Slimming World member makes 'diet cheesecake' - and people are horrified

A Slimming World member shared a snap of the cheesecake alternative they made themselves and it's provoked a lot of backlash on social media.

Now, we've been seeing some downright bizarre food trends online as of late.

For instance, at the start of the month people couldn't stop talking about Gene Simmons putting ice cubes in his cereal and naturally it inspired other people to try it.

Now, people can't stop talking about a cheesecake - if you can even call it that.

That's because a post from a private Slimming World Facebook group has gone viral, after a member shared a screenshot of it on Twitter .




Man's awkward apology to wife after she finds his shaming post about her wedding dress

It's normal to experience slip-ups before the big day but this woman did not expect her hubby to call her a 'toddler' for refusing to wear a £38 wedding dress, months before the big day.

Some women have dreamt of their wedding day since they were little girls and will do anything they can to make sure it's exactly as they always wanted.

But for one bride-to-be, it wasn't money or family fallouts standing in the way of her dream wedding - but her future husband.

The countdown to this couple's summer wedding should have been exciting, but things started to go south when the groom refused to fork out the £1,000 his fiancé needed for her dream dress.

The man turned to Reddit hoping for some advice, but his post made things much, much worse.




Morrisons is selling a plant Nasa says can stop your partner's snoring - and it's only £10

Nasa scientists could have potentially found a cure for your partner's annoying snoring, and all you need is a £10 pineapple plant from Morrisons.

If your partner's snoring regularly stops you from catching those all important hours of sleep, this £10 plant from Morrisons could be your saving grace.

For this weekend only Morrisons is selling a pineapple plant that may actually be a game-changer in the bedroom.

And whilst this doesn't seem the most exciting thing to add to your shopping list, this plant is limited-edition and can only be found in store.

Nasa scientists have said that putting one of these bad boys beside your bed, helps to improve air quality, produces oxygen and in turn stops those noisy sleepers.




Mum freaked out as 'haunted' Frozen doll returns to house after she binned it twice

A family has been left feeling rather freaked out after one of their daughter's Christmas presents returned to their home, after being put in the bin twice.

It's no secret that dolls can be pretty creepy, we've seen enough horror films to know that.

But one thing we didn't think would prove quite so scary is a Disney toy, but one woman has been left terrified of a piece of Frozen merchandise her young child was given for Christmas.

A mum from Houston has taken to social media to reveal why she believes her daughter, Aurelia, has a "haunted" Elsa doll.

In a viral post on Facebook , that has now been deleted, Emily Madonia explained that Aurelia's toy had first started to freak them out when it began singing and talking in Spanish, while switched off




You can now buy Megxit merchandise inspired by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry quitting

An abundance of Megxit-themed items inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepping back as 'senior' royals are being sold on sites such as Amazon and Etsy.

Last week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they would be taking a step back from their roles as 'senior' members of the royal family.

They said they planned to divide their time between the UK and Canada and would be working to become financially indepenent.

Naturally, the public had plenty of thoughts on this and the shocking scenario was soon branded #Megxit on social media.

But people have now taken it one step further than just posting funny tweets and memes, as they've started making some actual Megxit-themed merchandise to mark the occasion.



Kiwi pizza labelled 'unholy abomination' - but some people can't wait to try it

Thought ordering a ham and pineapple pizza was controversial?

Once again, fruit on pizza is dividing the internet. 

The age old pineapple argument is known to all but a new kiwi pizza - which a reddit user found at a Danish pizzeria - has taken the debate to a whole new level.

Described as an “unholy abomination”, the large thin crust pizza has the traditional tomato sauce and cheese base with several slices of kiwi spread out on the top.

The idea of kiwi on pizza has divided many reddit users, with 429 comments all expressing varied opinions on the culinary invention.



Man orders wool 'jumper' online and only realises epic mistake when it arrives

Dan Sheehan ordered a thick woolly jumper online from a Norwegian website, but soon realised his mistake when it turned up at his door.

If you've ever been disappointed by an online order when it arrives at your door, you can rest assured you didn't get it quite as wrong as Dan Sheehan.

After developing jumper envy looking at Chris Evans' character in new mystery movie Knives Out (please see above), Dan decided to add a similar woolly sweater to his own wardrobe.

Looking around online, he came across what looked like the ideal knitwear on a foreign website at a very reasonable price and added it to his basket.

It's only when the package landed on his doorstep that his glaring error was exposed.




Woman lies about why she's late for work - but is caught in epic Photoshop fail

A woman attempted to lie to her boss about why she was running late for work but it didn't quite go over as smoothly as she'd hoped.

We all know it's wrong to lie, but occasionally a little white lie doesn't do too much harm.

However one woman's fib to her boss about why she was running late for work soon spiralled out of control.

The woman's colleague, Sydney Whitson, took to social media to share the bizarre tale of what happened.

The unnamed woman called in to work one morning to say that she was having car troubles (we've all been there). She claimed that there was a nail stuck in her tyre and she had a flat because of it.




Mum can't keep straight face over 'rocket' drawing daughter did at school

A mum revealed how she and her daughter's teacher had a 'good giggle' over a seemingly innocent drawing the little girl did while she was at school.

Children do the funniest things, we all know it's true - from devouring 18 yoghurts when their dad's back is turned to making brutal comments when asked for a hug.

But often it's their innocent acts that end up providing the most amusement for parents, the things they didn't intentionally do to be funny.

For instance, a young girl named Megan recently decided to draw a picture of a rocket for her mum while she was at school.

But her creative masterpiece ended up looking a little less like a space craft and more like something rather phallic.



Mum shamed by stranger who says her supermarket trolley use is 'illegal'

A mum who headed to the supermarket with her two children was slammed by a stranger for letting them both sit in the trolley - and the interaction has divided opinion online.

A mum who was food shopping with her two children was slammed by a fellow customer who said her use of the trolley was 'illegal'.

The parent took to Facebook to share a photo of her trolley after the incident, asking other mums to decide whether she or the stranger had been in the wrong.

She posted a snap taken after the encounter, showing her two children sat side-by-side with their legs coming through the back of the trolley.

"I was told off by a lady today and she told me it is illegal," she said. "Is she correct?"



Pug dog has MRI scan and the results are giving people 'nightmares'

The MRI scan of a pug went viral after people were left shocked by the results showing the breed's signature bulging eyes from the inside - but one vet has said the image is 'concerning'

Dogs are adorable - inside and out.

Not only are they a joy to look at, their kind nature also means they are likely to be the goodest boys and girls you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.

So it came as a bit of a surprise to thousands on the internet when actor and comedian Andy Richter shared an MRI scan of his friend's dog to discover that man's best friend was downright 'terrifying' on the inside.

And although many found amusement in scan of the poor little pug, a vet has said it also highlights the concerning results of selective breeding which have a detrimental impact on the health of the breed.




Aliens exist and they are living invisibly on Earth, says first Brit in space

Dr Helen Sharman became a national hero when - at the age of 27 - she became the first Briton to go into space responding to a job ad she heard on the radio while driving home from work.

Aliens exist and they could be living invisibly among us on Earth, says the first British astronaut to blast into outer space.

Dr Helen Sharman was a 27-year-old food chemist when she visited Russia's Mir space station in May 1991.

She applied and was selected - beating out more than 13,000 others - after hearing a call for potential astronauts on the radio while driving home from work.

Almost 30 years on from her historic achievement, the Sheffield-born national hero said extraterrestrial life could be living right under our noses.




Why you're more likely to meet the love of your life today - and best time for it to happen

For those looking to settle down this year, January 5 - also known as "Dating Sunday" - marks the the busiest day of the year for online dating.

If you weren't so lucky in love last year, you'll be pleased to hear that today might just be the day you finally meet 'The One'.

For the third year running, Dating Sunday is set to be the busiest Sunday of the year, with more users than ever signing up or logging on.

And according to the experts, the best time to log onto Tinder, Hinge, Bumble or whatever app you prefer is 11pm.

Zoosk CMO Luciana Telles explains why the first Sunday of the year is perfect timing for singles to look for online connections.




People share hilarious struggles as everyone heads back to work after Christmas

Workers are coming back down to earth with a bump after enjoying weeks of excess over the Christmas holidays to return to the office today - and no one can remember what they do.

Gone are the days of not knowing nor caring which day of the week it is.

Wearing the same set of pyjamas for eight days on the trot and breakfasts consisting of eating around the Bountys from a box of Celebrations are nothing but a distant memory now.

Today marks the first day those who were lucky enough to have time off over Christmas and New Year are left facing alarm clocks and morning commutes once again.

And some people are not coping one bit.



Simple scrunch test will show whether your wrapping paper is recyclable

After you've unwrapped the lovely things Santa left under the tree, you might be wondering whether or not you can recycle the paper and there's an easy way to tell.

A lot of waste is probably produced in your house at this time of year.

From leftover Christmas food that no one will eat to the remains of present wrapping paper.

Obviously you can solve one of these problems quite simply and recycle your excess paper.

But did you know that not all Christmas wrapping is recyclable?



Mum asks pals to fund £27k Disney World wedding as it's 'impossible' to save

A bride-to-be has come under fire online after asking her friends to donate money so she can have her dream wedding at Disney World.

It's no secret that weddings can quickly become very expensive affairs.

Some people opt to go all out when they tie the knot, having the ceremony in a lavish location, ordering custom dresses, a decadent cake and so much more.

 But not everyone has the money to do that, so others have to keep things simple and modest.

One bride-to-be has admitted to lacking the funds needed for her "dream" wedding at Disney World - but she's not prepared to let that stop her from having it.




Students 'freaking out' as teacher uses her own body to teach anatomy class

A teacher who finds creative ways to bring her subjects to life, including dressing up in disguises for history classes, found a unique way to help her students understand human anatomy.

A teacher who went above and beyond to help her students visualise her teachings during an anatomy class has won the admiration of thousands online for her efforts.

Verónica Duque, who has been teaching for 15 years, dressed up in a full-body suit which showed the placement of organs in her body after realising her young pupils struggled to understand the concept.

The teacher's proud husband posted photos of his wife teaching the class of 8-9 year olds on Twitter with the caption, translated from Spanish, reading: "Very proud of this volcano of ideas that I am lucky to have as a woman.

"Today she explained the human anatomy to her students in a very original way.




Surprising item five million Brits are planning to serve with Christmas Dinner

We're used to seeing cranberry sauce and bread sauce on the table at Christmas, but this year millions of Brits will be offering up a more 'modern' condiment.

When you think of a Christmas dinner, what do you picture?

Turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, pigs in blankets, parsnips, gravy, Yorkshire puddings - the whole works.

But would your dream feast feature a dollop of mayonnaise on the side?

According to new research by Heinz, millions of Brits are planning to serve up their Christmas dinner this year with mayonnaise or tomato ketchup.




Signs your Christmas is 'common' - including the time you open presents

Etiquette expert William Hanson has complied a list of the things you should avoid if you don't want your Christmas to be 'common' - including fakes trees and Christmas jumpers.

We all like to do Christmas differently, and we all think our Christmas is the best way of doing it.

Everyone has a couple of traditions which make our festive celebrations unique, but now an etiquette expert has revealed the signs that he says show your Christmas is 'common'.

William Hanson told The Sun the things to look out for this year which expose your own Christmas celebrations as a little less than posh.

We recognise most of these from our big day, so who says you need to be sophisticated to have a laugh?




Woman takes dog to the groomer - but doesn't recognise him when he comes out

A woman who took her dog to the groomer for a 'little trim' got a big shock when she went to collect the pooch.

A dog owner was left unable to recognise her own pet after a groomer gave him a very drastic hair cut.

Carley Coca from Florida took her seven-year-old Samoyed, named Nanuk, to her local groomer for a "trim" but there was a mix-up in communication along the way.

When the 28-year-old arrived to pick up her fluffy white dog she was surprised to discover he was completely bald - and would have to wear sun cream until his fur grew back.

Nanuk ended up looking more like a British Bull Terrier than a Samoyed - but luckily Carley saw the funny side of the situation.




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