Mother-in-law buys son a new wedding ring because she didn’t like original one

The mum was unimpressed with the bands and decided that she needed to step in a provide her own ring for the couple, a decision that prompted the bride to write a furious Reddit post.

A horrified bride revealed how her mother-in-law created a new wedding ring for her son because she didn't like the original custom-made band.

The newlywed says she was appalled by her mother-in-law's meddling actions and took to Reddit to share the story. 

Under the username UnpronounceableMead , she wrote: “I’ve beginning to realize that my MIL would rather be the one married to DH [dear husband].

“Before we got married, our MIL asked to see the bands we chose.




Confident selfie-loving woman wows people with photo session on busy train

Jessica George was filmed working it for the camera and left people in awe of her.

It's not uncommon to see people take selfies in even the most mundane of settings.

The power of the selfie is just too strong to resist sometimes.

But actor Ben Yahr recently witnessed a selfie devotee who completely wowed with her next-level confidence while having an impromptu photo session on the New York subway. 

Ben then tweeted a video of his fellow unabashed commuter and, in arguably what's the best bit of the story, she saw it and reacted with nothing but good humour.




Man's 'worst possible way' of making tea sparks disgust - all thanks to the tea bag

"This is horrible. Please say that was immediately poured down the sink"

We're a nation of tea lovers, and people have VERY strong feelings about how they take theirs .

So when Holly Harley shared a video of how her boyfriend made a cuppa, scores of social media users had things to say about it. 

He starts by adding two spoonfuls of sugar to a mug, then the hot water and then a healthy dash of milk so he's left with a sort of sweet, milky soup.

It's only THEN that he adds the tea bag, gives it a quick stir before being heard slurping his drink.




Nearly half of people don't change underwear daily - and some wear same pair for week

A survey has revealed some surprising truths about people's behaviour when it comes to changing their underwear.

Recently we discovered that a worrying number of people aren't washing their underwear correctly.

And now to make matters worse, we've just found out that there are plenty of people out there who don't put on a clean pair of underwear everyday. 

Yes, really.

According to new research by underwear maker Tommy John, around half of people in the US (45 percent) don't change their underwear daily - and a disturbing 13 percent of those they spoke to even confessed to wearing the same pair of knickers or pants for an entire week.




'Zombie snail' is freaking people out and amazing them at the same time

A strange video of a 'zombie snail' has gone viral on social media leaving many people feeling grossed out.

Every now and then a post crops up on Twitter that makes you question everything you know about the world around you.

Last week it was two photos of bizarre bathrooms that sent people on the website into total meltdown. 

But this week it's something much stranger.

A video of a creature being called a 'zombie snail' has gone viral on the social network, reminding everyone what a weird world we live in.




Can a waiter refuse to sell alcohol to pregnant customers - what the law really says

Recently a woman went viral for revealing she switched a pregnant woman's drink order to remove the alcohol.

Last week a waitress revealed that she had sneakily switched the drink order of a customer at the restaurant she worked in.

After overhearing a conversation between the customer and her friends, the waitress understood her to be pregnant and after serving her one alcoholic cocktail, decided to ask the bartender to make the rest of her drinks virgin. 

At the end of the night the woman was furious to discover what happened and demanded her tip be repayed.

The waitress, who was told she could be fired for 'discrimination', thought what she was doing was for the best - but was it actually illegal?




Man admits he puts watermelon on his pizza and sends internet into total meltdown

If you thought pineapple on pizza was bad, you haven't seen anything yet.

If there's one thing that people can be very particular about, it's what should and shouldn't be put on top of a pizza.

For years people have been debating whether the addition of pineapple is genius, or a complete and utter abomination. 

But it seems there might be a new food argument heading our way, as one Reddit user has just revealed they like to put something very controversial on top of their deep dish.

An unnamed man has confessed that often he bakes himself a pizza with watermelon on top.




Cleaning mistakes that could be making you ill - and they can be very dangerous

Most of us spent a lot more time than we would like scrubbing, sweeping and dusting, so it's important to know what all those chemicals are doing to our insides.

More and more of us are learning to love cleaning thanks to Mrs Hinch and other social media stars who have somehow made dish cloths and disinfectant cool.

But mopping, sweeping and dusting can all have a negative effect on our health. And, in some cases, cleaning can even make us ill. 

We spoke to cleaning expert Ralitsa Prodanova from home cleaning firm Fantastic Services about the top 10 mistakes you could be making around your home and the best way to keep your pad spick and span.

Nobody wants their house to get mouldy, but scrubbing spores can be extremely hazardous.




Plane passenger commits the ultimate sin mid-flight leaving passengers disgusted

Disgusted comments flooded the post which shows a man putting up his bare foot on the headrest of the seat in front of him.

People always say to put your best foot forward - but no passengers are happy to see your feet on board a long-haul flight.

Flying etiquette always stirs up a heated debate online and now a picture of a passenger putting up his feet on the headrest of the chair in front of him has gone viral. 

Shared on Instagram under the account, 'passengershaming', the picture shows the passenger putting his bare feet on the side of the entertainment screen in front of him.

From the angle of the way he placed his feet, it appears that he was enjoying two seats to himself in the economy class of the plane.




Woman calls out influencer sister for misleading her followers on Instagram

A woman has epically trolled her sister on social media after she staged several hiking photos at their family home.

With the rise of Instagram 'influencer' culture, people are becoming increasingly desperate to make it look like they're living their best lives online.

But if we learned anything from the time Gabbie Hanna cleverly tricked her followers into thinking she was at Coachella, it's that you can't believe everything you see. 

One woman recently uploaded several 'hiking' shots to her account for thousands to like, accompanied by an inspirational caption.

Posing in athletic gear in front of a clearing of trees, Casey Sosnowski looked like she was out on a trail, enjoying nature, when in reality she was somewhere much closer to home.




McDonald's spicy McNuggets are a huge let-down according to nonplussed fans

Fans who've already sampled them have said they're not even that spicy

It was the news the UK needed to hear - to much fanfare, McDonald's launched their spicy chicken McNugget's today.

Hardcore fans even queued up for hours to get a sneaky taste preview ahead of their official 10.30am debut as 600 nuggets were given out for free earlier. 

Because the only thing better than a chicken McNugget is a SPICY chicken McNugget - especially one that comes with a new Tabasco dip. Right?







Farmer's unique proposal to girlfriend is slammed as 'really gross' and 'creepy'

A picture of the unusual proposal has raised eyebrows as it's not to everyone's taste.

A farmer reportedly proposed to his girlfriend by putting an engagement ring on a cow's udder - but the romantic gesture has been labelled 'creepy' by some.

A photo of the 'magical moment' has been shared by a woman from Singapore on the prolific Facebookgroup, That's it I'm Ring Shaming. 

It has been inundated with comments from confused and shocked social media users - some also repulsed.

One mocked: "This is UDDERLY terrible. Sorry had to go for it. But really this is gross.




'Worst bride ever' cancels wedding in savage email after guests refuse to pay £900

No one wanted to fund her "once in a lifetime party" and she was livid.

Having to tell your nearest and dearest that your wedding is cancelled is an incredibly painful task.

Who wouldn't feel for the person who has to go through that? 

Unless that person is Susan from Canada, whose email to her friends and family has left people open-mouthed with shock.

The reason Susan has had to cancel her wedding is because her guests refused to pay £900 towards it EACH.




Mathematician gives answer to simple sum that has been dividing the internet

University College London associate professor Hannah Fry explained the two possibilities to the mind-boggling algebra equation.

A mathematician has provided an explanation to a simple maths question that has left thousands of Twitter users across the globe baffled.

The algebra equation was first posted by a user under the handle @pjmdoll, who challenged people to solve: 8÷2(2+2)=? 

Alongside she shared an anime scene from popular Japanese manga Naruto with the equation on the blackboard.

More than 14,000 people have liked her tweet and thousands replied with their answers - although not everyone agreed.




Chef explains how to make 'proper' Yorkshire Pudding - and one ingredient is key

To celebrate Yorkshire Day a Michelin-starred chef has revealed how to make the perfect Yorkshire Pudding.

August 1 marks an interesting day on our calendar - it's Yorkshire Day, a time to celebrate all the best things about the historic county, including a tasty treat named after it.

We're talking of course about Yorkshire Puddings, those wonderful things that accompany your Sunday roast or make up the base for toad in the hole. 

The puffy batter puddings are thought to have originally been known as Dripping Pudding, before a woman named Hannah Glasse renamed them Yorkshire Puddings in a cookery book published in 1747.

It's not known why she decided to give it this name, but some have suggested it may have been because the dish proved popular with coal miners in Yorkshire at that time.




Flight attendant who jumped into overhead compartment was 'having a bit of fun'

Footage shows the flight attendant inside the plane’s overhead compartment for '10 minutes' on a Southwest Airlines flight to Philadelphia.

It's not everyday you see a flight attendant inside a plane’s overhead luggage compartment - but stunned passengers on a US flight witnessed exactly that.

Bizarre footage shows a female flight attendant inside the plane’s overhead compartment on a Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville to Philadelphia in the US. 

She's seen resting on her side and stomach, with her feet hanging out of the compartment.

When passengers board the plane the flight attendant starts to talk before the video cuts off. But Southwest say she was just 'having a bit of fun' with the passengers.




String trick is more accurate than your BMI at telling you to lose some weight

It takes no time at all and is a better indicator of your overall health than calculating your BMI.

It's one thing suspecting you might need to lose weight , but going about calculating this can be a different matter.

If you want a quick answer - without calculating your BMI - then all you need is a piece of string to tell you whether you're overweight or not. 

Not only does the test take no time at all, but it can also flag the potential heath problems related to obesity/being overweight, which include heart disease , stroke and some cancers.

In fact, it's also MORE effective than calculating your BMI.




Hikers experience electric shocks on Colorado 14ers over the weekend

DENVER -- Hikers on two different mountains this weekend experienced electrical shocks and currents so strong it left their hair standing straight up.

Lori Corliss is an experienced hiker.

She and a group of over 30 hikers were on the summit of Mt. Princeton at about 10:30 a.m. when they started feeling shocks on their skin.

She says they all started running for their lives off the summit.

“We all started feeling our hair standing up, skin was tingling. Everything was zapping us, the backpacks, the poles. We said 'everybody run!“ Corliss said.






Shopper mocks ASOS over £350 dress that 'looks like a sack of onions'

ASOS is being ridiculed on social media after a shopper noticed something bizarre about a rather expensive dress.

It's no secret that online retailers such as ASOS sometimes sell rather strange items of clothing.

From flame trainers that look like Chandler's ones in Friends to buckle up bikinis, they've got it all. 

But shoppers have just stumbled across another interesting item - much to their own amusement.

The garment in question is the Elissa Poppy Lacetex Slip dress, which was originally put online for £350, but is now in the sale for £210.




Vegan claims eggs are worse for you than smoking - according to her calculations

Plant Based Barb made the claims, but science unfortunately proves otherwise.

It's no secret that smoking is one of the worst things you could for your health.

So much so, the government have set an ambitious target to have eradicated smoking in the UK by 2030. 

But according to one vegan blogger, there is something even more detrimental to your health than smoking - and it's something overwhelming numbers of us are guilty of.

According to a woman going by the Twitter handle 'Plant Based Barb', eating eggs is worse than smoking.




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