Plane passenger can't believe his eyes after spotting bizarre warning on business class dinner menu

Business class travel comes with its perks, but according to one British Airways passenger it also has some unusual downsides.

If a passenger flies business class with British Airways, they are promised "comfort" and "luxury".

As well as being given a spacious seat, the airline's business class customers are also offered "delicious food and drink options" which the company claims are made using "fresh ingredients".

The BA website reveals that their meals are inspired by some of the "worlds top chefs", so as such you'd expect the menu to be pretty good.

You'd also probably expect it to contain some rather exciting ingredients - but you would never expect there to be bullet fragments in your food.



Blind mystic Baba Vanga's chilling prediction about date 'world will end'

Many of the blind mystic's prophecies have come true since she died aged 86 in 1996 - but one of the most worrying is the date she claims the world will end

Blind mystic Baba Vanga's chilling prediction about the date the 'world will end' has been revealed.

The Bulgarian prophetess is said to have foreseen Brexit, the Twin Tower attacks and the rise of ISISamong other eerily accurate historical events.

 Before she died aged 86, she also made other predictions about how the world will be changed forever, including in 2164 when she claimed animals will turn half-human, and in 2288 when she said time travel will be made possible.

And now one of her more disturbing predictions has emerged - the year in which the world will 'end.'



Huge 'craft' spotted hovering over Russian lake – before 'ANOTHER ship joins'

FOOTAGE has emerged of what some claim to be a strange “craft” hovering in the sky over Russia.

In the unexplained video, a group of lights can be seen floating beside each other in the sky.

The strange glowing objects hover in the air above a forest in the snowy republic of Karelia.

As the cameraman zooms in, it becomes clear there are as many as six lights lurking in the sky,

But eventually, another light slowly moves through the sky before joining the group.

The shocking footage was captured over Lake Lagoda, northwest Russia, where Vladimir Putin is believed to own a holiday home.



Woman who was married to ghost of a 300-year-old pirate issues warning after split

A woman who married the ghost of a pirate has revealed she has split from her 300-year-old husband and has issued a warning.

Irish Jack Sparrow impersonator Amanda Sparrow Large, 46, made headlines when she was legally married to the Haitian pirate by a shaman priest.

Amanda said earlier this year she'd found her soulmate in the pirate from the 1700s, who was executed for thieving on the high seas.

They tied the knot in a boat off the Irish coast in international waters, the Irish Mirror reports.

But now the mum from Drogheda, Co Louth, Ireland, has revealed the unlikely union is over and warned people to be "very careful when dabbling in spirituality".

Posting on social media she said: “So I feel it’s time to let everyone know that my marriage is over.

 “I will explain all in due course but for now all I want to say is be VERY careful when dabbling in spirituality, it’s not something to mess with...”

Pirates Of The Caribbean superfan Amanda shelled out €6,000 changing her name and look and worked for a time as a Jack Sparrow impersonator.



Mum orders sexy Christmas outfit online - but what turns up is hilarious

Lisa Williamson paid £6.98 for the Sexy Santa outfit, which has faux fur trim and a hood, on eBay and couldn't wait for it to arrive

In the lead up to Christmas mum-of-two Lisa Williamson was on the lookout for a sexy festive outfit to wear to pole dancing class.

So when she spotted a red jumpsuit with faux fur trim and a hood on eBay for just £6.98 she was over the moon and ordered it straight away.

But when the delivery finally arrived and she took it out the box, she quickly noticed something wasn't quite right.

Despite the advert claiming it was good quality, she says what arrived was "cheap and frumpy".

There was also an issue with sizing, and the 'one size fits all' description wasn't quite right.

Hoping it might look better on, she decided to try it on anyway - and the results were just hilarious.



Woman orders toast in a café - but can't believe her eyes when she sees her receipt

A woman received an unwelcome surprise at a café during a recent visit after being handed the docket for her order

One woman recently stopped by a café in Sydney's Surry Hills to grab breakfast and left feeling rather bemused by her visit.

Katherine Chen claims she ordered a simple round of raisin toast to take-away, but when she went to pay for her food, she noticed something rather unusual about the receipt.

Instead of being handed a receipt, Katherine says she was was actually given the docket for her order, which was used to advise staff on whose food it was they were making.

It was a document she was never meant to see - and for good reason.

The 36-year-old was surprised to find that at the top of the piece of paper, a member of staff had written the word 'ASIAN' in bold capital letters above her order of toast.



National Lampoon-themed Christmas display causes panic

A passing veteran thought someone was in distress when he saw a Clark Griswold dummy dangling from a family home.

A family's attempt to win their neighbourhood Christmas lights competition ended up causing panic when a passer-by thought a man was stuck on their roof.

The Heerlein family in Austin, Texas, decided to recreate the decoration scene in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, complete with a hanging Clark Griswold.

In the scene, Clark, played by Chevy Chase, slides down the roof of his house while adding the lights and ends up dangling from the gutter.

So the Heerlein family hung a dangling Clark front and centre of their decoration, but it took veteran Alfred Norwood Jr by surprise when he walked past one day.


'Oh man I'm locked in!': Man pleads for help on Twitter after falling asleep in shop massage chair

A man was forced to tweet for help when he got locked in a department store after falling asleep on a massage chair. 

The man awoke to a deserted shop floor after dozing off in an electronics store in Japan. 

Identified only by his twitter handle, @_Asphodelus, the sleepy customer was forced to tweet his plight when he discovered he was locked inside the shop.

It is thought the man triggered an alarm which notified the police, who managed to get in touch with the shop's manager. 

 After 10 police officers searched him to confirm he was not a shoplifter, he tweeted that he had finally managed to get out.


Doctors eat Lego to discover how long it takes to pass through digestive systems

Researchers have swallowed pieces of Lego to see how long it takes them to pass through their digestive systems.

Despite the best efforts of parents, children are prone to swallowing small plastic toys - usually prompting a visit to the doctor.Paediatricians are often asked how long it will take for the toys to pass out, because if they get stuck in the child's digestive system it could lead to serious problems.

Therefore, a team of six paediatricians set up an experiment to see how long it would take for a Lego head to pass through their own digestive tracts.

It would not have been acceptable to perform the experiment on children, said the doctors, whose findings have been published in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health





Knickers The Giant Steer Has The Internet Saying, ‘Holy Cow!’

A Holstein-Friesian steer in western Australia stands head and shoulders above its competition ― literally.

Knickers, a 7-year-old steer who lives on a farm near Lake Preston, is a whopping 6 feet, 4 inches tall. That makes this behemoth bovine about 1.5 feet taller than other steers, and he weighs twice as much, according to USA Today.

Although Knickers could be turned into 4,000 hamburger patties, owner Geoff Pearson says he has no plans to lead him to the slaughterhouse.

He was too big for the usual processing, Pearson told ABC.Net.Au. “We have a high turnover of cattle, and he was lucky enough to stay behind.”

Pearson told the BBC that Knickers’ name was a result of guilt by association.

“When he was young, when we first got him, we had a Brahman steer which was a friend of his. So his name was Bra... so we [had] Bra and Knickers,” Pearson said. “We never thought he would turn into a big Knickers.”


Massive Santa causing trouble after breaking free from garden

This is the bizarre moment that an inflatable Santa caused traffic chaos after breaking free from his moorings.

Motorists were unable to drive home for Christmas thanks to the escapee in Cambridgeshire.

The inflatable had broken free from a garden and drifted on to the B198 Cromwell Road in Wisbech.

The stricken Santa blocked both lanes for several hours, meaning motorists struggled to get ho-ho-home.

The incident happened around 1.30pm on Tuesday and traffic finally returned back to normal by about 4pm.



Dozens of drones performing light show crash to earth above screaming spectators

Terrifying video shows moment High Great drones break down due to 'Electromagnetic interference' at Hainan International Tourism Carnival in Haikou, South China

A spectacular light show turned to horror for spectators when hundreds of drones began falling out of the sky.

Screams can be heard as more than 300 drones which were creating patterns in the night sky malfunctioned and began crashing to earth

The flying machines belonged to Chinese drone maker High Great and were sent to Haikou in South China to deliver a light show to kick off the start of a month-long event tourism carnival.
The light show was barely started when the drones began to lose their calibration sending many on a terrifying spiral back down to earth.


Bear Saunters Into A Police Facility On 2 Legs Like He Works There

Just another day at the office.

Police in California got a surprise when a bear stood up on two legs, opened the door to a facility and then wandered in as if it worked there.
We had an unexpected visitor last night at the facility,” California Highway Patrol’s Donner Pass division wrote on Facebook on Nov. 18. 
The footage shows the bear step into the commercial vehicle enforcement facility in Truckee, near Lake Tahoe, then drop down to all fours. It wanders past some vending machines and out of camera range. 
A few moments later, the bear casually strolls back out. Two police officers follow.
On Saturday, the bear was back, caught on camera in the facility’s parking lot. 


Alien hunters post SHOCK footage of 'triangle UFO feeding from energy' of lightning storm

A “BLACK triangle UFO” has been caught on video “feeding” on a lightning strike, according to conspiracists.

Footage uploaded on Youtube UFO Today channel shows a “triangular object” hovering in the sky as it is hit by lighting several times, it is claimed.

The unknown object is supposed to be an alien spaceship “feeding” on the energy from the lightning strikes.

UFO Today said: "It clearly shows a triangular object floating in the sky during a major lightning storm.



Your brain can ‘keep working for hours’ after you die

One of the big questions of life is what will happen when we die. Will we see a bright white light? Will our life flash before our eyes?

Well according to some new research, the reality is much, much more terrifying.

The study has suggested that when our heart stops, our brain will keep functioning for some time after, essentially leaving us trapped in our own bodies.

Dr Sam Parnia from the Stony Brook University School of Medicine is looking into consciousness after death by examining cardiac arrest cases in Europe and the US.

He says there is anecdotal evidence that cardiac arrest survivors could hear what was happening around them while they were ‘dead’ before being ‘brought back to life.’



Mysterious North Sentinel Island is home to uncontacted tribe that KILLS outsiders

It is a criminal offence to try and make contact with the Sentinelese tribe, who have lived in India's Andaman islands for 60,000 years

It may look like paradise - but be warned, because all is not as it seems on the mysterious North Sentinel Island.

Located in the Indian Ocean, it is about the size of Manhattan and has been inhabited by the indigenous Sentinelese people for 60,000 years.

The tribe have had little contact with the modern world and are violent to outsiders - killing American tourist John Chau when he visited North Sentinel Island in November 2018.

The Sentinelese throw rocks and shoot arrows at planes or helicopters that pass overhead, and such is the hostility they show towards outsiders that only low-quality photos exist of the inhabitants.





Creepy 'Smiling' Worm Pulled from Bottom of the Sea

Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov has a habit of pulling ghoulish and bizarre creatures from the deep sea.

And his recent trawl did not disappoint: Fedortsov recently captured an eerily "smiling" sea worm.

In a video Fedortsov posted on Twitter last week, the creature's clown-smile turns creepy as it seemingly morphs inside out in time with an uncanny, high-pitched noise added by the fisherman. (This is not a noise the creature is making.)

"If the creature could scream, it would scream like this," Fedortsov wrote in the post.



'Time traveller' from year 3700 warns of terrible war between humans and robots

A man who claims to be a time traveller who has visited the year 3700 has warned of a terrible and destructive war between humans and robots.

Mike the time traveller even brought back part of a robot that he said he had killed with his bare hands as proof of his fantastical missions.

He made the claims in an interview with Apex TV , a Youtube channel which specialises in paranormal activity and bizarre theories, and has nearly 800,000 subscribers.



Camels escape from the circus and take a trip to Lidl

Seven camels ran away from the circus … and decided to take a trip to Lidl.

A bizarre photo showed the animals lurking in the moonlight outside the budget supermarket in Bergen, Germany.

Confused members of the public called police, who were greeted by the unusual sight at about 11.30 pm on Monday.



How tall is Tom Cruise, really? The strange world of celebrity height conspiracy theories

there’s a much-ballyhooed law of the internet that if something exists, there is pornography inspired by it.

That no matter what weird or seemingly banal thing you can think of, somebody out there is getting their jollies to it. But that concept has a (presumably) cleaner doppelganger: that no matter how cripplingly boring a subject may seem, thousands are furiously talking about it in the depths of the web.

Founded in 2004, Celeb Heights is the brainchild of a cheery Glaswegian named Rob Paul



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