our side after it was proven that watching festive films all year round is actually good for our health by reducing levels of stress and anxiety, as well as helping us live longer and happier lives.

Heart Radio has already launched its 'Extra Xmas' station playing nothing but Christmas songs 24/7, wasting no time with news and presenters, but simply back-to-back Christmas Anthems to provide the 'perfect soundtrack to your personal winter wonderland'.




House listing removed after suspicious photo of kitchen leaves buyers baffled

The property listing received 29,000 views on the first day - but the boyfriend of the homeowner has now claimed the photo was a 'joke'

A home which was listed for sale online gained thousands of views in just a few days - for all the wrong reasons.

Not everyone taking a look was in the market for a new property and were instead drawn to the online advert after sharp-eyed house-hunters spotted something very suspicious in one of the photos.

The listing on website Zillow, which gave an asking price of around £128,000, has since been taken down after it attracted 29,000 views on its first day and led to the homeowner being bombarded with inquiries.

In among the photos of the home in Michigan was a snap of the spacious kitchen, showing wooden cabinets, granite worktops and an island in the middle.



Potato the googly-eyed cat's stunned expression makes people think he's 'broken'

Potato's owner noticed the cat was getting more and more attention on social media due to his 'different' eyes.

Social media is jam-packed with with accounts belonging to furry influencers but one cat's unique appearance has propelled him to internet fame.

Ashley Norlien adopted Potato the cat two years ago and, like many owners, couldn't resist uploading a few snaps of her new pet online.

As Potato's social media presence climbed, his 21-year-old owner noticed he was getting more and more comments about his 'different' eyes.

Two years later, Potato, now five years old, has amassed over 50,000 followers.




Public toilet seats are a different shape to the ones at home for your own good

Public toilet seats are often U-shaped and there's a few simple reasons why.

If you spend your days wondering why the toilet seats in public bathrooms are different to the ones in your home, we have the answer you've been longing for.

Public toilets often have a gap in the seat, resembling the letter U, yet the toilet seats at home go all the way round - and it's completely understandable if it's been giving you sleepless nights. 

Luckily for the tens of people asking the question round the world, there is a definitive answer.

The gap in the seat is all down to hygiene and comes from the United States, where they have specific plumbing guidelines to follow, as reported by The Sun .




Fish with 'human face' spotted in lake - and it's really creeping people out

People on social media have been thoroughly creeped out by a video doing the rounds of a fish, with a very human-like face.

Recently an adorable dog went viral for having a face that looked more human than canine.

The cute pooch, named Nori, baffled people online who thought his face had been digitally altered. 

But now there's another strange animal shocking people on the internet, only this one lives in water instead of on land.

A rather unusual fish has been spotted in a lake in China, which appears to have some very odd markings on its face, causing it to look quite human.



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