Nurse shares tip to test if children have broken bone - but others don't like it

The nurse's advice has been widely shared online but another has urged parents to leave it to the professionals.

Our little ones will often pick up a few bumps and bruises from playing either at home or at school. 

When they complain about serious discomfort it can be hard to judge how serious the injury is and whether we need to seek medical attention. 

When Wendy Wood's daughter Grace bumped into someone and fell in the playground, the mum took her child to hospital where a nurse passed on a tip she said would help determine if children have broken a bone in their face.




Parents stage 'terrifying' Alien-themed photo shoot for son's first birthday

Todd and Nicole Cameron's maternity photos recreating the Alien 'chestburster' scene went viral last year and new snaps taken before their son Jack's birthday are just as creative.

A couple whose maternity photo shoot was dubbed the 'most terrifying ever' have tried to top it ahead of their son's first birthday.

 Todd and Nicole Cameron's maternity snaps went viral a year ago when they recreated the legendary 'chestburster' scene from Alien in a pumpkin patch. 

It was complete with fake blood and a small model of the 'chestburster' character that has terrified movie audiences for decades.

They have now marked the creature's 'first birthday' with a spectacular shoot featuring the alien, or Xenomorph, and their son, who was named Jack Robert James Cameron.




Hikers left 'uncomfortable' after encountering man jogging in pink thong

Hikers have recalled the bizarre moment they came across a jogger dressed only in a pink G-string and work boots.

These days it's often the case that you have to expect the unexpected. 

But would you ever expect to see a man out for a run on a hiking trail, wearing nothing but a pink thong and a pair of work boots? 

Well, one group of hikers certainly weren't prepared to witness the strange sight and claim that the bizarre moment left them feeling rather "uncomfortable".

According to reports the group of women were going up and down the Wild Horse Mountain trail in Queensland, Australia when they came across the unknown man.




Mum gives toddler her phone to play with and £350 Amazon sofa turns up at house

Mum-of-two Isabella had no idea what had happened until she was told her three-piece sofa was on its way.

When it comes to finding an interior designer to remodel your home, a two-year-old probably wouldn't be the first person you turned to. 

But that's what one mum was left facing after her daughter accidentally ordered a £350 three-piece sofa from Amazon. 

Mum-of-two Isabella McNeil had been in the market for a new couch and browsed through options on her phone when her two-year-old, Rayna, said: "Mama, phone. Mama, phone."

Isabella handed it over and thought nothing more of it until a few days later when she received a notification informing her that her sofa was on its way.




'Disturbing' meal that looks like Freddy Kruger is freaking people out

A creepy-looking meal has unsettled social media users with its resemblance to a horror movie villain.

When it comes to photos of food on the internet, they either look really appetising, or like something the cat dragged in. 

There is very rarely an inbetween. 

One place where you will see a number of monstrous meal photos is over on the Facebook group, Rate My Plate.

Here diners submit photos of their own culinary creations, which are then rated and slated by other members of the group.




Student tricks online scammer into giving him money and donates it to charity

'Enthusiastic business man' Ross Walsh even created code words to carry out the clever ruse.

We've all received emails promising us huge riches - as long as we give up some of our hard-earned cash first. 

Online scamming is big business and regularly succeeds in conning innocent people out of huge chunks of their life savings and leaving their plans for the future in tatters.

When student Ross Walsh opened one such email from a 'big business banker' asking for £1,000 in exchange for half of his business, he not only replied with an intention to invest, but countered with an offer of £50,000 to really get the business off the ground.



Turtle dies after washing up on beach with 104 pieces of plastic in its stomach

A nature centre has said the case is 'a sad reminder that we all need to do our part to keep our oceans plastic free'

Plastic pollution is an issue which has been thrust into the public consciousness in recent years as we wake up to the devastating consequences it is having on the natural world. 

High profile figures have campaigned to raise awareness, including David Attenborough, who used his final message of the hit series Blue Planet II to issue an emotional rallying call for efforts to be increased. 

He said: "Surely we have a responsibility to care for our blue planet. The future of humanity and indeed all life on earth now depends on us."

Despite measures being put in place to reduce the impact it has on wildlife, tragic stories of its effects are unfortunately still commonplace.




Woman fuming at bridesmaid and photographer after looking through wedding snaps

Her bridesmaid has messaged asking to see the photos and she's not sure what to reply

Planning a wedding is serious business and pulling everything together seamlessly can feel like a near impossible task. 

From the venues, to caterers, to music, you live in constant fear that one of the people you rely on most will heartlessly betray you during your moment of need. 

Having made it through the day, you can look around at your drunken friends and family on the dancefloor knowing the stress was all worth it and you'll forever be able to look back on the treasured photos with pride.

However, it was long after the dust had settled on the big day that all it all came crashing down for one bride, leaving her furious at both her bridesmaid and photographer.




Mum and pals recreate daughter's bikini holiday snaps - with amusing results

A woman was very amused to discover that her mum had attempted to recreate all her holiday photos from Instagram.

After a lovely holiday with friends in Murcia, Spain last year, Alexa Stark shared several photos from her trip on social media. 

These included snaps of the 20-year-old posing in by the pool and near palm trees. 

But little did she know that her mum had seen them all on Instagram and had come up with a wicked plan.

Her mum, who wishes to remain unnamed, travelled to the same destination recently and along with her own pals, they decided to have their own little photoshoot.



Plane passengers shocked by couple’s very strange seating position

The horrifying picture shows a woman's bare foot lying on the armrest of a passenger in front of her.

Airline passengers are used to all sorts of unusual behavior from their sometimes inconsiderate fellow travellers. 

While there is nothing wrong with getting cosy mid-air, respecting personal boundaries in cramped, uncomfortable plane cabins is a must. 

Social media users have expressed their horror after this couple were seen getting extremely comfortable in a very unusual position, the Daily Star reported .

A picture - shared to the passengershaming Instagram account - shows a man in a blue t-shirt and khaki trousers reclining in his seat.




Area 51: US military sorry over 'threat to use bomber against millennials'

A branch of the US military has apologised after a tweet appeared to threaten people trying to visit Area 51 over the weekend.

The message, posted by the Defence Visual Information Distribution Service (a communications service for the US military) said: "The last thing #Millennials will see if they attempt the #area51raid today".

Accompanying the tweet was an image of a stealth bomber and 200 airmen taken in Missouri, seemingly threatening attendees at Area 51 with military action.

The tweet was later deleted, and the service apologised, saying: "Last night a DVIDSHUB employee posted a Tweet that in NO WAY supports the stance of the Department of Defence. It was inappropriate and we apologise for this mistake."




Bride-to-be mocked for 'tall' wedding ring that 'could take someone's eye out'

The woman, known only as Stacey, shared a picture of her ring to Facebook where users were quick to pick up on it's one very bizarre feature.

A bride-to-be has been mocked for her 'tall' wedding ring that people are saying will be a 'nightmare with jumpers'. 

The woman, known only as Stacey, shared a picture of her ring to Facebook group 'That's it, I'm ring shaming'. 

Stacey asked for the group's opinions on her "classic but boring" ring.

Many were quick to comment on the height of the diamond - jokingly asking if the ring hits its head on a door frame as she walks through.



Shocked mum discovers 'napping' triplets had 'redecorated' bedroom with Sudocrem

The cute toddlers have some fun while mum's back is turned - and there's plenty of cleaning-up to be done!

This is the hilarious moment a mum discovered her usually angelic triplet toddlers had decided to decorate themselves and their bedroom - with a massive tub of nappy rash cream. 

Lyndsey Birrell Palmer, 35, thought two-year-olds Indi, Ella and Lexi were having a nap until she heard them moving around in their room. 

But teacher Lyndsey was shocked when she opened their bedroom door and found they had got their little hands on a tub of Sudocrem.

The cheeky trio had smeared it all over themselves - paying special attention to their hair - and also their bedroom furniture and walls.



Domino's offering dream job as garlic bread taste tester - but there's a catch

If you consider garlic bread one of the most important foods out there, then Domino's have the perfect job for you.

Calling all garlic bread fans! Domino's Pizza are on the hunt for someone to take on the role of their Chief Garlic Bread Taste Tester. 

And honestly it sounds like a dream job - the only real experience you need is a "minimum of five years' in garlic bread consumption" and you'll be able to spend a day sampling the company's delicious garlic breads and even get to try some new products.

If that weren't enough you'll also be paid for your time.

There's just one major catch - the role isn't based in the UK, it's in Brisbane, Australia.




Sports fan asks for beer money and ends up raising $1m for children's hospital

A 24-year-old Iowa man made a jokey sign asking for beer money and ended up making a donation to a children's hospital.

When American football fan Carson King cheekily held up a sign on TV asking for people to send him money to buy beer, he didn't expect to receive a cent.

Now, just over a week on, he's raised more than a $1m (£800,000) and is donating the funds to a children's hospital.

"I was hoping to make a couple people laugh! I never expected to be on TV, and definitely did not except anyone to send any money," he told Sky News.

Referencing a beer brand, Mr King's sign read "Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished" and gave his username for mobile payment service Venmo.






Strict mum makes son's pals sign contract before they're allowed to sleep over

A mum has created a contract which her child's friends must sign in order to spend the night at her house.

It's no secret that having someone else's children over to stay at your house can be challenging. 

They can behave badly, be noisy and just generally disrupt the routine you have created for your family. 

In order to combat this, one mum decided to get it in writing that any of her son's friends had to treat her home with respect and follow her rules.

The unnamed parent drew up a contract which she has guests sign before they're allowed to sleep over - and it's very strict.




Using your phone on the loo is giving you haemorrhoids, doctors warn

We've all done it, but it could cause you serious health problems including haemorrhoids, also known as piles.

Being glued to your phone is certainly not an uncommon trait these days. 

And in these modern times, whether we care to admit it publicly or not, we've all taken our phone to the loo to help pass the time. 

But this tempting habit could cause you serious health problems, doctors have warned.

In particular, they say it could give you haemorrhoids, also known as piles, which are lumps around your bottom.




Man fuming as wife's sandwich has 'bitch' written on it - then discovers meaning

A man was left furious after the sandwich he ordered his wife arrived with the word 'bitch' written on it.

We've all been to Starbucks and had a barista epically butcher our name when writing it on our coffee cup. 

But have you ever ordered a sandwich only for it to proclaim you're a 'bitch' when it arrives? 

Well one man recently found himself in this awkward position, when the sandwich he ordered for his wife appeared to have the rude word written on it.

However, after demanding answers, the guy soon found out that the message wasn't quite what it initially seemed to be.




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People are getting fillers and botox to rid themselves of 'resting bitch face'

A surgeon from New York has revealed that many of his patients ask him to make them look more approachable.

Resting bitch face. It's a term I'm sure you've come across before.

Also known as RBF or bitchy resting face, it's defined as a facial expression that makes a person appear angry or irritated at a time when they are actually relaxed or not intending to express any kind of emotion. 

Some people embrace having this, saying it wards off unwanted advances from strangers, but others see it as a negative and want to be more approachable.

And according to a plastic surgeon many people out there are desperately trying to rid themselves of their RBF by paying for procedures.




Dr Pimple Popper's daily skin routine - and mistake we make when washing our face

Dermatologist Sandra Lee, who is better known as Dr Pimple Popper, spends her days looking after her patients' skin - so she's revealed the tips and tricks she swears by.

Dermatologist Sandra Lee knows what she's talking about when it comes to skin care, forging a career out of dealing with people's spots, rashes and cysts. 

Earning herself the nickname Dr Pimple Popper, the 48-year-old's is an expert in all things to do with the skin, nails and hair - and people around the world are addicted to watching her work. 

And now she's shared her own secrets by revealing her night time skin care routine - including a very easy hack for using make-up remover wipes and the mistake lots of us make while washing our face.

In a video for Harper's Bazaar , the TV star showed people exactly what she does every evening and what products she uses to keep her skin clear and bright.




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