You can now get your dog a bridesmaid dress and bring it to your hen-do

You can have the cutest bridal party with your beloved four-legged friend dressed up like a little princess.

Bringing dogs in weddings is nothing new, because newlyweds want to have their loved pups to be with them in such memorable moment.

But there's always a little bit of extra to make the big day even more 'paw-some' - a custom-made bridesmaid dress for the four-legged friends. 

The Posh Paw Company launched a handmade dress on online craft shopping site Etsy, with different sizes according to the dog sizes.

The 'Doggy Bridesmaid Dress' is created with detailed collar and a fully lined bodice covering the whole body and the tail.



Pregnant woman told she's picked 'dog's name' for baby - but she still loves it

The mum-to-be and her partner absolutely love the unusual name, but other people aren't as sure so she doesn't know what to do.

Picking a name is an important part of any pregnancy, and it's a very special moment for parents-to-be.

For many it's the moment everything feels real and they start making plans for the little one. 

So what do you do when you share that name with your loved ones and they don't approve?

One mum-to-be was heartbroken when everyone she told said they thought her chosen name sounded like a dog name.



Man, 29, in relationship with robot reveals they plan on getting MARRIED

A man in love with a robot has revealed they are planning on getting married.

Joey Morris fell head over heels with RoboTroll almost two years ago after being drawn to his 'satisfied smile' and 'popping' pink hair. 

The 29-year-old's previous lovers include a lamp, a transformer truck and even a Halloween figurine.

But the relationships didn't last as Joey's attention waned.

He began dating RoboTroll in December 2017 after feeling 'nostalgic' and rekindled his love for the BattleTrollz collection online.



Couple decide to take DNA test for fun - but it doesn't end well for them

A couple recently decided to take a look back at through their family trees but they were shocked by the results.

When you're feeling bored, there are a number of things you can do.

You can go for a walk, read a book or you could take a DNA test to find out more about your family history. 

One young couple recently decided to do the latter for a bit of "fun" but the whole experience ended up being anything but.

After taking the test, the woman, 27, was excited to find out some really interesting things about her ancestors, but what her 26-year-old boyfriend discovered would haunt them both for months to come.



How often you should wash your hair, according to top hairdresser

Stylist Julian Farel has revealed how often we should be reaching for the shampoo and conditioner, and it might be time for some of us to cut back.

However great it feels to have freshly washed and styled hair, it can be time consuming and a lot of effort.

While some people can go days without washing it, others have to dig out the shampoo and conditioner every day to keep it looking fresh and shiney. 

But how often should we actually be washing our hair?

According to stylish Julian Farel there's no set rule and everyone's hair is different but lots of us should be cutting back, reports RSVP Live .



Mum boldly attempts to recreate model's nude photoshoot - with hilarious results

Instagram star Celeste Barber is well known for parodying famous photos and her latest attempt doesn't disappoint.

Have you ever seen a photo of a model in a magazine and thought, I could do that.

Most people probably think it, but not many of them actually work up the nerve to strike a pose for the camera.

But there's one woman who's not afraid to post weird and wonderful photos of herself online, and that's actress and comedian, Celeste Barber.

The 36-year-old mum from Australia has a whopping five million followers on Instagram and one of her latest snaps certainly grabbed their attention.




Woman praises lipstick that stays perfect in car crash leaving just a smudge on airbag

Taryn Elise, who live in Chicago, shared a selfie of her face shortly after being involved in a crash which destroyed the front of her car.

A woman has praised a lipstick brand after her bright red lips stayed perfect when she was in a car crash.

Taryn Elise shared the unusual review in Twitter after her blue mini was involved in what looks like a head on crash. 

While the bonnet is completely destroyed, her make-up is still in place.

After the crash Taryn, who lives in Chicago, posted a selfie to show how resistant her lipstick by American make-up artist Jeffree Star is.



Men with beards more likely to 'have smaller testicles than those without'

A study has claimed that men who have long hair or a beard may have smaller testicles than those who struggle to grow hair.

Men with bushy beards and long hair may have smaller testicles than their counterparts who struggle to grow facial hair, suggests a new study.

This bold claim was made by a team from the University of Western Australia and the University of Zurich, who have studied the gonads of more than 100 different male primates as part of their research. 

According to the scientists, male primates all fall victim to an evolutionary problem with their genitals.

Essentially the study found that males can either be "well endowed" and have large balls, or are instead "well-adorned" with hair.



Why holding a fart in is seriously bad - and could emerge from your mouth instead

By holding a fart in, the gas gets reabsorbed and comes out elsewhere.

If you've ever doubted the age-old "better out than in" wisdom, then now is the time to stop.

While breaking wind may be the sort of thing you prefer to do without an audience, this isn't always practical or possible. 

We're not suggesting you make a point of letting rip during a job interview or your gran's 90th birthday party, but holding a fart in could be doing you more harm than good.

In fact, by holding a fart in, there is a chance you may instead breathe it through your mouth instead.Yes, really!




Man embarrasses family and baffles McDonald's staff by gobbling up fake burger

Matt Little was so disappointed that the McPickle was an April Fools' that he decided to have one anyway.

McDonald's recently underestimated just how much people love pickles.

The fast-food giant prompted widespread excitement when they announced the launch of the McPickle Burger - only for it to be an April Fools'. Cue, outrage and disappointment.

One man's dismay was so great that he decided to see if his local McDonald's would rustle him up a cheeky McPickle.

Matt Little, from Tasmania, took his whole family to the nearest branch and made the McPickle a reality.So how did it turn out for him?




Beauty and the Beast is 'most dangerous' Disney film and Aladdin is 'racist', expert claims

Experts have claimed there are serious issues with some of the older, classic Disney movies which could be very damaging to young children watching them today.

Whether it's the old classics or the newest blockbuster, Disney films have been a huge part of children's lives for generations.

But according to experts some of the older movies many of us grew up with could actually be extremely harmful to our little ones. 

Many believe films such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Lion King could promote unhealthy body image, gold diggers and even racism and domestic abuse.

According to Dr Victoria Cann, a Humanities lecturer at the University of East Anglia, Beauty and the Beast is by far the "most dangerous" Disney film.



Man who had two-day erection has tip of his penis AMPUTATED by doctors

The 52-year-old man from India developed gangrene on the tip of his penis - meaning doctors had no option but to operate.

A man in India had to have his penis partially amputated after he developed gangrene from an erection that lasted two days.

The unnamed 52-year-old presented himself to doctors because he couldn't get rid of the 'painful and sustained' erection. 

Bungling medics swiftly drained the blood from his penis, but left a catheter in and tightly dressed his penis, causing the patient to develop black gangrene.

They were left with little option but to amputate after he reported back to them showing signs of severe tissue damage caused by an acute loss of blood circulation.



Big mistake lots of us make when eating noodles - and how we should be doing it

Ahead of National Ramen Day, Japanese food expert Bonnie Chung has explained the correct way to eat noodles and she hopes lots more people will start to cook them at home.

There's nothing better on a Saturday night (or let's be honest, a Wednesday) than a delicious take-away.

But many of us can end up making a bit of a mess as we try to eat those delicious noodles, and it turns out that's because we've all been eating them wrong. Oops. 

To mark National Ramen Day Japanese food expert Bonnie Chung has explained the correct way to eat them - and highlighted the mistakes lots of us make.

Only seven per cent of Brits will slurp their noodles, and many believe it's rude so - but it's actually the correct traditional method.



Meet the baby whose amazing hair is so huge it 'stops strangers in their tracks'

Little baby Boston may only be four-months-old, but he's already got a barnet some grown men can only dream of.

So impressive is his hair, that mum-of-two Tara Simich, from Perth, Australia, reveals it "stops people in their tracks".

It's also won him a legion of fans as Tara likes to proudly show off his cute chestnut bouffant on Instagram.

Tara told , "He really causes a stir wherever he goes.

"Mostly people are in complete shock because he's so little, they can't believe the hair is his. But it is."



Best April Fool's Day pranks and jokes to play on your friends or your boyfriend and kids

It's April Fool's Day , meaning it's the one day of the year where we all agree it's perfectly ok for us to be completely cruel and pull pranks on those we love the most.

Even better, we get away with said pranks because of a weird ancient tradition, and we all know you don't mess with those (see Indiana Jones). 

We've rounded up a few of the best pranks for you to have a go at - just remember doing any of these after midday on April 1 is against the rules.

Also, if you're not sure a colleague will see the funny side, it's probably best not to bother.

If you're looking to have a laugh at someone else's expense, you could do worse than to try these out.



Why you should never crush cans before putting them in the recycling

What do you do with your cans once you're done with them?

Hopefully the answer is "pop them in the recycling ". 

In which case, if you CRUSH your cans before doing so, then you need to stop.

Yes, as satisfying as stamping on or crushing a now-empty can of pop can be, you're actually invalidating the whole point of trying to recycle.

This warning comes from the senior director of public affairs at the Aluminum Association, Matt Meenan, in the US.



Man with a science degree really, truly believes the earth is flat

Safvan, 23, is part of a growing community of flat-earthers in London who share the same belief we are being fooled by scientists.

conspiracy theorist from east London has outlined his far-fetched view that the earth is actually flat.

India-born Safvan, 23, is a bilingual science graduate who holds some rather outlandish views about our planet. 

He is part of growing online community that rejects conventional wisdom that the earth is round - much to the bemusement of everyone else.

The masters student says he first realised that the world was flat when he was 18 and studying the properties of water



Grieving dad told police his daughter was killed by son-in-law's huge penis

Police then forced the humiliated husband to show his genitalia in front of the late woman's relatives.

A man mourning the sudden death of his 23-year-old wife was forced to show cops his penis after his father-in-law claimed it was so big it had killed his daughter during sex.

Cops brought the son-in-law, named only as Barsah, in for questioning and asked him to show them his penis - in front of his late wife's grieving relatives - only to discover it was of normal size. 

Nedi Sito, 55, of the village of Maron Kidul in the Maron District of Indonesia's East Java province, had called police following the sudden death of his daughter Jumantri.

The young woman was found dead in her bed, after suffering an apparent epileptic fit during the night.



Cheating mum exposed after 'DNA test reveals her twins have DIFFERENT dads'

The possibility of super-fecundation, when two eggs are fertilised during the same cycle by two fathers, is one-in-a-million, doctors in China say.

A mum-of-two's secret affair was exposed when a DNA test revealed her twins had DIFFERENT fathers, according to reports.

The woman, who has not been identified but is from Xiamen, China, had requested a paternity test with her partner last year so that they could formally put their twin boys on the city's household register. 

But they were in for a shock when the test results reportedly showed that one of the boys did not belong to the dad.

According to reports in the Fujian Daily newspaper, the woman's partner had long wondered why his twins did not look alike, and why one of them had different eyes, mouth and nose - and did not resemble him in any way.



Plane Bound For Malaysia Turns Around After Mom Leaves Baby At Airport

The Saudia Airlines jet had to return to Jeddeh to reunite the woman with her young daughter.

A mother traveling from Jeddeh, Saudi Arabia, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, had the scare of a lifetime this past weekend when she suddenly noticed she was traveling lighter than she planned.

The woman had somehow left her baby girl at the airport.

The Saudia Airlines flight was in the sky when the woman realized she had forgotten her child, Gulf News reported.

The mother informed the flight crew that her baby was back at the boarding area of a terminal at King Abdul Aziz International Airport.


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