Boss accidentally turns herself into potato during video meeting - and can't undo it

A woman has shared the hilarious moment her boss accidentally turned a potato filter on during a video meeting and couldn't figure out how to turn it back off.

With many places currently on lockdown, life as we know it has changed drastically.

The vast majority of people are currently working from home in attempt to help limit the spread of coronavirus. 

And it's fair to say this time away from the office has proved tricky for some.

Recently, a priest in Italy attempted to livestream a mass but found himself experiencing some rather amusing technical difficulties.



Postman does deliveries in fancy dress to 'lift spirits' of people in lockdown

Jon Matson, 39, has been wearing fancy dress in the hopes of lifting people's spirits during the coronavirus lockdown in the UK

A postman has been attempting to spread a little joy everywhere he goes as he continues to drop off his deliveries in fancy dress.

Jon Matson, 39, has worked for Royal Mail for four years and made the decision during lockdown to get dressed up to "lift the spirits" of the residents he sees. 

In the last few days, the dad-of-two has been seen around the Boldon area dressed up as Little Bo Peep and a Greek solider, but tells people that they should expect to see many more outfits in the coming days.

He was told he could do his rounds in his crazy outfits as long as he wore his ID and his company shoes.



Mum soaks her entire Tesco shop in bath over fears of coronavirus contamination

A woman posted a photo of her bath tub filled with items including feta cheese and broccoli, saying her mum was bathing her Tesco shop as a precaution against COVID-19

Everyone is rightly doing everything they can to protect themselves and others against the spread of coronavirus.

It's vital to follow guidelines including staying inside and washing your hands regularly to help flatten the curve of confirmed cases of the virus in the UK. 

The official NHS advise on how stop the spread and look after your own health during the pandemic can be found by clicking here.

Some are adding their own protective measures to the list - with some proving to be a little more unconventional than others.




Hairdresser cuts holes in umbrella for arms and eyes as barrier between clients

A hairdresser who adapted an umbrella to be used as a barrier to separate herself from her clients saw the bizarre invention go viral after a clip of her at work was shared more than 82,000 times on Facebook.

A hairdresser who is determined not to down tools during the coronavirus pandemic has gone viral for her bizarre method to create a barrier between herself and her customers.

The stylist cut holes into an umbrella for her arms and eyes, allowing her to 'wear' it while going about her appointments as usual. 

The protective measures also include a pair of disposable gloves as she continue to work at the Bella Rosa salon in Oss, Holland.

One clip in which laughing can be heard in the background includes the caption 'this is not going well' as it went viral on social media.




Mum's strict food rules for self-isolation praised - especially rule four

One mum shared her hilarious rules in a bid to stop her family eating all the food in the house following COVID-19 advice.

Everyone is doing everything in their power to keep their fridges and cupboards stocked up amid self-isolation fears.

It includes one smart mum who created a set of strict "pantry rules" to ensure her family doesn't eat all of the food in the house. 

She titled the rules: "New pantry rules for Coronavirusgedden" and anonymously shared a picture of it online.

The list of rules was taped to the inside of her cupboard, and set out exactly what food could and couldn't be eaten during these unprecedented times.




'Genius' corner shop comes up with easy way to stop people stockpiling toilet roll

Corner shop owner Hazem Sedda has come up with a 'genius' way to stop people stockpiling following coronavirus COVID-19 self-isolation fears

Days before we were told to stay indoors to stop the spread of coronavirus Covid-19, people started bulk-buying the essentials.

Despite reassurances that there is enough to go around and desperate pleas from those left without, people flocked to supermarkets - and the first thing on everyone's shopping list was toilet roll. 

To stop it happening at his store, Australian shopkeeper Hazem Sedda came up with his own cheeky tactic to stop people clearing the shelves.

Hazem, who runs Redfern Convenience Store in Sydney, is allowing customers to buy a two pack of toilet roll for $3.50, which is about £3.




Coronavirus: Mum discovers eight-year-old son's hilarious diary criticising her homeschooling

With schools closing due the coronavirus pandemic and many parents facing being left to teach their children at home, one mum found her techniques weren't up to the usual standards.

Last week it was announced that schools in the UK would close as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the nation.

The decision will have left many parents with the headache of childcare, balancing work from home with looking after their little ones, and the unenviable task of homeschooling. 

With closures in place until 'until further notice', keeping up your kids' education is important, but one mum who has tried to bring the classroom to her home has been fiercely criticised - by her own son.

Candice Kennedy, from the US, was only one day in to her attempts at being both mum and teacher to her eight-year-old Ben when she was given a harsh dose of reality.




Cheating husband catches coronavirus - after secretly taking mistress to Italy

A married man has reportedly caught coronavirus after a secret trip to Italy with his mistress and is now worried about his wife discovering the affair.

When it comes to cheating in a marriage, things are always going to be messy.

But when you add a global pandemic into the mix, things suddenly become even more complicated. 

One man is currently panicking that his wife is going to discover his infidelity after he tested positive for coronavirus following a recent trip overseas.

His unsuspecting wife believes he was away in the UK on business when he caught the virus, but in reality he was on a secret break in Italy with his mistress, reports The Sun.




Coronavirus: People are putting their Christmas lights up to spread positivity

Staying positive during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak can be challenging, but some people have found a solution.

Fairy lights are known for one time of the year, and one time only - Christmas.

And one of the most exciting parts of Christmas - minus the presents and food - is driving around to see which house has the best Christmas lights. 

But people around the world have started going up into their lofts and bringing down their decs now in a bid to spread a little joy.

We’re currently facing uncertain times with the coronavirus pandemic, so, anything and everything that can be done, should, to spread happiness and cheer. 




People working from home due to coronavirus share snaps of creative desk set-ups

People who are working at home to reduce the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 are sharing their inventive desk set-ups.

As part of strict new measures to stop the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, Boris Johnson has urged all Brits to stop all “non-essential” travel if possible.

This means thousands of people up and down the country are now working from home for the foreseeable future. 

It's a huge change for many of us and is going to take some getting used to, but people have taken to social media to share tips and hacks to make it work.

Many have suggested keeping routine, changing out of your PJs and taking regular screen breaks, others have been sharing photos of their rather creative desk set ups.




Woman horrified after two-inch goldfish grows into 'monster' and eats tank mates

Alexandria Miller, from Chicago, USA, says her pet goldfish Gerald is a whopping 12 inches and has to be kept apart from other fish after devouring several of his tank mates

A horrified woman says a two-inch long goldfish she won at a carnival has now grown into a huge flesh-eating monster.

Alexandria Miller, 28, brought Gerald the goldfish home in July 2018 when he was just a guppy. 

She thought her new pet was a standard size, but says he just kept growing and now measures a whopping 12 inches.

Now Alexandria, from Chicago, USA, says she has to keep him isolated from other fish as he has eaten several of his tank mates.




Outrageous way parents are trying to beat Aldi's coronavirus toilet roll ban

A number of supermarkets, including Aldi, have put limitations on the number of essential toiletries people can buy but it seems some parents in Australia have found a “sneaky” way around it.

Amid stockpiling concerns, some supermarkets have been forced to impose restrictions on a number of essential items.

Brits are stripping shop shelves bare in the fear that they will need to self-isolate as coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread. 

In the UK Sainsbury’s Tesco and Asda have put the limitations in place on toilet rolls,  hand wash, pasta, milk and cleaning products like antibacterial wipes.

But, Aldi is restricting all items in its store to four per shopper




Woman makes pal Sonic birthday cake - but it ends up looking ruder than it should

A woman has shared her attempt at making a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed birthday cake for her friend and people have a lot of thoughts about it.

If we've learnt anything from The Great British Bake Off over the years, it's that making a showstopper cake is hard.

One home baker, Siân Knight, recently discovered just how difficult it is when she attempted to make a Sonic the Hedgehog themed cake for her friend's birthday. 

For those who don't know, Sonic is a video game character and he's blue in colour.

It's fair to say that the Sonic bake didn't turn out quite the way Siân had hoped.



Mum's anger as husband plays golf rather than seeing their premature baby in hospital

The "exhausted" mum was furious when her husband chose playing golf with his pals over bonding with his newborn son.

An "exhausted" mum-of-three was furious after her husband opted to play golf with the boys instead of visiting his newborn son in the hospital.

She claimed he hadn't seen their little boy for days, and didn't understand why he would rather spend time with his golf friends than bond with him. 

Her upset has caused a huge debate online, with people offering differing opinions on the sensitive situation.

She didn't exactly have a textbook-perfect pregnancy after her amniotic sac ruptured 30 weeks in, leaving her confined to a hospital bed for a month.





Teacher claims we've been coughing 'wrong' - and shares her 'cough pocket' method

A preschool teacher has gone viral on social media after sharing the way she encourages her students to cough.

s the number of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to rise around the world, people are becoming more and more health conscious.

From washing their hands repeatedly for 20 seconds at a time to using hand sanitiser and wearing face masks. 

Because it's a new illness, it's not exactly known how COVID-19 spreads between people, but similar viruses are spread through cough droplets.

So it's especially important to make sure you're covering your mouth when you cough.




Mum accused of stealing show home photos as her pristine home is too perfect

Ishy Bano has been accused of using images from show homes on her interior design Instagram account, and she's had enough.

A house-proud mum has been targetted by trolls who accused her of uploading photos of a home that isn't her own.

Ishy Bano, from Huddersfield, posts hundreds of images of her immaculate home to her Instagram account x_home_of_ishy_x , but has been told numerous times that her home is "fake". 

She started her account in 2017 with only 13 followers, and there are now 100,000 people keen to keep up with her impressive eye for decorating.

Ishy has decorated her entire home in muted grey tones and glitzy accessories to match - which has been a very popular colour scheme amongst celebrities like Mrs Hinch and Vicky Pattison.




You can now get paid to drink champagne and eat cake at wedding fairs

If you love nothing more than sipping some bubbly and tucking into a slice of cake, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Aside from making a lifelong commitment to the person you love and wearing a gorgeous dress, undoubtedly the best thing about weddings is the free cake and the booze.

But what if you could enjoy these on a regular basis and get paid for it - without getting married or having to attend a wedding? 

Well, now you can.

That's because an online exhibition platform is looking to hire a member of the public as a ‘Wedding Fair Tester’, to travel around the UK and review wedding fairs across England, Wales and Scotland.




Woman pays £35 for luxury ombre nails - but they end up looking like 'dog nipples'

Serina Carmen and her sister paid £35 each to get their nails done, but left the salon thoroughly disappointed by the final results of their pampering trip.

For most of us, getting our nails done is a real treat so we expect to leave the salon looking so glamorous we could be a hand model.

But unfortunately that doesn't always happen, as one woman found out when she treated her sister to a manicure after being promoted. 

Serina Carmen, 25, and her sister spent hours scouring the internet in search of the perfect set of nails, finally opting for a subtle nude to black ombre.

They took the photo of their dream design to a salon in New York and handed over $45 - £35.




Simpsons fans convinced show predicted coronavirus - but others spot a problem

Fans have been tweeting that The Simpsons may have predicted the outbreak of coronavirus in the 1993 episode 'Marge in Chains' - but some have pointed out that not all is as it seems.

The Simpsons has an eerily accurate habit of predicting the future.

In 2000 the episode 'Bart to the Future' referenced the presidency of Donald Trump - 16 years before he took office - and its writers have also been credited with foreseeing many other events including the horse meat scandal, the design of the shard, and Disney purchasing 21st Century Fox. 

And now fans think the show predicted the outbreak of the coronavirus in just its fourth season during 'Marge in Chains' which was released way back in 1993.

During the episode, a worker in Japan is shown to say 'please don't tell the supervisor I have the flu', before coughing into a box addressed to Homer.




Owners of 'super clingy' cat trick her by creating fake warm lap to sit in

Rebecca May and her husband were finding it difficult to work as their clingy cat Ziggy fought for their attention - so they found a genius way to keep her happy.

Three years ago, Ziggy the cat was taken home from a London shelter by Rebecca May and her husband.

It didn't take her long to settle into her new surroundings and show just how affectionate she is - with Rebecca saying she 'absolutely has to be sat on you'.

Anyone who sits down will quickly find a cat in their lap, and if there isn't one to be found, Ziggy will balance on backs, arms and shoulders to be close to her human friends.

It came as great news to the catto when her parents began to work from home more often - but proved trickier for them as the pet climbed all over the desk and computer keyboard.




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