Construction worker dad turns himself into influencer to prove point to daughter

When Omar's daughter explained what an influencer actually does, he replied "Pssh, I could do that".

Forget Zoella and co., there's a new social media influencer on the block, and he's definitely worth a follow.

He's a called Omar, and he's a construction worker and dad from Austin, Texas. 

Until recently, Omar had no idea what an influencer even was, so he asked his daughter. His response? "Pssh, I could do that."

So he created the Instagram account  @justaconstructionguy  and began sharing beautifully curated images of his life. In just over a month, he's racked up over 342,000 followers.




Coffee sign is messing with people's heads as they notice the shadow it casts

A sign in a coffee shop has got people baffled, but there could be a simple explanation.

Sweet, sweet coffee . Every morning, so many of us rely on it to sort our heads out.

However, thanks to one baffling sign, it's now messing with people's heads and causing waves of confusion. 

Not exactly what you want from that first cup of java of the day, is it?

One Reddit user brought the sign to widespread attention and it quickly had people doing a double take as they tried to figure it out.




Incredible story of how man met his wife and it involves a total stranger's grave

The story is so bizarre it should be turned into a film.

The best romances often start in an unusual way.

You might have met your other half over the fruit and veg at your local supermarket. 

Or perhaps while learning to surf in a leisure centre - trust me stranger things have happened.

How about meeting 'the one' while being treatig in A&E for a bee sting (I swear I'm not making this up).






Woman's alarm after husband shows his mum his penis wanting medical advice

His wife thinks he's too old to be doing this sort of thing.

Each family is unique in its own, bizarre way.

When you're in a serious relationship, you have to learn how to deal with all the peculiarities and drama of someone else's family. 

However, some scenarios are more peculiar than others, as one woman's recent Mumsnet dilemma proves.

Having discovered that her husband had shown his mum his penis and had asked for medical advice, she's now feeling a bit odd about it all.





'Precious' new mum bans smoker husband from looking after daughter by himself

The mum also revealed that the dad wasn't pulling his weight at home.

You don't have to be a doctor to be aware of the damage second-hand smoke can do to small kids.

But the lengths one mum has gone to protect her seven month-old daughter from the effects of cigarette smoke have resulted in criticism. 

The (over) protective mum REFUSES to let her husband spend any quality time with their daughter - because he's a smoker.

Taking to a parenting forum on Reddit, she explains: "I've been told that I'm too precious with her since the day she was born, but it is being brought up in every single argument and I've had enough!"




How many minutes, hours and days you work for free by cutting your lunch break short

It's something many of us do, but it all adds up - and could even cost you.

Not taking your full, allotted lunch break is something so many of us do.

Maybe it feels as if there are not enough hours in the day to get through your work. It could be ingrained in the culture of your workplace. Or perhaps you just want to brown-nose your boss . 

Whatever your reasons, that lacklustre, rushed desk "picnic" is doing you no favours.

Aside from the fact NO ONE lies on their death bed wishing they'd worked more over-time, cutting your lunch break short could actually cost you.




Man spotted wearing earphones the wrong way - and people are very confused

A man was photographed wearing his Apple AirPods the wrong way round in his ears and it's sparked a bizarre debate.

Some things in life are pretty straightforward and just shouldn't need to be explained - like flushing the toilet after you've been or the need to stay hydrated.

But one person has seemingly thrown the whole rule book out of the window and their unusual actions have sent people into a meltdown. 

Casey Newton, a writer for The Verge, recently shared a photo on Twitter of an unnamed man wearing Apple AirPods in a very interesting way.

In the image, the man has the wireless earphones upside down in his ear and to make matters worse, he also has his sunglasses on backwards.




ASOS mocked for selling 'boob tubes' for men - but some think they're 'awesome'

Online fashion retailer ASOS has divided opinions online after launching a range of crop and bandeau tops for men.

Everywhere you turn these days it seems like hemlines and t-shirt lengths are getting shorter and shorter by the second, with some forgoing clothing all together and wearing underwear as outwear.

But it's not just women who will be baring their midriffs and showing some skin this summer. 

That's because ASOS are currently selling a number of cropped tops and bandeau-style 'boob tubes' especially for men - this includes cropped tanks, cropped sweatshirts and even cropped shirts.

However the new trend has divided opinions online and sparked a heated debate.




Woman bemused after man she met in bar makes ridiculous demand the next day

A woman shared a drink with a man she met on a night out but the next morning she was left regretting her decision.

It's a pretty standard situation to find yourself in on a night out.

You're in a bar with your friends, when you catch the eye of a nice looking stranger who offers to buy you a drink or two. 

If you're single, you might say yes to the generous offer and then strike up a conversation with them, eventually exchanging numbers at the end of the night so you can go on a real date another time.

Or at least that's the hope.




Guy tells girlfriend he's slept with her mum after shocking realisation on way to meet parents

The man had no idea that he had previously been intimate with his girlfriend's mum until he walked up the street to her house.

There are a lot of things that can wrong when you meet your partner's parents for the first time.

You can say the wrong thing and offend them, or they can simply decide you're not good enough for their perfect son or daughter. 

But one man had quite possibly the worse experience we've ever heard when he went to his girlfriend's home to meet her mum and dad for the first time.

Sharing the horrifying story on Reddit, the man explained that he met a woman in a rock bar with live music and they hit it off.




People spot something very weird in background of woman's bathroom selfie

The picture's caption offers no explanation of what's going on, saying just" "Pretty little thing"

When Paula Sophia Garcia Espino took a cheeky bathroom selfie and posted it on Twitter, she probably just expected her pals to see it.

But it got a lot more attention than she thought - but it wasn't because of her short shorts or poked out tongue.

People are completely baffled by something very weird in the background, and they have absolutely no idea what's going on.

The picture's caption offers no explanation, saying just" "Pretty little thing".

Can you spot it?




Women are freaking out over a 'magical freckle' - and loads of people have one

Women all over the world are sharing photos on social media of a freckle they all seem to have in the same place.

Ladies, you're about to be asked something rather bizarre, so prepare yourselves.

Do you have a freckle near the middle of your wrist? 

Told you it was weird, but women all over the world have been left feeling baffled after someone realised that a lot of females share this feature.

This lead to thousands of people on Twitter sharing photos of their own weirdly identical freckles, a simple mark on the skin which you probably have too but have never even noticed before today.




Woman agrees to marry boyfriend - but only on one very strict condition

A woman has come under fire online after revealing that her engagement to her boyfriend comes with a condition.

After her boyfriend popped the question at a beautiful, expensive restaurant, one woman was in such a loved up daze, that she didn't take much notice of the ring on her finger.

But when she finally came down from cloud nine, she was less than impressed with her rock. 

Writing in a post on Reddit, the unnamed woman claims her partner of three years is a doctor, who has no debt and earns an easy 200k a year.

So with all that in mind, she was shocked that her ring looked "cheap" and the diamond was "tiny".




Model 'accidentally' shows off more than he planned in cheeky beach photo

Nick Youngquest posted a naked snap from his trip to the beach in Portugal, and while he covered certain areas with emojis there was one thing he missed.

A model revealed a little more than he was expecting after posting a very cheeky photo on social media.

Nick Youngquest joked about a new partnership with Tourism Portugal and shared a naked photo of himself by the sea with his 90,000 Instagram followers. 

While he covered up his private area with a Portuguese flag emoji, there was one key detail he completely missed.

The caption read: "Amazing to announce a partnership with Tourism Portugal!⁣



Man accidentally posts something very x-rated in eBay review for towel rack

A woman was looking through the reviews for a towel rack, when she noticed one man had shared a bit too much in his post.

When shopping online for a towel rack, you probably wouldn't expect there to be too much excitement involved.

But one woman got a big shock when she read through the reviews for a bamboo bath towel holder on eBay. 

Hazel Coleman, from Weymouth, was just minding her own business when she stumbled across something rather unexpected - and very x-rated - in a post.

One man had uploaded a snap of the towel rack in his home, but had accidentally shared a bit too much of himself in the process.



The colour you should always wear to job interviews and important work meetings

New research has suggested that the colours we wear can have a big influence on the outcome of certain events - including job interviews.

Ever wondered what your outfit really says about you? Well the style of the clothes might make you seem fashionable, but it turns out it's the colour that has the biggest impact.

A nationwide study has revealed that the colours we choose to wear in certain situations can have a big influence over the outcome. 

As well as revealing which colour can help you have the most fun on a night out, the research, by vaping brand blu, also suggests which shades to go for at the gym and which can help you feel more successful at work.

Of the 1,500 Brits studied, 43 percent said that the colour black was a "winner" when it came to nailing a job interview and it was also seen as the best choice for big presentations and important business meetings.



Avoid charging your mobile at airports warns security expert - or it could cost you

It's like finding someone else's toothbrush on the street and using it.

We're all familiar with the sense of panic that comes when you realise your phone is about to die - and your charger is nowhere to hand.

That tiny little red sliver of battery isn't going to hang on in there forever. 

Fortunately, should this happen to you at an airport, there are those nifty charging stations. Phew, crisis averted, right?

Wrong! Next time you find yourself short of juice at the airport, you may want to think twice before using a charging station, as it could end up costing you more



Biscuit fan spends 29 years extracting Bourbon filling - and gets compared to Einstein

Apparently he removed the filling using his hands and "nibbling"

It took him almost three decades, but one Bourbon biscuit-loving superfan has now achieved his life's goal.

His work has since earned him a huge round of praise from other fans. 

So what did his masterpiece entail, exactly?

Revealing all on Reddit along with a photo, he wrote: "It's only taken me 29 years, but I've FINALLY managed to isolate an intact bourbon biscuit filling."



'Instagram vs reality' exposes what influencers' 'flawless' photos should really look like

Make-up, clever angles, filters, good lighting and even a cheeky bit of photoshop are all key.

It shouldn't need spelling out, but here we go - sometimes social media isn't 100% representative of the truth.

A scroll through Facebook or Instagram may throw up countless polished and envy-inducing images, but these don't always tell the full story. 

Your favourite influencers could be some of the worst culprits when it comes to this "smoke and mirrors" approach, which probably doesn't shock you.

What IS shocking is what these images look like from a different angle, or before make-up and filters have been applied, or before they've been digitally tweaked.



Tourists get fleeced at Rome café - where two burgers and three coffees cost £70

Tourists are being warned to avoid Caffe Vaticano whose menu doesn't list any prices.

A café near the Vatican has redefined the term "tourist trap" .

Caffe Vaticano is in a prime location - and tourists are paying through the nose for it. 

While it's sadly inevitable that cafés, bars and restaurants in hotspots charge more, tourists are now being warned to avoid Caffe Vaticano after an image of a jaw-dropping receipt was posted on TripAdvisor.

It shows a meal for two totalling €81.40 (£70.62). This princely sum bought them a measly two burgers and three coffees.



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